ViVi loves Seattle's Best and Louis Vuitton

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Level up with Louis Vuitton... =)

My second day as a city hostess was fun... The moment I woke up after a night of partying and singing, I went to Techya and Jennylyn at the hotel to pick them up for lunch.

I brought them to Pepper Lunch. I have always wanted the Davao girls to enjoy a different dish... They just think that the food there was pricey but it was worth it anyway. Im sure they enjoyed it... I saw it in their faces.

They went shopping at Toys R' Us... and we went to The Fort to have some Lord Stowe's. We wanted to have coffee at Starbucks Fully Booked but then it was full so we went to Seattle's Best. It was so difficult to avail of their free WiFi. Pictures pictures everywhere.

Too bad the day has to end and I can't be with the girls the whole night because I had work the next day... They wrapped up the night with some laughing at Punchline.... I think that place draws a lot of tourists...

I hope I made my Davao friends happy! Will be seeing them soon.... This time in Boracay... =)

Hanging out with the girls was so much fun... I enjoyed it so much... Special thanks to Techya for everything... =)

Rainbow Run 2011 vs. Doctors Halloween Party vs. Republic Halloween Superhero Ball

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You can click on the photo to enlarge the Republiq poster... =)

Time flies so fast, I did not even notice that I don't have a costume yet for the Republic Superhero Ball on the 29th and I dont even know if I will even show up. A year ago, I promised to prepare for such events as the need for attention increases. My doctor friends are also organizing this Halloween Party on the same date. Which means that I might have to grace the event than stress myself out with the crowd in Republiq. But like last year, I had a blast in Republiq which I might miss this year and I don't want to feel that way.

On the other hand, I am also considering the option of registering on this Rainbow Run! I am so excited to show off some "gay" power with my feather boa. If I join this event, I am so sure that I wont be able attend the parties come night time.

But we'll see... Maybe I should start asking for signs...

To enlarge the photo and see the details? You are smart enough to click it... XOXO!

Love You Like A Love Song (Music Bank - Timog, Quezon City)

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I dont know what happened but we did not enjoy Republiq that night. There were cute boys there but it just was not enough. I was quite disappointed.

So I decided that we try Music Bank to sing our hearts out. The night should not end without us finding what we really wanted to do.

Alas! We found out that singing was our thing. Dancing isnt (Only that night!)

While waiting for our turn to have our singing rooms... A short photo-op does the magic in killing time.... We were dead tired! We had a very long day! Trust me!

This is Dion Ignacio with girlfriend and friends. I used to have a crush on this guy. I was quite surprised. I thought he went OUT already. But maybe that was just a press release. I seriously thought he was gay. He was very nice and handsome that night. Making kulit with waiters.

Had to hide the stoggy with a star... I got my bracelets from Techya's shoes! Very innovative! =)

Pretty Techya... Will you believe me if I tell you that she has two cute kids already?

We finally enjoyed the singing... It was just so much fun!

We kinda felt that we were not the clubbing people anymore... Getting old? I dont think so. HAHAHA!

ViVi loves Republiq

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After having dinner and some beer at Barcino, we took a cab and had our dancing shoes ready. Thanks to Patty for the guest list.

Republiq was not as jam-packed compared to the other Saturdays. It was pretty much "chill" plus I wanted R&B instead of trance.

Danced a little.... Sight-seeing some more...

Funny thing? Koreans dancing on the ledge. NOT COOL! I can't describe the choreography. It was as if they were trying to have gay sex. They were effortlessly funny. I was very amused.

Babes and Brian were there too... But they just had a few beers at Cafe Republiq. They suggested that we try Opus but unfortunately it was too crowded.

I saw a few of my celebrity friends Rocco Nacino and Zanjoe Marudo.

A short photo-op... =)

Techya and Gj while thinking of our next stop ... It was 3AM but we wanted more... So I suggested Music Bank!

Vitori Loves Barcino

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As of this writing, I am at GJ's place after a night of singing and eating at Music Bank.

Reading posts from Chuvaness always inspire me to write and also share my thoughts. It gives me more objectivity. I like how brave she is when she airs her POV's.


So anyway, this post is about Barcino. One of the high-end places that I dont really get to eat at when I feel poor. It usually means spending a fortune to eat paellas and drinking reim de reig tintos. I dont even know if I said it right. So when I feel the need to social-climb. I go to these places. Once in a while, its nice to play "rich girl". HAHAHA! Emphasis on the "girl".

It was actually Lea who told me that Barcino is the best place for wine and cheese. She mentioned some of their hard to remember dishes and cheeses to my amusement.

But my first Barcino was with Ryan, Honey, and Lerry. I think it was the time when we had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and for some R&R we went drinking at Barcino. By the way, I got so drunk because Ryan and I were chasing each others shots.

The second one was with family and friends. That was the time when I wore a librarian-encyclopedia-salesperson ensemble.

Everytime we go out partying, as in the past few instances that we did. We always meet up at Barcino to have some beer or wine before we go for hardcore dancing and gyrating at a certain club.

This time, we were heading to Republiq but of course, before everything else, we had to make sure that our tummies arent deprived.

If you want rice-meals as in the heavy kind, Barcino isnt the best place for you. But if you can tolerate bread in your system, then you'll enjoy it here. I think it also helped that I was kinda tapering my daily intake of rice.

I remember enjoying a platter of Chorizo Picantes Frito and I loved it. There were other chorizos on the platter which inclused Bilbao. It was really good. I wanted to eat rice with it.

We were so full that I hardly finished it. I also enjoyed the lentejas de casa which is the high-end version of "monggo". It was like couture of all monggos!

Barcino Buds - Gj aka Lady Bug, Techya, Jennylyn and ViVi

After Barcino, we hopped inside a cab for Republiq. The travel was fast and now we're game for a lot of dancing...

To be continued...

A Certified City Hostess

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After weeks of hibernating, I finally decided to go partying again. It was kinda difficult for me because I had so much fun in Dumaguete and making another memory like it wouldn't be easy.

But because I said YES to an invitation, I had to keep the promise!

Techya and Jen wanted to meet up on a Friday but I was dead-tired. Their flight will arrive in the midnight anyway, so I thought meeting them the next day was the best idea.

First of all, I needed to talk to Techya why she wanted to get out of Davao on a weekend. Something must be so wrong. Plus Arzel Lou, our other friend had to pressure her to do it. I was really puzzled.

So the next day, I went directly to the hotel where Techya and Jennylyn are staying. I was excited to see them. The last time they were here in Manila was in February of this year where we ate at Kanin Club Ayala Triangle Gardens.

As soon as we got inside the cab, I knew that I was up for a wild ride with these two girls. I was super "porma" that day when it suddenly rained. I informed them anyway that Manila is expecting a typhoon but the weather will be fine. Signal No. 1 allows Manila residents to check out the latest on-sale items in malls.

I was so in love with the KIA Soul... The first time I saw it...
I knew this car was meant for me...

Apparently, the main reason why Techya is here in Manila is to check on her latest purchase - a KIA Sorrento at the KIA Kamuning Branch! She's fixing all the papers needed and she paid for the car here. She told me that she'd be able to save a hundred thousand pesos if she purchases it here in Manila. After all the signing of papers and the works, we decided to eat at Banapple Kitchen Il Terrazzo.

This is what I ordered at Banapple...
A healthy food (Super Ceasar Salad) vs. an unhealthy food (some cake I cant remember)...
The ironies of life... HAHAHA!

My battery was empty because I left my charger at Gj's place the last time I had sleepover after JP's birthday dinner at YakiMix! So I had to bring Techya and Jennylyn there. I just thought that taking the jeep would be very practical because its super near.

While charging my phone, Techya and Jennylyn examined all the magnets at the fridge while Linda was explaining every single thing in it. I had to think where I'd bring them next because I did not want to bring them to places they've gone before.

I suggested that we have coffee at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Eastwood. There, we got the chance to talk and I was quite surprised with the revelations. Of course, I still pray that everything will be fine with Techya and that Jennylyn will get a new boyfriend soon. So she'd be able to forget the remnants of her previous rendezvous.

We all got White Chocolate Dream Mocha
to go with our Triple Decker and Raspberry Cakes... YUM!

We went to visit Padre Pio in Eastwood too for a little enlightenment. Lighted our candles and prayed for everything to fall into place.

Went back to the hotel room to prepare for the night as I was trying my best to have our names on the guestlist for a night of partying at Republiq!