The Fashion Show: School of Fashion and The Arts Graduation Show 2011

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The Designer and his moooooowdels...

The Runway

Fashion shows mean glamour and is also the best way to social climb... Bwahahahaha! =) But you should add to its definition the stress you had to go through in choosing the best outfit for the event. I was so happy because I managed to wear something that was SO Vitori Vita without breaking the bank....

I knew I bought this coat for a reason...
Bought it more than 6 months ago and I ONLY got the chance to use it last night... At last!!!!

Our golden ticket... matched with our golden seats!

The invite came from Dan Duran, one of Preview Magazines' Top 10 Designers to Watch Out For in 2011. He is our friend from Dumaguete and so we came to grace the show to support him. He's the sweetest. We were beside the VIP's but we are situated on the third row which wasnt so bad after all. We can't complain except that it was too difficult to take pictures of the models and the clothes they were wearing. After all? I have to share the experience with you guys.

ViVi and Trisha (emphasized her pucker-wicked lips)

Dan Duran and her favorite model

I went to the event with Trisha who picked me up from work. She was ranting about the rain and how I cant be reached when she was trying to contact me. The truth was I wasnt in a hurry because I thought that she'd be caught in the traffic. I told her that I will wear something that resembles a corporate bitch. Which means that I'd be wearing something black and some hues that are quite close to it. I was surprised! The moment I got inside the cab, she was wearing the same hues except the red lipstick which I cant wear.

The travel from MakatiMed to The Loft at the Manansala Building Rockwell was easy-breezy. Went to the 38th floor and wrote our names on the guestbook. The gay guy wearing black told me that he liked my jacket. Of course, I smiled and said "Thank you!" I just thought that it was too obvious that I was just returning the favor if I said that I liked his accessories. Which was true, by the way. I tried calling Dan before getting inside since it was quite intimidating as there were no ushers. However, I figured out that it was OK to get in without Dan. I just told a nice lady that we are guests of Dan Duran and she helped us find our seats. Purrrfect!

While Trisha and I were waiting for the show to start, I pointed to Trisha a very chic looking lady who stood out from the sea of people. I wasnt sure though if it was Amina Aranaz. But after the show, Dan introduced us to her and yah.... it was Amina! Trisha and I figured out that having the best nose-bridge is the key to being pretty but of course, we had to be skinny.

We clapped and clapped as the models strut with each masterpiece on the runway. Some were nice. Some were just too artistic. I was rooting for something that I can wear when I go to work. Just kidding! I dont need it. I can wear a shirt and shorts and know that I am still as fabulous when Im wearing couture. LOL!

This photo was taken for the sole purpose that if it is medically possible to copy-paste Amina's face on mine, then I will have it done without batting an eyelash... Trisha feels the same way.

Indeed, it was very euphoric in the most fashionable way!

Green loves ViVi

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The last time I weighed myself, I was 204 pounds. The moment I got off the weighing scale, I knew I was not in the best shape of my life. I knew I was in deep shit. I just thought that I needed to make an important decision in my life.

Luckily, a group of employees from the hospital that I am working in invited a person from a reputable fitness club to conduct dance classes that combines yoga, kickboxing, hip-hop, and samba in one session. Indeed jam-packed! Happens every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So I took the chance to enlist myself.

I also started my diet regimen - less carbs (no rice), less meat and more vegetables. I was quite surprised because I did not feel deprived. I was happy! I wasn't grumpy and I felt healthier.

Last week, I weighed myself and I was 190 lbs. Which means that I lost 14 lbs in 3 weeks time. Quite a big number and it keeps me motivated. I wish this attitude goes on and on. I just want to get used to this. I just wanna live and strut around with the better version of myself.


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I purchased a Destiny's Child cassette tape in Lee Plaza (a humble mall in Dumaguete...) and I felt so cool after that.... HAHAHAHA!

I have always been a fan of Beyonce even when she was still with Destiny's Child. Or it is safe to say that I came to love her because of the girl group.

I remember memorizing every song that they release on MTV.

I once had a cassette tape of the girl group, bought magazines and went to their official website on a regular basis. And instead of studying for my classes on weekends, I always look forward to seeing their videos so I can gyrate and dance with it.

They were the next group that I liked after the breakup of the Spice Girls.

At some point in my life, I also wanted a DC doll.... HAHAHA!

The kind of music that I liked was shaped by both girl groups -Spice Girls and RnB. Sadly, its hard to sing their songs in karaoke. HAHAHA!!! 2 become 1 is too sexy for my uncles and I cant just sing the song when I am in front of them. I also cant sing Say My Name because even though I have mastered the whole song, it leaves me gasping for air., which could be attributed to my smoking.

If you are looking for a point, then sorry I dont have a point. I just like Beyonce and Spice Girls

I just made this post because I've read an article on Yahoo that says "Beyonce's father denies stealing from her" and I was alarmed because I kinda saw how his father guided her all throughout her music career. Tina, B's mother, made all her dresses while Matthew, B's father, made all decisions on her career.

The recent decision of Beyonce not to get her father was quite surprising. You see, when you are so rich and famous, your relationships with other people just get intrigues. I hope they'll get through with this.

More power to Beyonce! You have all my love coz we run the world!

They look so stylishly floral in this photo... And we'll end here so you'll get over that I wanted their dolls too... HAHAHA!

Mudra.... Mudra.... Mudra....

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I always make it a point to stay at home on Sundays. But I guess, there are times that it gets inevitable. Just like last week. My mom was here in Manila for the weekend and of course I had to be her chaperon. And when I am so tired, I just rant and make faces and why we have to buy things for other people.

But I realized that she's right. We have to share and give back to people who have been kind to us. Even the rude ones deserve some love. That's why I admire my mother so much.

On the other hand, I think that we are both scared to know the truth or inquire about it.

My mom trying to ease her way in asking what I really want out of life and who I wanna be with. And me not knowing how to make it easy for them to accept who I really am.

As they say, I think we should just stop thinking and just live with that we see. What we both see is what we get.

Her visit to Manila was fast but I seriously think that it was meaningful. I had fun going around with her at the malls as she shops. I saw how patient she was. I saw how humble she is. And I just love her. When we talk, I raise my voice sometimes and she also does the same thing. But we still laugh at each other at the end of the day.

I also learned that she doesnt drink cold water anymore. She gets sick when she's exposed to the AC for a long time. She's quite tolerant now with the way I dress up, which is really a good thing.

But I guess, that is how it goes. The people you love are difficult to understand but you still love them anyway.

When I tell her to just stick on the list that she brought so we dont lose focus and buy the things that we dont need. She would comment that I lack spontaneity. When I am with her, it makes me mature and childish or whatever.

I heart my Mudra... I love my Pudra too and my brother. But our bond is different. We have a connection. A tight one. A very tight one...