Wine and Cheese to Beer and Cocktails

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Barcino lovin'
L-R (ViVi, Gj, Linda, Gael, Terj, Patty, Farzad)

Jairus, a high school friend who is connected with Wrecked Productions, sent an invite on this new party place in Makati. He doesn't fail to give us invites and he does it with much gusto.

I sent the same invite to all my BBM contacts but only Patty replied. The last time I partied with her was November of last year and she was so dead-drunk that time. It has been made known to the partying world that the Halloween parties at Republiq were labeled as "EPIC".

Patty wanted to check out this relatively new place with Gj, my other partying friend. Everything was set. I also placed Farzad and Terj on the guest list if at any point they are free.

On the other hand, Cheska was in-charge of having My Fly Girls (MFG) and The Chinese Community placed on the list. Everything was set.

We decided to meet up for dinner at Mesa Greenbelt. But I came fashionably late because I had to work my way out of the house. Uncle Jaime, who arrived from Norway the night before, made me choose between him and this party I was attending. He was making me guilty but I was unstoppable. I wanted to go out. I wanted to dance.

After much nagging, he allowed me to go out but the catch is I have to sing at least 15 upbeat Karaoke songs as they dance and drink to it. It was an easy task but it cost my voice the next day. At least, I have fulfilled my nephew duties.

Everybody was sipping wine and feasting on cheese when I arrived at Barcino. Daaang! They were waiting for me. But I knew that they were having fun because Linda was there. Linda is the Personal Assistant of Gj. (comment) In fact, Linda was posing and doing some wine-toasting with Patty and Gael, Gj's sister. Just the right POSH!!!! =)

Its about TIME....
L-R (Farzad, Patty, ViVi, Gj, Terj)

The moment Farzad became sleepy, we decided to leave Barcino and go to TIME! We loved their penthouse but it was so hot. Four industrial fans and the place was perfect! The ground floor was nice and cold but unfortunately smoking is not allowed. A real bummer!

My Fly Girls with the gang...
L-R (Gj, Terj, Mica, Cheska, Trisha, ViVi, Patty, Farzad)

MFG arrived, together with the TCC, from North Park. They ate first before partying. What a nice to cushion the stomach. Too much eye-candy on the venue! I love the guys and the girls were really fashionable. I kinda noticed how skinny the were. They looked like me - models! LOL!

Chug before going to the next bar.... (Deeeeeeezy now!)

My "chug" partner and our sober faces... LOL!

Patty wanted to go to Attica for a change but unfortunately the place was jam-packed. (A club that's FULL! Is it a good thing?) Went back to TIME and then went to Palladium.

Terj almost got laid after getting some love in the club...

They want a photo of us because we've got mooooooooves..... like jagger!

It was my first time at Palladium so I was amazed at the place. It was nice and the people were nicer and yummier! Paparazzi everywhere and we loved it!

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (Part 2) Movie Date

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Dumaguete power for Harry Potter...
L-R (Dan, ViVi, Nikki, Honey)

This is one of my most outdated post but I still wanted to document it because this doesn't happen everyday.

It started with two free tickets that I got from a not-so-secret-society of "nuclear" people courtesy of Mam Ria. She gave her tickets to me because she also has tickets from a different group.

Diba? Irrisistible naman talaga si Ryan?

Without batting an eyelash, I planned on who to watch it with... Guess what? My first choice was Ryan... LOL! =) Because he is just so irresistible. I also liked the fact that he isn't homophobic. He wanted to watch the movie with me but unfortunately he can't commit because he said that his family might be here on the same day which I totally understand. But I don't know what happened, he watched it with his college friends. HAHAHA!!! I was such a good sport. I did not mind. I have other friends anyway.

Ado and ViVi (Awwww! I am so fat!!!! I think Harry Potter wanted to poke me with his Elderly wand! )

Then came Ado. Who was free on that day but still asked permission from his girlfriend. HAHAHA! How lovely! And truth be told, the girlfriend allowed him to watch the movie with me. Which is a good thing because I have not seen him in ages. He is the only guy that can bring out a no non-sense conversation with me. We can talk for hours and he can mock me the whole night but I'd still laugh with him. Smitten much? HAHAHA!

Well, the other tickets for Dan, Honey, Lerry and Nikki came just right on the day of the premiere show. Thanks to my boss and my boss' boss... That's a lot of BOSS! Huh? HAHAHA! They kinda knew that I needed it. How intuitive of them to feel it. Guess it was a lucky day for all of us.

L-R (Nikki, ViVi, Honey, Lerry)
While waiting for Ado, we went to Starbucks because Nikki was kinda sleepy and she needed a coffee boost! By the way, Nikki came all the way from Dumaguete to watch Varekai with Honey. Harry Potter was just a side-trip. It was also my first time to meet Lerry, Honey's roommate.

For the movie, we had to travel to Gateway Mall because the block-screening will be held there. Some interesting stuff that you should know is that it is a "cruising" place. I just found out about it and had a hands-on experience with the kind of "cruisin" that some boys do there. I was surprised! I did not like what I experienced. I did not like the fact that because I looked rich(ehem!), they think that they can score some bucks on me. HAHAHA!!!! Unfortunately, they're not my type and I don't do it. Plus! They are not handsome. The experience was horrible. Not watching another movie at Gateway Mall again unless my date forces me to come with him. They say love conquers all.. LOL!

Dan saved me literally because while the boys squirmed on me, he arrived. Thank heavens! That scared the hell out of me! (Virgin much? LOL!) Everyone else arrived after Dan.

By the way, I liked the movie. I thought that there is no other way to tell the Harry Potter ending the way David Yates did it. It was perfect! (Don't mind me! I am easy to please!) At the back of my mind, I had plans of reliving the story over and over again through my cousin's complete set of the Harry Potter series. But it never happened! I tried but I dint get to finish what I started reading.

My baby steps, as I journey to "A Goat's Life"

After the movie, we searched for a place to eat. However, the one that shone the most was KFC! LOL! Plus I was maarte again. That was my first week at the dance workout so I had to make sure that I was eating the right food. Looking at the menu of the other food shops, I thought that the best option was KFC because they have salads. And yah! I ordered salad while everyone feasted on their chicken! =)

That night was fun.... close to becoming epic. =)