"Not So Home Alone" Christmas

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Last night, I decided to stay home alone instead of going to with my relatives house to celebrate Christmas.  I felt tired from being with so many people for the past days and thought that the best way to relax this holiday season is by staying inside the house.  No traffic and no people - strange ones especially!

It was a sort of experiment I brought to myself if I can survive Christmas on my own. And yes,  I survived it with the help of our neighbor whose name I still can't recall.  I just call her "Ate."   The experiment was a failure because I knew myself as a social being and I love human interaction.   So choosing to be alone sounded very pathetic.  After such a late realization, I went to this "Ate's" house and drank two bottles of beer at her place.  She offered me some "humba" which is pork fat swimming in a sea of soy sauce with oil and some fruit salad too.  I politely declined because I planned of coming back the next day.  I'm not and you too are not allowed to have a full meal before going to bed unless you want to die a peaceful death because of acute pancreatitis.  This has got to be proven yet but it seems so real I don't want to not follow it.  

I felt like I was such a free loader because after finishing my beer, I said my goodbyes and went straight to my room to sleep.  Thank you "Ate" for adopting me last night, you don't know how much it meant to me.  

On the other hand, three people I know lost their loved ones.  Its so difficult.  I can't imagine it happening to me.  This brings me to another level of paranoia and  I wanted to pray for their strength.  I wish them comfort and peace in their hearts.  Such sad memories for their holiday.  Please send my friends your prayers too.  I'd appreciate it a lot.  

On a lighter note, I am excited for this weekend because I am going home.  I'll finally see my family for almost a year of just being a figment of their imagination.  

I will be blogging about it and hopefully I won't be too busy to forget.  

Merry Christmas to everyone and since I am trying to learn German with the help of Duolingo let me say "Fröhe Weinachten!"

PS: Had to get a screenshot of the photo I posted on Instagram because I accidentally deleted the selfies from last night.  xOxO

Larry's Bar + Cafe

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My friend, Honey and I woke up on the right side of the bed.  Because unlike all our other lazy Sundays, we've decided to get out of the house for breakfast.  Usually, we just order Crispy Chicken Fillet for her while my add-on is a large order of fries.  For the rest of the day we just roll on the bed laughing.  

She suggested Apartment 1b as she imagined crispy bacon strips on her plate while my imagination was a blank slate.  I cannot think of anything but McDonald's!  I was loathing the idea of an expensive breakfast. But I said yes anyway.  

While dressing up, our other friend Jake was having breakfast at Larry's Bar and Cafe and I realized that I enjoyed their mackerel the last time I was there.  So without batting an eyelash, we took the cab and went to Bonifacio Global City to break the fast! 

The interior design looks very classy and we all liked it.  I smelled "danggit" but I couldn't brat about it because my sane self understood that restaurants should smell like food.  

It started to become so cold inside so we transfered outside and below is our picture with the logo of the resto. 

I couldn't wait to eat so as soon as the food arrived I hurriedly grabbed my spoon and fork as I was very famished.

A closer look of my food sans the filter.  I ordered Tocino with Garlic Rice and Scrambled Egg (Php 150). The presentation was normal but I couldn't care less.  It tasted good! Jake actually discouraged me to order this because it was too sweet for him but I like everything sweet so it does not matter then.  Cem, our server, was so kind to give me some vinegar probably to neutralize the sweetness.  

Honey on the other hand was more famished than me so she forgot to take a photo of her food.  She ordered bacon as planned and she said that it was good too.

Just a tip, if you want to order some toasted bread as in those with brownish sides please request for one.  They don't mind.  That will cost you another Php 40 for two slices of bread with two cute little boxes of Anchor butter.  

Then we went around Forever 21 and Uniqlo at SM Aura for some Christmas shopping.  Had coffee at Starbucks and walked to Jake's place to print some of my immigration documents.  

Below is my OOTD!  Wore Raybans, Old Navy, Penshoppe, and Surfer Island. 

That looked like a Sunday well spent! 

Au revoir! 

You can find Larry's Bar and Cafe in this address: 

G/F Serendra26th StFort Bonifacio, Taguig
For reservations: 
Call (02) 856-0527

Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen in Nuvali

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Yesterday, my friends decided to go to Nuvali instead of going to Tagaytay because we kind of anticipated the unfathomable traffic that we might have to brave on our way there. 

I gave these two ladies some cakes from Mary Grace since Honey just celebrated her birthday days ago and Kaye just bought a new car. The night before, Kaye was craving for something sweet too.  Thought that they might like something from Mary Grace MakatiMed Branch because I too am a fan of their Tiramisu cake.  The kind of sweetness is just right and won't let your blood sugar levels shoot up to the maximum

I like this picture so much because it shows off my new Herschel-inspired bag but I look so big in this photo beside my friend Larry. 

We had a short stopover at KFC Shell Station along SLEX because we waited for our friend Jake. We had a difficult time looking for a parking space in Glorietta so we left him in Manila thinking that he might still be going around Market Market. 

Traffic was moderate when we were almost in Nuvali but it went unnoticed since all we did was laugh inside the car as we made fun of each other.  

We went around Solenade Two to look for a place to have dinner and found Mama Lou's.  With the intention of having a nice background on our photos and not to mention selfies, we went inside Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen.  I wanted a full meal with rice but ended up ordering Spaghetti Seafood Olio (Php 315) thinking that the presentation on the menu photo will be same.  I was quite disappointed with the presentation because it looked very normal. 

Presentation is very important to me as a blogger because I love sharing it on Instagram, Facebook and of course here.  But I gave it another chance to redeem itself as food should taste good too.  They say never judge a book by its cover.  

When I started eating, I couldn't stop until my plate was clean and finished all the seafood in it without any regrets. It was good. 

Went plate hopping and tasted the Salpicao (Php 295) that Honey and Jake ordered.  It was not as good as the one in Tapella because the meat was difficult to chew but they consumed the whole serving though.

Kaye and Larry shared Mama Lou's Special Pizza (Php 350) which has tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto, mango, arugula, and balsamic cream.  It was good for 3 people and quite a steal for its price. 

It has a good register on the camera too. Very yummy looking and lived up to my expectation.  I highly recommend this if you eat at this restaurant.  

Before going home we went to some outlet stores like ALDO and we all went crazy but decided not shop because of the Christmas bonus uncertainty. 

Larry bought a pair of black shoes for work that costs Php 1500 which formerly sold for Php 5000.  Good deal, indeed! 

We drove back to Manila and had a short stopover at Starbucks to keep us awake.  A good dose of caffeine is necessary for late night drives, not that I drive but I want to keep my driver awake anyway so I had to have the energy too.  

We wanted to comeback this coming weekend for another roadtrip and probably do some more shopping.  In this group, things can be a little random and you have to expect the unexpected.  

At the end of the day, I just  had to thank God for another smooth sailing workweek and for giving me the chance to enjoy life at its fullest! 

Bisoux... Til our next adventure! 

Soi - Eat Thai, Love Thai

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Makati, being the center of almost everything hip and modern in Metro Manila, is always the number one choice when it comes to meeting up with friends either from the province or from abroad.  This city has everything if you want to live the palatable life of the rich and famous. 

So when my friends from Davao asked me where we'll meet up for dinner, I suggested a restaurant somewhere in Glorietta.  

While we were going around looking for a place to eat, I saw this small yet chic restaurant adorned with red, pink and purple lamps hanging from the ceiling.  And I thought that this place feels cozy, sophiscated yet unpretentious.  That's when I fell in love with Soi. 

Look at the lamps! Sooo chic! 

The fried spring rolls were so good but it was brought to perfection by their special tomato-inspired dip.  

The dish that satisfied our discerning palates? Nonetheless, Seafood Curry! It was not the kind of curry that makes you stop eating at first taste because the right amount of spicy kick in it just entices you eat even more. The next thing you know? You're done with the whole plate.  

The chicken satay made my heart do cartwheels in excitement!  I even forgot that I was with my friends. It was like me and my satay.  I was so engrossed! The chicken meat was tender and juicy.  If you come to think of it, its not even a hotdog but it deserves every single adjective I said earlier.

Soi was worth the try and a little less expensive than Simply Thai.  So when in Glorietta? Drop by Soi! Its another Thai treat we all deserve! 

How To Activate The Dictionary Function of iOS7

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I was trying to write a blog post earlier through my phone and I was quite surprised because whenever I try to define the word, the definition does not seem to appear.  

Eventually, I figured out that you have to activate the dictionary function if you have just upgraded to iOS7. 

Here are steps:

1.) Double tap the word you want to define. 

2.) Click DEFINE. 

3. Go to Manage on the lower part of the screen. 

4.). You will then be directed to the part where you have an option on either activating the following dictionaries.  I clicked the first three because these are the most common ones. 

What is nice about it is, if you are trying to learn a different language then you have an option of either activating its dictionary. Cool right? 

And now you can define all the way! 

Let me know if this helps or not. 


Post-Beer Gelato at Caffe Ti-amo

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After work, all I wanted to do was scream "TGIF!"  But I was not able to do it because there are better things worth shouting for like "Scrap Pork Barrel!!!!"  I'm sure that's what everyone's doing as they march along Ayala Avenue.  I am proud of this scarce population because they are brave enough to voice out their dismay and anger on the widespread corruption in the goverment. I was not able to join them but my prayers and thoughts are with them because I am a tax payer and I deserve the right to know where my taxes go. 

Like all good Fridays, it has to end with a bottle of beer. Take note - just a bottle!  I was actually fighting for all the other evils inside me because I was so tempted to smoke.  The last time I did it was at the Cosmo Bachellor Bash 2013.  However, I was not able to fight the urge to order my favorite House Crispy Sisig.  Let pork be my guilty pleasure for now.  

Our favorite server, Gerson, was so happy to see us.  He said we've been away from Namnam for almost a month and we haggled because we were gone for two weekends only.  But honestly, we stopped counting.  

This is Gerson pouring my cold glass of beer with so much love.  He's always the nicest.  He makes all of us feel like we're VIP's. 

After that bottle of beer, I was craving for something sweet and the good thing was Honey felt the same way.  Being my partner in crime, I am happy that we seem to like and dislike the same things. So arguing on where to go next does not involve grappling like the ones you see on  a UFC fight night.  

We really thought of Gelatissimo but when we got inside Greenbelt 5 and was drawn to Steve Madden and Mango, our feet brought us to this gelato cafe - caffee Ti-amo.

I ordered my personal favorite pang masa dessert - blueberry cheesecake gelato. There were a few flavors that I tried but thought that I'd go for predictable and safe.  

I was enjoying my gelato under this small tree while Honey kept tinkering on her phone - our way of socializing. 

We decided we had to go home because her battery has only
3% left.  iPhone battery has always been a bubble-burster. 

We ended the night very early because we thought that another good way to enioy the Friday was to talk while lying down on the bed.  

And then I turned my back on her and started snoring. 

The French Sweetness In A Cronut - Le Coeur De France

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After work I decided to treat myself at this French resto and cafe - Le Coeur De France.  The most convenient branch if you're from MakatiMed is the one in Alphaland near the Magallanes MRT Station. 

And gladly announced that I am no longer a croughnut/cronut-virgin on Instagram for only Php 89 per piece. 

It tasted like a better-tasting croissant with chocolate toppings.  I don't have any comparison though because its my first time but at least I have a benchmark already.  

Of course it had to go with a Hot Hazelnut Coffee, which complemented the sweetness of the croughnut.  

I gave myself a treat after a week of work.  I feel that I trully deserved everything that's getting inside my sexy lips. That does not include the thing you're thinking. 

Renzie or Renz Ongkiko: Hot Late Night Stuff

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As I was changing from one local channel to another, this muscular guy on TV caught my eye.  I had to stop pressing the button and stare at him. I waited for his name to appear on the TV screen so I can do more research about him on Google.

While waiting for his name to flash on the screen, his boyish charm caught my eye and his arms that almost ripped off his sleeves even made me look at him on a closer level.  

Then his name flashed - Renz Ongkiko!  It does not ring a bell though but I did some google-ing to know more about this chinky-eyed cutie.  

Little did I know that he posed for Cosmo Magazine in the past.... 

He once flaunted his sizzling hot body for Folded and Hung runway.

And a favorite subject in sexy pictorials by some of the best photographers in the metro.... 

I don't know what I will do to him if I see him wearing this in a Halloween Party...

I don't understand why he wants us to choose between him or his body.... Hahaha!!!! 

This Business Called Philippine Showbiz

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The Philippine showbusiness is one where some issues matter and some don't.  Here are some of the entertainment headlines this last week of August that caught  my attention.  

Billy Crawford on gay rumors and other malicious speculations: “Wala naman akong masabi and I just keep my mouth shut.”

-----> Yah.... I think Billy is not gay.  I think he or Nikki just thought their relationship is not working anymore and its not going anywhere.  When Billy talked about the break-up on The Buzz, his answers were quite vague but not pointing to him as gay.  

Ai-Ai delas Alas on being more cautious in her relationships: “May trust issue na ‘ko ngayon.”

-----> Experience is the best teacher.  She's been through so much.  I hope someone will come and make her trust once more.  


Enchong Dee hopes for a better lovelife towards end of 2013; plans vacation after Muling Buksan Ang Puso

----->  I am excited.  Ako kaya yun? Hahaha!!!! Mag Tokyo na ikaw Enchong!!!! FTW!!!!

Apl.de.Ap denies dating a beauty queen
-----> Pwede naman ako Apl. Hahaha!!!! Kayo? Ayaw nyo ba? 

Ruffa Gutierrez on running for public office: "With everything that’s happening now, forget it! No way! "

-----> I love Ruffa.  A very wise decision indeed. 

Victor Basa willing to accept more gay roles after My Husband’s Lover

-----> We will be waiting for your projects V! 

Feel free to comment, I'd like to hear from you. 

NB: All the above information are from pep.ph . While the photos above are courtesy of the stars and their fans' Instagram account. No copyright infringement intended. 

Thai .... Oh! Thai.... Oh Simply Thai!

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Patty and I wanted something new for our Friday nights.  So while walking to Greenbelt because no taxi would take us as passengers, we already have so many restaurants in mind.  I suggested Mom and Tina's and Patty agreed that she has been very curious about this restaurant for quite a long time.  

But the moment we arrived at Greenbelt, it just came to our minds that we wanted a place where there's people walking around. People watching!!! 

We passed by Tapella, our old hang out and went straight to Simply Thai.  

Their menu is very Lacoste! 

I ordered Cinnamon Pork Ribs with Thai Jasmine Rice.  Its a very generous serving for one so I shared it with Patty.  It was really good and tasted like my favorite "humba" minus the oily sauce. 

Patty ordered Chicken Curry but forgot its Thai name but thought that its Thai name sounded better than just plain curry.  Just a word of warning, this dish is very spicy and hot.  Look at the blue flame below the serving pan.  That's how hot it is.  Aside from its notable hotness, it also is very ambrosial. 

We finished everything in seconds considering that I thought of not ordering rice.  We wanted to order another serving of the Thai Jasmine Rice but we were watching our diet.  We are trying to master the art of discipline and control in our own little ways.  

Their food goes well with a bottle of San Miguel Beer Light but yah, it goes well with almost every Asian food.  

It was our second time to eat here and we love it still.  For everything Thai? Go Simply Thai! 

Villa Del Conte: A Taste of Italian Sweetness

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I was so excited to taste the chocolate that our visitor from Taiwan gave us.  Jin, that's her name, is here to teach us how to use this new machine we purchased from Siemens.  

The packaging was exceptionally posh.  It looked very expensive.  We were impressed with the taste of this foreigner.  

Inside the box is the drawing of this building.  I thought there might be a short history of where the chocolate is from but there's none.  So I went to the internet and found one from Anton Borromeo.  I was very surprised with what I found.  Its a Filipino brand. 

My personal favorite is the praline ball in milk chocolate with hazelnut cream filling with cereals.  That's the one wrapped in silver tin foil.  

So yummy, I forgot to take a picture of the chocolate of note.

Thanks Jin for the sweet treat! 

For more info on the chocolates, please go to http://www.ourawesomeplanet.com/awesome/2012/07/villa-del-conte-filipino-branded-italian-artisan-chocolates.html