Dodong Wook!!!!

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Lee Dong Wook takes a shower...
He broke the stereotype that Koreans don't like to take a bath...

My busy days with both work and social life kept me away from the TV for some time now. So whenever I get the chance to savor TV in my bed, then I do it with much gusto.

He has this boyish charm and makes me think that I can actually take care of him... LOL!

If you are not a TV person, then Lee Dong Wook might be a good reason to convert. His cutie-patoootie face is just so adorable. He reminds me of a Zanjoe Marudo that has taken a milk bath 50 times more on a daily basis! And you know too well that Zanjoe is very close to my heart which means that Lee Dong Wook won't have a difficult time capturing my heart too.

Zanjoe doesnt look like Lee Dong Wook in this picture.... 50 more milk bath Zanj and you're way way hotter than Lee Dong Wok... =)

Lee Dong Wook is a South Korean actor who is best known for his leading role in 2005 as Seol Gong Chan in the television drama My Girl. His latest project that is currently airing as of this writing is Helena's Promise which airs after the noontime show Happy Yippie Yehey on ABS-CBN.

I can scream 24/7... Looking at this pictures on Google! HAHAHA!

Sluuurp your Schlurp Tea

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Had I know that Bruce Lee was a fan of Schlurp, I could've gone to Greenhills and tried it in an instant. But anyway, this is a new brand of tea that my friend Byron recommends. Its actually his brother's latest business venture.

I have not personally tried it but looks like it tastes good. If by chance you get to watch a movie at Greenhills Theater Mall and Promenade Cinemas please try this new drink. A healthier option instead of soda... Right? And it goes well with your popcorn or fries.

And if you live near Banawe or happen to pass by the place, it is also avalaible at Fresh Selections.

If you like it? Don't be shy to like their Schlurp Facebook page. If you don't, then I'd be happy to hear from you so the makers can improve the taste of this new tea.

So keep SCHLURP-ing in 2012!

Consoling Myself

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Mr. Right? Nah! He's just a friend.... British... And he's married... =)
By the way, that's Ervic Vijandre at the back... Waiting for "the kiss" to happen... LOL!

It is quite late for me to create a new post but since my eyes are not shutting down anytime, I will make one.

I felt rich this season but it will soon last come January as all the money I have saved get sucked by my credit card. I have not seen the bill yet but more or less I already know how much I might have to spare for myself. This only means that I will have to live a more humble life than how I lived in December. As a nurse in the Philippines, you are not expected to be rich but it doesn't hurt to look like one. But that is just the superficial me and I am leaving it all behind in 2011. Bye superficial me.

So where did all my money go? Cab. Coffee. Gourmet. Etc. I am actually trying to console myself that all my expenses were reasonable especially when I shared a bulk of my blessings to my humble brother.

I just had to be thankful that I always get home safe no matter how late it is. There were even indecent proposals which I politely declined. Good thing my amiable face and charm still works. They don't insist.

A Not So Merry Christmas After All

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"Fairy Godmother meets Card Captor Sakura"

This Christmas isn't something new. I will be spending my Christmas away from home. I miss being surrounded with the people I grew up with. Not that I am not happy here but I just miss having familiar around me. I have my family with me anyway.

So today, I savored my lovely bed. I slept and cuddled with my favorite pillows after taking an important call from my Tito in Canada. He has been doing his part to get me there and I think I just need to show some interest.

In my own moments of loneliness... (Loneliness talaga?) I thought of Pepe. I just thought that maybe if I was just ready for something serious then I might have spent the holidays with him and his family. But after more than a month of dating, I realized that I'm not into him. And so I told him that maybe we should stop seeing each other for now. I wanted my "me" time. One of the things I have not done for some time because I was too busy practicing for my Christmas presentations.

On the other hand, I helped my Aunt slice the hotdogs for the spaghetti and remove the egg shells of some boiled quail eggs for the chop suey to keep me busy. It helped for sometime but I got bored. BBM and Twitter came to the rescue and now I am blogging.

Have a very merry Christmas guys! May your hearts be filled with love this season and not just your tummies!

Family Dinner for Gj on her 27th Birthday! (Yakimix, Tomas Morato)

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The pretty birthday girl...

Last night, we celebrated Gj's 27th birthday at Yakimix Tomas Morato. I figured out that I might have to forget my dieting for a night.

ViVi with Joanne and Baby David and Gj...

There were a gazillion of us so we had to transfer from table to table as each family arrives.

Such a candid moment... Please picture out the chaos...

We arrived first so we got a big table, then our Aunts came and so we had to transfer to a bigger table until another Aunt came and the waiters had to assist us to the biggest table. It was really fun. Although I kinda saw the faces of the waiters and the hassle we gave them. Im sure they did not mind.

Happy Birthday again to Engineer Lady Bug and may all your dreams come true!

ViVi in Leopard Prints

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I have never worn animal prints my whole life. When I was younger I thought that animal prints were for old people until some famous celebrities started wearing one and maybe because I am a lot older now... LOL!

I hate admitting that I am 26.

RedBox Night - Greenbelt 3

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I have a gazillion posts in my bucket that are waiting to get published because I have been nothing but busy and lazy these past few days. (But it only applies to blogging!) I think my active lifestyle took me away from the blogosphere. Which I think is a good thing actually.

When I came in for work yesterday, my boss told me that she's happy to see me happy. And I politely replied that its TGIF for me since I am not on-duty today.

Gj, asked me what I'd be doing after work and I replied to her through BBM that I am going to have Yoga or Core-Strengthening session at Makati Medical Center's Ledesma Hall. Other than that, I have no other plans so I am entertaining the idea that we might hang out after my deadly yoga sessions.

It was eazy breezy at work that day. I found a new zest and just swayed through the day.

I was surprised when I arrived at the venue and found my exercise-mates giggling as they mimic a lady in front. I knew it. Its not going to be yoga today. Instead, its going to be Zumba. I hurriedly went to my post without the chance of warming-up for the exercise because I was late.

During the water-break, I received a call from Sir Celso regarding our plans for the hospital-wide dance contest for the Christmas Party. And it excites me so much. I am just wondering how I'd be able to juggle my exercise over the dance rehearsals. I say "good luck" to me.

It was raining hard when I got out of the hospital from the Zumba class so instead of walking to Greenbelt, I had to take a cab.

When I arrived at Redbox Greenbelt 3, Gj was still having her gift wrapped at Landmark for the christening of her colleagues' baby. Because with me was my yoga mat and a gazillion stuff inside my bag, I had to look for a chair where I can sit while waiting for Gj. It was a "mentos" moment when I saw the chairs outside Gerry's Grill. What a relief! At last, I was able to sit.

I spotted Belinda and Ella so they kinda kept me company for a while until Gj came.

I was kinda shy at first when I met Gj's colleagues. Of course, I've met them before but in the Filipino culture you have to act as if you're really shy then try to test the waters if they'll be tolerant if you show your wild side or your true shameless self. In fairness to the boys and a lady, they were cool.

In fact, I ate the crispy pata and nachos in one sitting. Food at RedBox was good especially if matched with San Miguel Premium Beer. I drank a bottle and a half to show some respect for the one who ordered it. Honestly, I wanted to drink iced tea and we just danced and sang the night away.

Went home at around 2am with some good 90's-boyband-music inside a cab with a Bisaya driver from Iligan.

Such a chill night... I should say!

ViVi loves Seattle's Best and Louis Vuitton

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Level up with Louis Vuitton... =)

My second day as a city hostess was fun... The moment I woke up after a night of partying and singing, I went to Techya and Jennylyn at the hotel to pick them up for lunch.

I brought them to Pepper Lunch. I have always wanted the Davao girls to enjoy a different dish... They just think that the food there was pricey but it was worth it anyway. Im sure they enjoyed it... I saw it in their faces.

They went shopping at Toys R' Us... and we went to The Fort to have some Lord Stowe's. We wanted to have coffee at Starbucks Fully Booked but then it was full so we went to Seattle's Best. It was so difficult to avail of their free WiFi. Pictures pictures everywhere.

Too bad the day has to end and I can't be with the girls the whole night because I had work the next day... They wrapped up the night with some laughing at Punchline.... I think that place draws a lot of tourists...

I hope I made my Davao friends happy! Will be seeing them soon.... This time in Boracay... =)

Hanging out with the girls was so much fun... I enjoyed it so much... Special thanks to Techya for everything... =)

Rainbow Run 2011 vs. Doctors Halloween Party vs. Republic Halloween Superhero Ball

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You can click on the photo to enlarge the Republiq poster... =)

Time flies so fast, I did not even notice that I don't have a costume yet for the Republic Superhero Ball on the 29th and I dont even know if I will even show up. A year ago, I promised to prepare for such events as the need for attention increases. My doctor friends are also organizing this Halloween Party on the same date. Which means that I might have to grace the event than stress myself out with the crowd in Republiq. But like last year, I had a blast in Republiq which I might miss this year and I don't want to feel that way.

On the other hand, I am also considering the option of registering on this Rainbow Run! I am so excited to show off some "gay" power with my feather boa. If I join this event, I am so sure that I wont be able attend the parties come night time.

But we'll see... Maybe I should start asking for signs...

To enlarge the photo and see the details? You are smart enough to click it... XOXO!

Love You Like A Love Song (Music Bank - Timog, Quezon City)

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I dont know what happened but we did not enjoy Republiq that night. There were cute boys there but it just was not enough. I was quite disappointed.

So I decided that we try Music Bank to sing our hearts out. The night should not end without us finding what we really wanted to do.

Alas! We found out that singing was our thing. Dancing isnt (Only that night!)

While waiting for our turn to have our singing rooms... A short photo-op does the magic in killing time.... We were dead tired! We had a very long day! Trust me!

This is Dion Ignacio with girlfriend and friends. I used to have a crush on this guy. I was quite surprised. I thought he went OUT already. But maybe that was just a press release. I seriously thought he was gay. He was very nice and handsome that night. Making kulit with waiters.

Had to hide the stoggy with a star... I got my bracelets from Techya's shoes! Very innovative! =)

Pretty Techya... Will you believe me if I tell you that she has two cute kids already?

We finally enjoyed the singing... It was just so much fun!

We kinda felt that we were not the clubbing people anymore... Getting old? I dont think so. HAHAHA!

ViVi loves Republiq

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After having dinner and some beer at Barcino, we took a cab and had our dancing shoes ready. Thanks to Patty for the guest list.

Republiq was not as jam-packed compared to the other Saturdays. It was pretty much "chill" plus I wanted R&B instead of trance.

Danced a little.... Sight-seeing some more...

Funny thing? Koreans dancing on the ledge. NOT COOL! I can't describe the choreography. It was as if they were trying to have gay sex. They were effortlessly funny. I was very amused.

Babes and Brian were there too... But they just had a few beers at Cafe Republiq. They suggested that we try Opus but unfortunately it was too crowded.

I saw a few of my celebrity friends Rocco Nacino and Zanjoe Marudo.

A short photo-op... =)

Techya and Gj while thinking of our next stop ... It was 3AM but we wanted more... So I suggested Music Bank!

Vitori Loves Barcino

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As of this writing, I am at GJ's place after a night of singing and eating at Music Bank.

Reading posts from Chuvaness always inspire me to write and also share my thoughts. It gives me more objectivity. I like how brave she is when she airs her POV's.


So anyway, this post is about Barcino. One of the high-end places that I dont really get to eat at when I feel poor. It usually means spending a fortune to eat paellas and drinking reim de reig tintos. I dont even know if I said it right. So when I feel the need to social-climb. I go to these places. Once in a while, its nice to play "rich girl". HAHAHA! Emphasis on the "girl".

It was actually Lea who told me that Barcino is the best place for wine and cheese. She mentioned some of their hard to remember dishes and cheeses to my amusement.

But my first Barcino was with Ryan, Honey, and Lerry. I think it was the time when we had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and for some R&R we went drinking at Barcino. By the way, I got so drunk because Ryan and I were chasing each others shots.

The second one was with family and friends. That was the time when I wore a librarian-encyclopedia-salesperson ensemble.

Everytime we go out partying, as in the past few instances that we did. We always meet up at Barcino to have some beer or wine before we go for hardcore dancing and gyrating at a certain club.

This time, we were heading to Republiq but of course, before everything else, we had to make sure that our tummies arent deprived.

If you want rice-meals as in the heavy kind, Barcino isnt the best place for you. But if you can tolerate bread in your system, then you'll enjoy it here. I think it also helped that I was kinda tapering my daily intake of rice.

I remember enjoying a platter of Chorizo Picantes Frito and I loved it. There were other chorizos on the platter which inclused Bilbao. It was really good. I wanted to eat rice with it.

We were so full that I hardly finished it. I also enjoyed the lentejas de casa which is the high-end version of "monggo". It was like couture of all monggos!

Barcino Buds - Gj aka Lady Bug, Techya, Jennylyn and ViVi

After Barcino, we hopped inside a cab for Republiq. The travel was fast and now we're game for a lot of dancing...

To be continued...

A Certified City Hostess

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After weeks of hibernating, I finally decided to go partying again. It was kinda difficult for me because I had so much fun in Dumaguete and making another memory like it wouldn't be easy.

But because I said YES to an invitation, I had to keep the promise!

Techya and Jen wanted to meet up on a Friday but I was dead-tired. Their flight will arrive in the midnight anyway, so I thought meeting them the next day was the best idea.

First of all, I needed to talk to Techya why she wanted to get out of Davao on a weekend. Something must be so wrong. Plus Arzel Lou, our other friend had to pressure her to do it. I was really puzzled.

So the next day, I went directly to the hotel where Techya and Jennylyn are staying. I was excited to see them. The last time they were here in Manila was in February of this year where we ate at Kanin Club Ayala Triangle Gardens.

As soon as we got inside the cab, I knew that I was up for a wild ride with these two girls. I was super "porma" that day when it suddenly rained. I informed them anyway that Manila is expecting a typhoon but the weather will be fine. Signal No. 1 allows Manila residents to check out the latest on-sale items in malls.

I was so in love with the KIA Soul... The first time I saw it...
I knew this car was meant for me...

Apparently, the main reason why Techya is here in Manila is to check on her latest purchase - a KIA Sorrento at the KIA Kamuning Branch! She's fixing all the papers needed and she paid for the car here. She told me that she'd be able to save a hundred thousand pesos if she purchases it here in Manila. After all the signing of papers and the works, we decided to eat at Banapple Kitchen Il Terrazzo.

This is what I ordered at Banapple...
A healthy food (Super Ceasar Salad) vs. an unhealthy food (some cake I cant remember)...
The ironies of life... HAHAHA!

My battery was empty because I left my charger at Gj's place the last time I had sleepover after JP's birthday dinner at YakiMix! So I had to bring Techya and Jennylyn there. I just thought that taking the jeep would be very practical because its super near.

While charging my phone, Techya and Jennylyn examined all the magnets at the fridge while Linda was explaining every single thing in it. I had to think where I'd bring them next because I did not want to bring them to places they've gone before.

I suggested that we have coffee at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Eastwood. There, we got the chance to talk and I was quite surprised with the revelations. Of course, I still pray that everything will be fine with Techya and that Jennylyn will get a new boyfriend soon. So she'd be able to forget the remnants of her previous rendezvous.

We all got White Chocolate Dream Mocha
to go with our Triple Decker and Raspberry Cakes... YUM!

We went to visit Padre Pio in Eastwood too for a little enlightenment. Lighted our candles and prayed for everything to fall into place.

Went back to the hotel room to prepare for the night as I was trying my best to have our names on the guestlist for a night of partying at Republiq!

Bacolod Rocks!

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I was reading Divine Lee's blog and na-inspire ako. Parang nung minsan din na na-inspire ako ni Tina Tagle.

Gusto ko lang daw magpakatotoo now at tinamad talaga akong mag-English! HAHAHA! Hindi naman pwedeng Bisaya kasi mas lalo nyong hindi naintindihan.

So anyway, kumuha ako ng mas comfortable na chair kasi masakit na sa pwet ang monobloc chair na ginamit ko. Para naman maisulat ko rin ng maigi ang flow ng ideas ko.

Actually, tong post na to puno lang ng kalandian dahil peg kong chumurva sa bus papuntang Bacolod. You see? Pwede naman kasi talaga akong mag-direct flight from Dumaguete to Manila pero pinahirapan ko talaga ang sarili ko and I braved the road trip to Bacolod kahit masakit sa pwet. (Muntik tuloy maging PWET ang title ng post na to.)

This is very identical to the Ceres bus I took going to Bacolod...
(They all look the same actually!)

So since hindi ko naman alam ang schedule ng buses going to Bacolod (dahil last time tinanong ko tong si kuyang nasa information booth ang sabi nya every 40 minutes daw ang byahe). I forgot to ask the schedules for Air-Conditioned buses going to Bacolod. Buti nalang, yung nasakyan kong bus going to Dumaguete eh sinabing maabutan ko pa ang trip to Bacolod from Dumaguete na aircon.

Goodbye Dumaguete.... Hello Bacolod!
(Kinikilig pa ako nito kasi katabi ko si Hunky Koya!)

The moment na dumating tong bus sa Dumaguete terminal... Eh mega takbo na agad ako sa isang bus na papuntang Bacolod. Nag-effort pa ako with fasyon that time! Syempre kailangan fashionable pag bumibyahe!

Ayon! Nakita tong si hunky kuya... Sabi ko syempre sa sarili ko... "Tabi na ako dito!" And winner kasi vacant yung malapit sa window na seat at katabi ko pa tong hunky kuya na to. Actually mukha syang bouncer! HAHAHA! (Trip ko na pala ang bouncer ngayon?)

So apparently, mega pa-cute ako kay kuya. Mabait naman sya. Wala syang ginawang masama saken. Sayang! HAHAHA! But then, he got off the bus in Kabankalan, one of the cities in Negros Occidental. At buti nalang wala din akong ginawang masama... Because he had a GUN under his shirt!!!! =) Kaloka! I was sitting beside a guy who had a gun. Real gun it is! SHOKOT kung sinapian si KOYA!

Kalevel ang yumminess ni Lanz sa Chicken Inasal at buko pie na binigay nya saken.
Smitten ako sa kanya!

But winner din ang replacement ni KOYA! Dahil ang next na tumabi saken ay cutie chinito! Sabi ko sa sarili ko -- "Its my lucky day at sulit ang 6-hour bus ride to Bacolod!" He was the nicest! In fact, he mad me try the BUKO PIE (as in bumili sya para matikman ko!) Yumyum!.... But I did not eat it right away... In exchange, binigyan ko na din sya ng peanut brittle na binili ko din sa bus. HAHAHA! Exchange gift ito. I invited him for dinner because he suggested that I eat dinner at Chalet Restaurant. But then, he politely refused. Sapat na ata ang peanut brittle na binigay ko sa kanya. KILIG! Friends na nga pala kami on Facebook at may common friend pa kami.

Ganda lang ng Lola Geztel nyo dito... Dormmate ko sya sa Mansion dati... and gracious host while I was in Bacolod... Mega-drive around the city and even hanggang airport kahit duty din sya the next day!

Best in Crop ako sa photo ni Tita Shane (Shanie Bear) sa Facebook kasi wala nga kaming photo together dahil shonga lang ako at naiwan ko sa hotel ang camera... Hindi rin umubra ang Blackberry photos ko sa sobrang dilim ng kuha nito... Best in Explanation din pala...

My friends Geztel and Shane picked me up at the bus terminal. Medyo matagal din sila kaya medyo panic mode narin ako. Naka-Sunday dress pa si Tita Shane! Wala kaming picture together kasi loser ako. Yung camera na dala ko. Walang charger! HAHAHA! Ako na ang hindi ready.

We stayed at Business Inn Hotel Bacolod for the night...
(Useless lang kasi 1 hour lang ang tulog ko!)

Direcho na kami sa Business Inn Hotel Bacolod. Freshen up. Lipad na agad! Dinner at Manokan Country and winner talaga ang chicken inasal nila. Gusto kong magbaon at magdala sa Manila at ipatikim ko na rin sa mga kasama ko sa work. Pero baka mapanis. So Bong Bong nalang ang dinala ko for them.

Ito ang pinaka-winner sa Bacolod trip ko...
Winner talaga ang Chicken Inasal nila! SUPERRR!

Nag high blood din ata ako dun sa sobrang dami ng kinain ko. Went to Tropics for some drinks. Na-trauma na ako from what happened last night. So tweetums ako when I was drinking!

Gusto ko na matulog that time kasi useless ang bayad sa hotel kung hindi rin namin magamit. But then, ayaw matulog ni Waldo! Marami pa syang energy so punta muna kami ng MO2 Ice Bar. Dance-laloo with a stranger at flirt lang ng flirt. Pumatong sa ledge at ganap ang ledge dancing. Tugsh tugsh until 3 in the morning. Slept for an hour at the Business Inn Hotel. Packed-up. Hot shower. Gezzy drove me to Silay International Airport. Bought pasalubong at Bong Bongs. Flylalooo na to Manila. Took the taxi to work!

Ako na ang vampire. One hour lang ang tulog ako dahil binasa ko pa ang magazine sa plane about Prague. But I survived the day. Nakauwi naman ako ng maayos. Naisip ko lang. Parang ang haba ng 4-day long weekend ko but honestly sobrang bilis lang nya. Gusto ko pang mag-extend pero hindi na pwede. No more moooolah narin ako.

So back to reality na and work work work nanaman ulit. Para may pang bakasyon nanaman! Sa Prague na talaga next time. HAHAHA!

Yun na ang best vacation ever ko!!! =)

Knowing The Worth Of An Ounce Of Blood

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Free WiFi at the Siaton Plaza...

My stay in Siaton (my hometown) was quite short but it was relaxing and it gave me an insight on my priorities in life.

My admiration for my brother is beyond compare. He is the most determined and most understanding person I know.

The moment I arrived home it was my brother who picked me up at the bus terminal. The last time I went home (2 years ago), it was not one of his skills. I felt proud but a bit guilty because at some point I told my mom not to let my brother drive because he was too young. When they bought his ride, Mom and Pop did not tell me.

That same night, I asked my brother to drive me around town because I wanted to visit some of my friends. But I forgot that in my hometown, everybody sleeps as early as 9 o'clock in the evening. So my brother and I just did an OBT (One Big Tuyok) around town and checked-out the new must-see drinking and hang out places.

The next day, Mom, Pop, and I had a little catch-up session before Uncle Melvie came asking us to have lunch at Lola Inday's place. As usual, my Pop stayed at home while Mom and I went to Lola Inday's place to have a little tete-a-tete with family and friends.

This kind of gatherings remind me of Sunday lunches and the games I play with my cousins. Most of the kids are no longer kids but we still bully them.

Among my cousins, I'm closest to Dovie because we were batch mates in elementary and we kinda grew up together. Even when we were in high school wherein we went to different schools in Dumaguete, we still wait for each other at the bus terminal so we can go home together. She wears her Silliman University High School uniform while I wear Saint Louis School - Don Bosco. The one-hour trip wasn't enough for our catch-up chika.

Dovie and ViVi in front of the old tambayan where endless chikka happened...

Dovie lives in Lola Inday's house which is a stone-throw away from my house. And seeing her again made me reminisce at how our childhood was. Dodong Rey was also at the gathering flirting with Ginoben, which I expected to see given that Ginoben was his first kiss. Eeeeeehhh! (Kilig!) I was also surprised that Ginoben was present. I thought he's in Guam.

To complete the family lunch, I had to take the blood pressure of every single person in the family. Even the kids asked me to get their BP! But I obliged myself to do it since these gatherings don't happen everyday. It got me drained, so I slept the whole afternoon. Pop did the same thing.

Johane on her wedding day... =)

Later that night, Gj dropped by at my place to get her accessories. She left it in Manila so I had to bring it with me. Even when I was younger, my parent were a bit overprotective. They abhor my night-outs! They don't get the point why young people do it. But this time, they did not react too much. My mom simply wanted to confirm that we're going home before 12 o'clock midnight. Nobody goes home like Cinderella. I'm not going to do something stupid that will destroy the family's reputation anyway.

Gj, Dovie, and I went to our friend, Johane's place to invite her for some drinks. BUT!!! She has a baby already and her baby was quite sick that night so she was not able to join us. We were left with no choice but to take care of the booze on our own. Good thing, Ruel was there and he invited Norberto and Julius to join us. Both are cute guys and so I just flirted with them the whole night! (KILIG!!!) Norberto drove me home and the most embarassing part was an image of myself puking near a burger stand in what was considered the Time Street of my hometown. I guess I just ruined the untarnished reputation of my family.

The culprit!!!

The next day, I received a sermon from my mom. She was quite effective when she told me the story about Uncle Timmy and how he is at the moment. According to my mom, when Uncle Timmy was younger and richer he had so many friends. He partied a lot and he had boys - a lot of them! But now that he is old and poor, nobody notices Uncle Timmy. My mom described Uncle Timmy as thin and "gusgusin". She pities him so much and my Mom doesnt want that to happen to me. What a very nice story. It touched me.

But of course, I had to clarify with my mom that I don't spend money on my boys! They spend it on me. But it still got me thinking of how I should lead my life. It made me realize that maybe I should take care more of my body and of course my family. As the Spanish proverb goes, an ounce of blood is worth more than a pound of friendship. I just thought that my Mom is tired of competing with my friends.

Actually, she doesn't need to. I just need to reassure her that I value my family as much as my friends. And it made me feel so guilty and so to make up for it, I must do something to prove that they really are important to me.

Dumaguete Loves You Back

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Tita Bing, Frances' mom, blurted out in the morning that she knew what time we went home. But of course, what she said has no bearing. We were still so smitten from last night.

For brunch, Tita Bing cooked "humba" for us and so we hurriedly went to the dining area and left the room in its best cluttered state. This is SOOOOOO Katy Perry's Last Friday Night!

In my best friends room.... Sorry Ai! I'm responsible for the clutter...

Before I went home to Siaton, I had to make sure that I get to visit my goddaughter while I am in Dumaguete. Alyah is such an adorable little girl. She likes playing "catch-a-ball" with me and she wants me to stay. She even closed the door when I told her that we have to leave. Sweet little girl. I had to sing a Lady Gaga song to get her attention with matching dance steps. Making a fool out of myself in front of her was worth it. We are now BFFs and we'll be partying together when she's older! With mommy's permission nonetheless. =)

Adorable Alyah....

After visiting Alyah and Appy, we went to Robinson's Dumaguete and ate at Moon Cafe. It was my first time there so I was quite amazed at the interior and the food was great too. It felt like I was in Mexico. I chose the grilled chicken salad instead of the oily chili con carne because I'm trying to practice self-control. I think its working well on me too. We shared our own mishaps at work and it was so much fun. It was nice seeing everyone except Ishy who was on-duty that time.

Shyr, Darlene, Frances, and ViVi (cinched!) at Moon Cafe...

Frances and ViVi in the fiercest photo there is...

My whole stay in Dumaguete was made possible by Frances who arranged my itinerary. She drove me around town, fed me and made me stay at her place. I felt loved because Trisha and Appy also offered their cribs but of course Frances was insistent/persistent and it has always been the thing so I can't ask for more. HAHAHA!

I felt the love Dumaguete... And so I'm going to give back all the love!!!! =)

It Felt Like College Again....

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The pose as it is.... =)

The moment I arrived in Dumaguete, I tweeted and BBM-ed about it. I realized that I have not gone home for the past 2 years. It was a perfect time to do it because of the festivities in the city like the 110th Founder's Week Celebration of Silliman University.

Can you just imagine how giddy I was to join the fun?

I chose not to have any check-in baggage for the trip because I was in a hurry to get off the plane. The bad weather did not stop me at all. I wore the lousiest clothes on my way to the airport as I was ready to get soaked under the wild winds and water that the skies were offering.

I almost panicked when my Trisha's flight to Dumaguete on the same day got delayed.

I saw some familiar people in the airport. Some were my batchmates. Some were older alumnus. And when I say old. They are really old. The flight was one hell of a ride. Reminded me of the not-so-fun rides at the amusement park all because of the bad weather.

As soon as I got out of the airport, I saw my best friend Frances and Darlene. They were waiting for me and as promised, Frances picked me up. I was so giddy almost to the point of hyperventilating. I missed this place. I spent most of my wild days here! HAHAHA! I came out of my shell here and met the most amazing and beautiful people in my life.

When I was inside the car, I told Frances that I need to change clothes because I was wearing my straight-from-bed clothes because of the heavy rain in Manila. After freshening up at her place, we went straight to Silliman University.

ViVi, Frances, and Icko

I want to be seen. I wanted everyone to know that I was home. However, the mud at the booth area stopped me. My Coach shoes is not for the rugged days. So instead, Frances and I went to the Vernon Hall which used to be New Men's Dorm. Tete-a-tete with Kuya Princeton (Dorm Manager) and reminisced at how I was as a dormer. It was melancholic and nostalgic at the same time. I think the present dormers got irritated as I was shouting and screaming the whole time. No one can stop me. Frances and I also reminisced at how she'd pick me up at the dorm and check out my cute dorm mates.

ViVi with best friend (Straight!) Ivan at Cafe Antonio... Super quick chitchat...

It was so timely because it was Christian's birthday, Trisha's brother, so we crashed his party and ate dinner. I had to show off some antics that I'm sure Tita Cindy and Tita Bing missed.

Then we went to Labeled, Hayahay, and El Camino to party like rockstars. As we walked along the party strip, it felt like college again. We knew everyone. Besos everywhere. It made me realize how I missed Dumaguete. I wanna be young and free once more and I can only do that in this small city of the gentlest people in the Philippines.

The Original Triumvirate - Trisha, ViVi, and Appy!!!

You don't get out of the party scene sober. There are too many drinks for cheers and CHUG! =) HAHAHA!!!

We girls have moves like Jagger...
Trisha, ViVi, Appy, Frances, and Ciarra

Went home at 4 in the morning and like in college, Frances and I panicked at the thought that her Mom might wake up when we open the main gate. Thanks to their househelp who had to stay awake for us.

Dumaguete party-scene? Still scores with a BIG CHECK!!!!!!

Wine and Cheese to Beer and Cocktails

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Barcino lovin'
L-R (ViVi, Gj, Linda, Gael, Terj, Patty, Farzad)

Jairus, a high school friend who is connected with Wrecked Productions, sent an invite on this new party place in Makati. He doesn't fail to give us invites and he does it with much gusto.

I sent the same invite to all my BBM contacts but only Patty replied. The last time I partied with her was November of last year and she was so dead-drunk that time. It has been made known to the partying world that the Halloween parties at Republiq were labeled as "EPIC".

Patty wanted to check out this relatively new place with Gj, my other partying friend. Everything was set. I also placed Farzad and Terj on the guest list if at any point they are free.

On the other hand, Cheska was in-charge of having My Fly Girls (MFG) and The Chinese Community placed on the list. Everything was set.

We decided to meet up for dinner at Mesa Greenbelt. But I came fashionably late because I had to work my way out of the house. Uncle Jaime, who arrived from Norway the night before, made me choose between him and this party I was attending. He was making me guilty but I was unstoppable. I wanted to go out. I wanted to dance.

After much nagging, he allowed me to go out but the catch is I have to sing at least 15 upbeat Karaoke songs as they dance and drink to it. It was an easy task but it cost my voice the next day. At least, I have fulfilled my nephew duties.

Everybody was sipping wine and feasting on cheese when I arrived at Barcino. Daaang! They were waiting for me. But I knew that they were having fun because Linda was there. Linda is the Personal Assistant of Gj. (comment) In fact, Linda was posing and doing some wine-toasting with Patty and Gael, Gj's sister. Just the right POSH!!!! =)

Its about TIME....
L-R (Farzad, Patty, ViVi, Gj, Terj)

The moment Farzad became sleepy, we decided to leave Barcino and go to TIME! We loved their penthouse but it was so hot. Four industrial fans and the place was perfect! The ground floor was nice and cold but unfortunately smoking is not allowed. A real bummer!

My Fly Girls with the gang...
L-R (Gj, Terj, Mica, Cheska, Trisha, ViVi, Patty, Farzad)

MFG arrived, together with the TCC, from North Park. They ate first before partying. What a nice to cushion the stomach. Too much eye-candy on the venue! I love the guys and the girls were really fashionable. I kinda noticed how skinny the were. They looked like me - models! LOL!

Chug before going to the next bar.... (Deeeeeeezy now!)

My "chug" partner and our sober faces... LOL!

Patty wanted to go to Attica for a change but unfortunately the place was jam-packed. (A club that's FULL! Is it a good thing?) Went back to TIME and then went to Palladium.

Terj almost got laid after getting some love in the club...

They want a photo of us because we've got mooooooooves..... like jagger!

It was my first time at Palladium so I was amazed at the place. It was nice and the people were nicer and yummier! Paparazzi everywhere and we loved it!