The Suite Life of the Happy Shiny People

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The suite was really cozy and it was our way to get rid of the unflattering temperature outside.

The plan of staying in one of the hotels here in Manila was a not-so-serious plan at first for a planned get together. Call it spur of the moment but usually it is those spur of the moment  plans that almost always works all the time.

Among us, I will have to give Mickey the credits for taking the time to reserve our suite at A. Venue Suites Makati.  He mentioned that we were able to get a discount for the suite because we reserved for it a month ago. 

Leaving Manila isn't the best option for the group given our out-of-this-world schedules.  It would be very disappointing to have people say YES to the original plan then cancel a day before the said getaway.  So we decided to have a "staycation".  Its like taking a vacation without leaving town. 

Aside from the comforts of not having to sit on a van or take a plane to get to a destination, the catch of staying in a hotel is the comfort of not having to break the bank and expose yourself to the hassle of terminal fees and brawls that you might encounter just like what happened to Mon Tulfo and Claudine Barretto.  

To jump-start the night... We opened a Bacardi because there is a party! 

I tried to do some bartending but it was a futile attempt because I tend to get so OC with the liquor levels that I distribute to the group which consumes a lot of my time.... 

The Happy Shiny People toasts for a lifetime of friendship... WAH!

Through Skype... Tin, who is based in Canada, was able to join the suite party!

The most genuine pillow fight! LOL!

Bacardi-induced planking... 

We were able to do some synchronized swimming with a hangover at the somehow-infinity pool in the roof-deck of the hotel the next day.... 

Jessa and I tried to outdo each other for the swimming competition... I won!

Cool iPhone app.... Before we left for lunch!

Wrapped up the staycation with a lunch at Papa John's Greenbelt 3.... Which is the best pizza I've tasted in my whole life... You think so? Or I was just hungry that time? 

I'd say the place may matter a little but its usually the memories that you create in that place that matters a lot. 

Mickey's Birthday Party at Beat Karaoke Burgos Circle

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Last April 12 was Mickey's birthday but we celebrated it on the 14th due to the availabililty of his guests.

Mickey (The celebrant), ViVi, and Jessa (The celebrant's girlfriend)

He invited his high school friends from La Salle Greenhills, some of her girlfiend's friends from the Kidney Unit of Makati Medical Center and of course the coolest people of CETN Batch 18.

I first met Mickey during our job interview at Makati Medical Center for the Competency Enhancement Training for Nurses.  We got introduced or if my memory serves me right, I was the one who introduced myself and then we became friends as soon as the training started.

Mickey has the qualities of a perfect boyfriend.  He is slow-to-anger, hardworking, and knows how to have fun.  His personality mixes well with the always giddy and hyperactive girlfriend Jessa. 

Gj and I took the cab on our way to Burgos Circle and had a little catch-up session on what's happening to the people around us. Issues! Issues that are not worth blogging for. LOL!

As Divine Lee would say? Kodakan nanaman! 
Mickey, Jessa, Gj, Ikay, Terj, Ryan

Since Gj and I arrived first, we ordered two bottles of San Mig Light at Chef's Lab while waiting for the celebrant and his friends.  A group of foreigners noticed my red shoes and they said it was nice.  I politely thanked them and told them that I stole these shoes from Ronald McDonald.

It was already past ten in the evening so we went up to Beat Karaoke to commence with our singing dreams.  It kinda took a while before we got our room because it was pretty jam-packed.  I had to entertain myself by even dancing at the receiving area of the place because I was getting bored.  Somehow, it attracted attention which I enjoyed for some time until we got our singing room.

I did not mind the food because I was really into singing and the most requested song that night was.... Guess what? Bad Romance by Lady Gaga! Diba? Bagong-bago lang!

Lea, Terj, Gj, and Terry (Came with a sunburn... Uhmmm... Correction! Nagpa-peeling lang pala...) 

ViVi and Ryan 
Ryan was in-charge of the singing while I'm dancing to the tune of Todo Todo by Daniela Romo...

♫Oh my pretty pretty boy I love you♫ - M2M
The reason why Gino had a difficult time getting over me. LOL!

Food started coming in.  The waiter was so busy serving the food that he forgot the guests.  We were requesting for another microphone because the one they gave us was LOW BATT.  They should've charged it or gave us a new one right away since the use of the facility is for a limited time only.

After all the singing, dancing, shouting, and staring at each other, we gave our heartfelt birthday message to Mickey.  Though awkward, the boys were very willing to go cheesy.  Mickey didn't cry though not like how celebrities do it on ASAP.

Until this very moment, I don't know why this photo was blurred... 

I was very smitted with Gino that night but some of my friends think that he didn't have that much life and he doesn't know how to have fun.  Of course I defended him because I think otherwise.  I think that he just felt awkward that night because of the unusual attention.  Maybe he needs to come often and Mickey should teach him how to have fun so he'll get used to it. 

Mickey arranged for our ride with Gino who volunteered to drive us home but we insisted that he drop us off at Galleria.  I learned that Gino works in Rustan's as a Systems Analyst.  Whatever it is? I think its geeky cool! =)) 

Happy Birthday Mickey!!!! 

Beat Karaoke is located at 2/F Unit 1 Bellagio Retail, Forbestown Road, Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, 1634 Taguig, Philippines and you may contact them through these numbers (02) 822-9683, +639064357121, and +639291407695.  The place opens at 6:00 pm and closes at 3:00 pm.  We started at around 11:00 pm and finished at around 4:00 am.  The staff were so nice because they allowed us to extend a little more even if they were supposed to close at three in the morning. 

The best part? Mickey spent around Php 4,000.00 for this party! Very good deal!

For more information please visit Beat Karaoke Facebook Page.