Dodong Wook!!!!

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Lee Dong Wook takes a shower...
He broke the stereotype that Koreans don't like to take a bath...

My busy days with both work and social life kept me away from the TV for some time now. So whenever I get the chance to savor TV in my bed, then I do it with much gusto.

He has this boyish charm and makes me think that I can actually take care of him... LOL!

If you are not a TV person, then Lee Dong Wook might be a good reason to convert. His cutie-patoootie face is just so adorable. He reminds me of a Zanjoe Marudo that has taken a milk bath 50 times more on a daily basis! And you know too well that Zanjoe is very close to my heart which means that Lee Dong Wook won't have a difficult time capturing my heart too.

Zanjoe doesnt look like Lee Dong Wook in this picture.... 50 more milk bath Zanj and you're way way hotter than Lee Dong Wok... =)

Lee Dong Wook is a South Korean actor who is best known for his leading role in 2005 as Seol Gong Chan in the television drama My Girl. His latest project that is currently airing as of this writing is Helena's Promise which airs after the noontime show Happy Yippie Yehey on ABS-CBN.

I can scream 24/7... Looking at this pictures on Google! HAHAHA!

Sluuurp your Schlurp Tea

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Had I know that Bruce Lee was a fan of Schlurp, I could've gone to Greenhills and tried it in an instant. But anyway, this is a new brand of tea that my friend Byron recommends. Its actually his brother's latest business venture.

I have not personally tried it but looks like it tastes good. If by chance you get to watch a movie at Greenhills Theater Mall and Promenade Cinemas please try this new drink. A healthier option instead of soda... Right? And it goes well with your popcorn or fries.

And if you live near Banawe or happen to pass by the place, it is also avalaible at Fresh Selections.

If you like it? Don't be shy to like their Schlurp Facebook page. If you don't, then I'd be happy to hear from you so the makers can improve the taste of this new tea.

So keep SCHLURP-ing in 2012!

Consoling Myself

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Mr. Right? Nah! He's just a friend.... British... And he's married... =)
By the way, that's Ervic Vijandre at the back... Waiting for "the kiss" to happen... LOL!

It is quite late for me to create a new post but since my eyes are not shutting down anytime, I will make one.

I felt rich this season but it will soon last come January as all the money I have saved get sucked by my credit card. I have not seen the bill yet but more or less I already know how much I might have to spare for myself. This only means that I will have to live a more humble life than how I lived in December. As a nurse in the Philippines, you are not expected to be rich but it doesn't hurt to look like one. But that is just the superficial me and I am leaving it all behind in 2011. Bye superficial me.

So where did all my money go? Cab. Coffee. Gourmet. Etc. I am actually trying to console myself that all my expenses were reasonable especially when I shared a bulk of my blessings to my humble brother.

I just had to be thankful that I always get home safe no matter how late it is. There were even indecent proposals which I politely declined. Good thing my amiable face and charm still works. They don't insist.

A Not So Merry Christmas After All

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"Fairy Godmother meets Card Captor Sakura"

This Christmas isn't something new. I will be spending my Christmas away from home. I miss being surrounded with the people I grew up with. Not that I am not happy here but I just miss having familiar around me. I have my family with me anyway.

So today, I savored my lovely bed. I slept and cuddled with my favorite pillows after taking an important call from my Tito in Canada. He has been doing his part to get me there and I think I just need to show some interest.

In my own moments of loneliness... (Loneliness talaga?) I thought of Pepe. I just thought that maybe if I was just ready for something serious then I might have spent the holidays with him and his family. But after more than a month of dating, I realized that I'm not into him. And so I told him that maybe we should stop seeing each other for now. I wanted my "me" time. One of the things I have not done for some time because I was too busy practicing for my Christmas presentations.

On the other hand, I helped my Aunt slice the hotdogs for the spaghetti and remove the egg shells of some boiled quail eggs for the chop suey to keep me busy. It helped for sometime but I got bored. BBM and Twitter came to the rescue and now I am blogging.

Have a very merry Christmas guys! May your hearts be filled with love this season and not just your tummies!

Family Dinner for Gj on her 27th Birthday! (Yakimix, Tomas Morato)

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The pretty birthday girl...

Last night, we celebrated Gj's 27th birthday at Yakimix Tomas Morato. I figured out that I might have to forget my dieting for a night.

ViVi with Joanne and Baby David and Gj...

There were a gazillion of us so we had to transfer from table to table as each family arrives.

Such a candid moment... Please picture out the chaos...

We arrived first so we got a big table, then our Aunts came and so we had to transfer to a bigger table until another Aunt came and the waiters had to assist us to the biggest table. It was really fun. Although I kinda saw the faces of the waiters and the hassle we gave them. Im sure they did not mind.

Happy Birthday again to Engineer Lady Bug and may all your dreams come true!

ViVi in Leopard Prints

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I have never worn animal prints my whole life. When I was younger I thought that animal prints were for old people until some famous celebrities started wearing one and maybe because I am a lot older now... LOL!

I hate admitting that I am 26.