The Busiest Saturday - Angel and Gibis Wedding

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Not stealing the scene from the bride...

Started my day with a dose of employment given that its a Saturday.... Hahaha! =) But as soon as the digital clock at work posted "12:00" on its face... I kinda panicked.... I wanted to pack my things and leave already. But I still had one patient for injection so I kinda stayed for another 30 minutes so I won't feel guilty that I left work early.

I kinda felt busy after that because I had to pick-up the pair of trousers that I am going to use for the wedding of our friends Fatima and Gibis. Meet-up with the gang at Smile Studio which is at Shaw Zentrum which is near Wack-Wack.

Anyway, so after that chaotic afternoon of preparing for the wedding.. We arrived at Balai Taal in Tagaytay City to witness the lovebirds tie the knot through a garden wedding.

I'll shut up now because I want the pictures to just speak for themselves.

Gibis ♥ Angel

Gj took advantage of the view.... Balai Taal has one of the best views of the Taal Volcano...

The bridesmaids - Gael and JJ with the Woman of the Night... =)

And a little flirting with the groomsman, who happened to be the brother of the groom, does not hurt... =)

Don't you just love weddings?

On Picnik and Whitney

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I am deeply saddened by the death of Whitney Houston because she is such a great singer but what saddens me more is the closure of PICNIK.

At PICNIK, I don't need to know the basics of Adobe Photoshop which I tried to learn in college but never had that much patience to really master it.

The one-click features in editing photos are easy breezy. Even an elementary student can edit a photo like a PRO.

The things I can do with PICNIK are now on Google+ but it has become a little complicated. But I guess, the people behind the website aren't listening so I guess I will have to go to Google+ and do it on its Creative Kit option... =)

But anyway, I'm sure I'll find other websites that might offer the same tools to edit a picture. However, the experience won't be as fun as "picking flowers" and "planting trees".

The Power of Flowers

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"Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul."

So who got some flowers last Valentine's Day? If you did, then I am happy for you but if you didn't receive any... Then let's just keep on hoping that next year you will receive one... LOL!

Ang yabang lang... astang naka-receive ng flowers.. AHAHAHA!

I have realized a lot of things this love month. Most of it were from my mother who consoled me last February 14.

She kinda lectured on me and told me that February 14 isn't just for lovers. It is also a special day to honor your love for your job, for your hobbies, for your love of just about anything.

It does not intend to make "single" people look miserable.

On my way home last Hearts Day, I saw some men and women bringing a stem or a bouquet of flowers... I am happy for them because at least they made their loved ones happy with such things... But I just wish it did not stop there.... Hoping that they have made the rest of the year for their loved ones a memorable one.

A friend at work got two bouquets of flowers of the same kind... And we jokingly told each other that maybe her husband has done something really really bad for him to give two.

But it does not really matter if you receive one or two, flowers make people happy. But flowers get a little scary as you grow old. No pun intended. LOL!