Chill Time: Starbucks Tomas Morato

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I ordered Coffee Jelly Frap while Gj ordered Caramel Frap and we shared the Banoffee pie. It wouldn't be complete without the Marlboro Black.

The night did not go on as planned. The plan was to check out a comedy bar -Laffline it is. Kasi Nena's friend, Roan, wants to go there. Kaso Gj and I were not willing so we suggested that we'll just wait at a nearby coffee shop and we'll just wait there until they're done. Hindi talaga namin feel mag-comedy bar that night. Na-try narin kasi namin in the past. In short, ayaw talaga namin mag comedy bar. HAHAHA!!!
Gj enjoying her dose of caffeine for the week.

So Gj and I went straight to Starbucks Tomas Morato to have coffee and just wait for Nena and Roan there. While Gj and I were in the middle of our catch-up sessions about work, boys, Linda, boys, tomboys, and boys Brian Tajonera called. He was asking how to get to Distillery Jupiter. So I gave him directions but I think he got lost in the process knowing na magulo naman talaga ako amgbigay ng directions. He decided to fetch me and bring me to Distillery. I told him na hindi ako pwede. But he insisted kasi our friend Yummy is so stressed daw. So I told them to drop by Starbucks so we can decide from there. But then, they called again. They had a flat tire. So they told me that they're coming nalang. So Gj and I went home nalang din since Nena didnt rely din naman.

Waiting for our table...

The moment Gj and I were settled on the couch - Brian and Yummy called asking where we were. Eh hindi na kami fighter ni Gj to go out unless kain lang kami sa Mister Kebab. So Yummy dint push it.

And then I passed out. Sabi nga nila. It its not meant to be then it wont happen. I think that was what happened last night.

Now A Globe Postpaid Subscriber

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Nena and Vitori. This was at the nurse's station nung kinuha ko yung sim card. May note pa pala sa envelope na pinaglagyan ng sim card. "Happy Hearts Day!" Sweet naman ni V! =)

I have a new postpaid number courtesy of my friend Nena. She's letting me use it kasi her Dad is not using it and sayang naman daw that they are paying for it monthly.

Because I was so excited to use it, I sent messages to my closest friends informing them of my new number. Ang daming comments. Gj, my older sister, I'm sure magagalit sya sa "older sister" part...

GJ: WOW! Naka-plan...
Me: Will explain it this weekend... Ganyan siguro talaga ang payaman... =) HAHAHA!

Wala! Nagmayabang lang ako... Habang may right pa! HAHAHA! Sasabihin ko naman ang totoo over the weekend eh.

And here is another one from a high school friend, Amiel, who is a self-confessed Jew. He does not go out on Fridays but when you invite him out, hindi parin sya pwede. Panggulo lang sya.. Ayaw nya talaga sumama sa high school dinner namin. Anyway, ito sinabi nya:

Amiel: Bat ka nag change ng number? Mura nanaman ba ang sim card?

WAH!!! Ka-cheapan! HAHAHA! I cant help but raise my eyebrows involuntarily. Bahala sya. I dont care. POSTPAID na ako and that's the most important thing as of the moment.

Thanks Nins! =)

Tina Tagle Changed My Life

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Tina Tagle (Photo taken from Chuvaness' blog without permission.. Thanks anyway! =)

Doctora Ria and I couldnt help but laugh as we read Tina Tagle's posts. At the Doctor's workstation, wala na kaming ginawa kundi tumawa. All of Tina's posts were hilarious. Doctora was not able to sleep daw last night because she was under the sheets laughing silently. I cannot imagine her doing it kasi Doctora is not the kind of person who keeps her laughter to herself. Pag tumawa sya. Buong corridors ng nuclear medicine ang makakarinig. Kaya she's super funny.

I stumbled on another post of Tina Tagle again and I am still laughing. OA na talaga. Kaya she's my new IDOL next to Chuvaness. And to think that she's sosyal and all, she does not mind being candid to her bloggers. I hope she opens her blog to the world again. Wish ko lang. So I dont have to click on "Cache" just to see her post. Effort lang! But trust me, its worth it.

I finally found a de-stresser. For the past days, I have been thinking of the 5 cases of blood transfusion that I need to complete. Sir Saint is going to help me day tomorrow. I hope there is a will. Nag-extend namand ako ng sarili kong willingness. I told Sir Saint na after my Service Expressions seminar tomorrow I'm willing to extend pa just so I'll get to finish the 5 cases. Hay! Sana talaga! Wish ko lang... Wish nyo nalang din ako.

I wrote in Tagalog by the way because of Tina Tagle. I think it is always better to write in a language that you're comfortable using. Straight English lang ang post ko when I'll try to do some "social climbing." LOL!

Chili's Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

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I ordered the Guiltless Chicken Platter at Chili's. The price was just right because the platter costs Php 285. I don't eat out a lot because its kinda expensive. That's the working class in me speaking. But because my high school classmates and I wanted to try something that's in Greenbelt 5 then I brought them to Chili's. The original plan was Pepper Lunch but there was no smoking area so I personally chose Chili's.

The platter was not exceptional. I found it too dry. The iced tea I can just make one at home. I am the mistress of Mr. Iced Tea. I make the best iced tea at home.

Me and My Fabio Ide!

Posted on Sunday, February 6, 2011 | 2 comments
I was not able to get over the fact that I had a photo taken with Fabio Ide. I was not a fan until I saw him at Icon. He was very nice. I think most Brazilian Japanese models are really nice. He was way too hot... HONESTLY! I was so smitten...

My Chinese Horoscope says that...

Posted on Friday, February 4, 2011 | 2 comments
I am active, intelligent, and alert to new opportunities.

♥ I may be active but not in the most common ways. I am usually active when the activity is new and when I know I'll gain something from it.

You are pleasant, bright and know how to adapt in unexpected circumstances.

♥ Pleasant was the exact description of my patient on me and I love hearing it. When I hear those things, my heart overflows with joy. I know I am bright because even our high school valedictorian thinks that I am witty and in unexpected circumstances I tend to emerge victorious. But I dont want to take all the credits because God was there the whole time.

In your career, you are a smart and careful worker, best suited to jobs with element of competition rather than diplomacy.

♥ I dont really know if I enjoy competition because I hate losing. I have the tendency to work hard on that goal though. I enjoy doing things slowly but surely. I have to be a careful worker given that my job entails saving and caring for people from different walks of life.

On the other hand, Rats are very manipulative and selfish.

♥ I admit. I enjoy receiving than giving. I always want to feel special. I manipulate people through my charm and I think I excelled in it because I have manipulative friends too.

You can be impatient with those less confident than you.

♥ I agree because I dont know why other people are not confident with themselves. I just dont get it.

When you are under pressure, you never discuss your worries with others.

♥ Yes! Because I'd love to share how triumphant I was and how I got out from it. I also want people to think that I can handle my worries. I dont want people to know that I have worries too because it makes me feel like I am a weak person.

Most of what the horoscope tells are true. In fact, I think 90% are true in reference to my personality. I have flaws and I try to work on it. Its just amazing how they came up with something that can be SO me.