Bread and Peanut Butter

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It felt good.... I woke up today without the pain of tonsillitis... Isnt it amazing? =) Finally, I can say that Augmentin works for me and I have not developed resistance on it...

Because I woke up pain-free, I was inspired to cook breakfast for my cousins. I went to the kitchen and sliced some SPAM, fried it with some onions and VOILA! It was a scrumptous breakfast on the table ready for the taking.

I also toasted some bread and spread some peanut butter with honey on top. I can say that it was indeed a heavy breakfast but I love it so much. Seeing my cousins eat everything that I prepared, melted my heart because it feels so good.

But there is one person who was very puzzled why I seem non-existent, its Linda. So I called her and told her that I am still alive only that I am living in a different plane. She also told me that Gael is so busy preparing for her 2 million peso worth dental clinic. Man! Thats big money... But I am happy for her. That's her longtime dream...

And by the way, Ter and Dursky just hanged out at Greenbelt 5. We looked at the bag sold at Aranaz that my friend Dursky designed for the brand. It was his winning moment. But we went home rightaway because I live far from the world. I just had to because my feet hurts and same with Terj too.


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I am not-so-tolerant when it comes to pain... So I had to visit my physician earlier and told her that she may need to increase my dosage of Augmentin because the bacteria that might be causing this effin tonsillitis have developed resistance on the medication that she gave me...

But then, when she checked my tonsils... she said that there were no more exudates which is a good sign and there is no need for us to increase the dosage or change the antibiotic that I am currently taking... Instead, she prescribed an oral spray(Kamillosan) to ease the pain... However, I dint buy it... Its too expensive... I'll just gargle with Bactidol and that salt solution they have been recommending on me....

You know? I was just wondering... Because I have taken Augmentin in the past... And in just 1 or 2 days... The pain is gone... So I cant help but question it... But with what my physician said... Im quite convinced... And I dint have fever again... So we might be in the right track...

One of the my real concern is... I dont want to buy an expensive medication that does not work... You know how practical that is...Right?

OK... I will stop talking...

Apparently It Was Not Flu

Posted on Monday, January 24, 2011 | 3 comments
So it is "tonsillitis"... And I wanna cry coz its really painful...

I had dinner with Trisha earlier at Super Bowl and I was not even able to finish the Spring Rolls... She offered me more food but to no avail... That was so not me...

Guess I have to keep myself happy!

I cant think that Im stressed... I cant acknowledge the fact... =)

Bummer Weekend

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I planned to stay at home the whole weekend to finish all the things that I should have done weeks ago.

-> Laundry - This does not end. Honestly, I do my own laundry. I used to ask Manang to wash it for me but I realized that I can do it on my own, hassle-free with the help of a washer.

-> Papers for Canada - My mom has been pressuring the hell out of me to start working on my Canadian papers because she will be sending it to my Aunts and Uncles for processing. I have tried to read some of it but it makes me sleepy. Hence, the no-touching of such documents.

-> Cleaning My Room - Since I am staying with Uncles here in Manila, it should be with due respect that I clean my own room. To show them, that the space they have provided me "for free" is well-taken cared of.

-> Appy's Must-Reads for Hong Kong and Macau - Yes! You heard it right... It's not going to be Taipei anymore... The Triumvirate will conquer Hong Kong and Macau instead. But looking at it... Our schedules just dont jive... I dont want to go there in April... I wanna go there in June... And I can just imagine the debt I might go into... I just wanna attack it realistically... People have been telling us to bring more money... By the way, I will have to talk to everyone just to make sure that we are on the right page.

So I was not able to accomplish everything above because I was sick. I hate Bioflu... It did not make me feel any better... Compared to my lovely BIOGESIC... Just one tablet and I feel better... I was amazed that I did not become dizzy while typing this post... Thank you BIOGESIC and Thank you Lord!

PS - Should try to take care of my body now... Please dont let me abuse my health... Tsk. Tsk... I smoked after work and before going home... And I almost fell... I was dizzy... Will try to have myself checked tomorrow... =)

Taipei It Is!

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When we were so young, free and skinny... Miss my TRIUMVIRATE!

And we are bound to conquer...


We will assume different identities when we get there...

I will be Vitori! =))

A Fan of Remy Hii from the Rapids

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Photo Credits: Remy Hii of the Rapids

Feel free to click on the hyperlink...

♥ ♥ ♥

Seemingly Purrfect Birthday of the Number 1 Party Goer!

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One of the happiest day and will remain as a highlight for the year 2011..

I dint know what to do the whole day... I wanted to try on the clothes that I planned to wear for the night... I also sent messages to my friends who I invited for the party... Some confirmed... Some dint... But at least among the 20+ invites that I sent.. 13 came...

I was very touched because some of the people who came had law school midterms, others were from work and were too tired, others have work the next day and they only had less than 2 hours to get a decent sleep... But they still came...

I felt happy and loved the whole week... I couldnt ask for more... God is such a wonderful God... And he has never forsaken me, despite the numerous bad things I've done in the past... And some bad things I might do in the coming year... I just wish that not too many bad things will happen in 2011... And most of all... Bad things should not come from me... I will be all good and happy this 2011...

"My Number 1 Guest of the Night - Miss Ladybug"

"V - The Official Party-Like-Cinderella-Because-of-Duty Guest"

"Ervy and Ikay"

"Ryan - The Love of my life who came even if he had midterms at law school"

"Kyle - Official Bruno Mars of the Night"

"Because I've always been Mara and Clara"

"It was nice to see the Happy Shiny People in one place."

"Who I reallw wanted that night was not Bruno Mars... I wanted his hot friend on my left."

"My Babies were there too... - Katrina and Ivana!"

"The party wont be complete without my college barkada - Babes and Mica. The guy is Erwin and the nicest boyfriend of Mica... =) "

"Among the Happy Shiny People - Terry came very late... Excuses Excuses!"

"We wrapped the night at North Park"

From sober....

To Mighty Fucked Up!

Epic Party for 2011!!!

Family, Love, Health, and Wealth --- XOXO!

Work Mode and The 2010 Survey

Posted on Monday, January 3, 2011 | 3 comments
Aside from all the anxiety I had to endure just to get my sexy body be at work on-time... I had to brave the cold water for shower... And I think that will be the case in the coming days...

I happen to stumble into a Facebook note of friend and I enjoyed reading it... Hence, I got the idea to answer some of the questions she threw on herself...

What did you do in 2010 that you'd never done before?

> Wake-boarding... Its close to that actually because what I did was knee-boarding... =) One of my highlights for 2010.
> I also took a plunge on Anchors Away at Enchanted Kingdom... Which made me realized that I have this fear of heights. What I enjoyed the most was Rio Grande... I just love water than be swayed like you don't matter to anyone on one of EK's fun rides.

Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
> I think it has been my yearly struggle to get a bit thinner or lose weight. I was able to materialize it before 2010 ended but gained all of it the moment 2011 stepped in.
> I lost 6 pounds but gained 6.5 pounds the moment I came back for work today...

What was your biggest achievement of the year?
> When I got hired as the first nuclear medicine nurse of MMC.

Did you suffer illness or injury?
> Thank God... I was really healthy the whole year... Except that I was diagnosed with hypertension but other than that... Nothing serious.

What was the best thing you bought?
> The best thing I bought for the year was my new work shoes... It did not occur to me that I'd buy myself one because I had three other white shoes which I stopped wearing.

Where did most of your money go?
> I think most of my money went to all the partying... Actually not as much as 2009.. I was pretty tight this year... =)

What song(s) will always remind you of 2010?
> Katy Perry - Fireworks and California Girls
> Miley Cyrus - Cant Be Tamed
> Rihanna - Only Girl

Compared to this time last year, are you:

i.happier or sadder? I usually am happy... But I do have my downtimes.... But it just leaves me in a jiffy...

ii. thinner or fatter? Fatter by 0.5 pounds... It Aint Bad... I am 199.5 pounds now... Will jog tomorrow... HAHAHA!

iii. richer or poorer? Richer... Because I am financing myself in my own little ways and not totally dependent with my family..

Will continue to answer some of the questions when I am not too sleepy... Maybe this coming weekend... We'll see..

I am so excited.... and it never left since January 1! =)

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This would be a very quick post because I had to remove my uncles shaver while it was charging to pave way for my laptop... The selfish me!!! Don't worry Uncle... I will charge it the moment I'm done with this post...

The guy is such a cutie... =)

So last night, my cousins slept at around 2 in the morning because we completed all the episodes of Mischievous Kiss, a Korean TV series. I didn't get to see most of its episodes but I enjoyed the episodes which I had the chance to watch... I was multi-tasking too because I was doing the laundry while watching the series... The series was one of the reason why I also finished doing the laundry at 2:30am... These are some of the things I can't do on a work week...

The whole all I did was go online... Of course I ate lunch... I can't afford to miss it... And my papers for Canada are still on top of my table.... I am too lazy to touch it... And I know I'd receive a call from my Mom tomorrow, following-up if I have touched the said papers... I will do that in a little while... For now, it has to wait... =)

I seriously think that employees should not be given long vacations... Coz they dont wanna go to work after that... I just hate the feeling that I seem deprived on weekdays... By the way, I will be meeting up with my Callientes for coffee tomorrow after work... We'll be planning how we will celebrate my birthday party...

See..My birthday party never left my mind... Will start inviting people later... For now I will have to get rid of all this clutter... =)

Happy New Year WORLD!

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Its 2011 and I am very excited this year... This is the best time to correct the impulsive decisions I've done in the past... This year will also be shot to live a healthier life... Free from all the "free radicals" by cutting off the number of sticks I finish each day...

Honestly, I have nothing in mind yet... No specific resolutions blurted out loud yet... But I have plans of jogging at least twice a week and eating healthier... All the weight I lost for The Biggest Loser Nuclear Medicine Edition just haunted me... They missed their space in my body and so they are doing their best to stimulate that part of my head that makes me make unhealthy choices in food and in my acitvites. But I won't let these creepy weight-gain cells get the last laugh... I am capable of fighting it... I am in full fighting gear this 2011.... There goes my optimism...

On the other hand, the thing that I am looking forward to is my birthday celebration... Last year, my special guests were Bernard Palanca (Actor), Celine Gabriel (Socialite), and Clarisse Chiongbian (She owns buildings and was last seen on The Philippine Tattler).... So let us all see who I'll get as a pleasant surprise this time...=)

Bernard Palanca showed up on my birthday...

Sandwiched by Clarisse and Celine...

I have made a decision... The party will be at Distillery this coming Saturday... I hope my closest friends will be available on that day... =) They have ditched our other friends and I wont allow them to do it on my special day... =)

Happy New Year EVERYONE! =)