The Punta Fuego and Kainan Sa Dalampasigan Experience

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We all had a good night's rest at the mansion after a night of singing and dancing. I admit of not having the urge to wake up except that the sun was rising and the people at the other mansion were all set to meet me.  I think they were very excited to see how I look at daytime.  I think they have a lot of questions in mind. Some of it, they just kept to themselves.

But the funniest question they asked me was if I was also a lawyer. HAHAHA! =)  But of course, I said "No."  

We had breakfast with the whole family at the big house then we left for Punta Fuego.

Heto na! Heto na! I told you... Ryan is yummy... Pan de sal!!!! =)


Hindi rin talaga ako nagpahuli... Dahil yummy din ako! =)) 

Underwater shots! (Obvious ba?)  

Bongga talaga si Honey! She opens her eyes underwater.... Hindi ko kaya!  

Sa kaka-underwater photos namin... Nagutom na kami... Sabi nila hindi raw masarap ang sandwich... So-so lang.. And mahal pa... I think this costs  Php 200++ ... Pwede narin namang homemade.... Carry gawin sa bahay... 

Mukha nga silang nagutom after swimming at dahil hindi masarap ang sandwich binawi naman ito ng pizza.... Super sarap talaga! Thin crust sya and beyond compare... 
Masarap talaga... Sulit ang Php 600++ ! 

But ito ang favorite part ko! Gusto ko iuwi tong mga ilaw nila... Pwede naman D-I-Y pero maganda ang pagkakagawa.... I want one at home! Its very stylish!  I have this fascination talaga with lights... 

This is the close-up of the light! Bongga diba? Parang syang atom na merong bonggang bonggang electrons around it.  HAHAHA! Lumabas ang pagiging Nuclear Medicine Nurse ko! 

After Punta Fuego, we went to Kainan sa Dalampasigan.  Ryan has been raving about it.  I have heard it a hundred times from him.  Syempre, curious na rin ako... I really wanted to try their food.

Before eating, picture picture kami ni Honey sa entrance ng restaurant. 

Another photo op with Mabi and Bryan.... All the while I thought nasa Law School parin si Bryan... Yun pala... Atty. Bryan na sya... =) Congrats Bry.... 

Neon kung neon ang concept namin.... Blue pala yung kay Ikay... =) Halata na ang tummy kasi busog na from all the food.... Everything was yummy! My gosh!

The best for me yung tangiue and baked tahong!

Then uwian na! =) 

Thank you Ry and congratulations.... We had so much fun.... =)


The Yummiest New Lawyer In Town

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Just a week after Kika's celebration, I was all set once more for another thanksgiving party.  This time it was for Ryan.

Ryan also passed 2011 BAR exams so kelangan bongga talaga ang celebration and most of all ako talaga ang nagbalita sa kanya that he passed.  But then, naguluhan ako sa sobrang excitement. I thought I saw the list of BAR passers.  Yun pala it was a list of BAR examinees for the year.  Oh diba? Kaloka! Buti nalang talaga eh pumasa si Ryan and confirmed na rin naman. Hence, this celebration.

I was super excited kasi syempre, proud friend ako! HAHAHA! Doting na nga on a certain level.

Actually, Ryan invited all my friends kahit hindi nya raw friend but then they were all busy.  Yung iba may flight, yung iba may date, and timing lang din that some went to Hong Kong to party at LKF. Hanggang ngayon envious parin ako! Soon soon! Watch out lang ang LKF na yan!

Best in recorded message pa naman ako using Kara's phone na sobrang daming takes! Imbyerna na ang lola mo sa kakaulit but supportive pa rin sya... Actually, wala syang choice kundi kunan talaga ako ng video because I was really begging for it. 

With a happy face, I flew to my friend Honey's condo para sabay kami pumunta sa condo ni Ryan since dun na nga kami magmi-meet with Ryan.  Syempre, hitch kami sa carlalooo ni Ryan.  On our way to Ryan's condo at The Fort, niloko pa kami ng taxi driver.  Best in Bisaya kasi kami ni Honey inside the cab and we did not realize na napalayo na kami.  But we arrived safely at Burgos Circle.  I was hungry so mega kain kami ng fries sa Wham Burgers.  Pictorials sana kami ni Honey using her digicam when we realized that she left her battery in her condo!  So before leaving the house, make sure that your batteries are attached to your gadgets or at least dapat malapit sa gadget nyo. Tapos all the while, we thought Ryan was going to pick us up sa Wham Burgers, yun pala nasa gym pa sya! Kelangan talaga mag-gym before the party? Well, kita naman ang hirap ni Ryan sa hunky body nya.  Eventually, nakuha din namin ang battery ang off we went to Alitagtag, Batangas!

At Ryan's condo... Pose pose muna kami ni Honey while Ryan was getting ready for the trip... 

On our way to Alitagtag, inulan pa kami ng bonggang bongga!  Stopover then go nanaman kami with our journey in life.

After almost 3 hours, nakarating din kami! =) At last! Malayo din naman pala and Ryan's mom has been calling.  Kaya nag Michael Schumacher na si Ryan and of course... SILENT type na kami sa likod.  

Sa sobrang bongga ng celebration... kailangan talaga ang mga borta police of Alitagtag, Batangas!  Walang nagbabantay sa kabayanan dahil andito sila lahat. 

Ikay and Ryan outside the mansion... Dyan nga pala kami natulog but meron pa yang twin mansion na napagitnaan ng gymnasium.  Akalain mo! May sarili pa silang gymnasium..

With Ryan's Ateneo Law School friends with their wives and girlfriends... Ang hirap kabisaduhin ang names nila! Super dami... =) 

At eto pa ang winner! Ang kanyang buong angkan... Chos! Basta dyan, kasama namin yung family ni Ryan except ata his Dad... Sobrang busy sila that night! Tsaka sobrang dami talaga ng tao!

Nag-moment din ako sa Alitagtag, Batangas! Feeling ko Big Dome lang! And na-realize ko na kailangan ko na talaga i-memorize ang Bad Romance by Lady Gaga para maitodo ko ang dance moves ko!  In fairness naman, enjoy na enjoy and crowd.  Napressure lang ako kaunti kasi ang mga sinundan kong mag-perform eh the likes of Sitti and Barry Manilow! 

But carry lang kasi KABOOOOWG pa din like the fireworks below wherein , ginulat ang puppy ni Ikay at talagang nag-poo poo sa turquoise nya na dress.  

After my peformance may fireworks! Mega palit ako ng damit sa sobrang basa ko ng pawis! Yuck diba? Pero carry talaga... Kasi feeling ko mission accomplished ako for making Ryan, his family, his friends, and the whole Batangas happy!

For now, I'll just pout and wait for another story to chika with you guys!

Most likely, alam nyo na why this post is so gay --- tinamad talaga ako mag-English! 

Bongga ang title ng post.... May halong pagnanasa! HAHAHA! Love you Ry! =)


Legally Gold! - Atty. Kika's Thanksgiving Party at Opus

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About roughly two weeks or less since the results of the 2011 BAR exams came out, we sashayed to Opus at Resorts World Manila to celebrate Karen's thanksgiving party for passing the said exam.

I did not have plans of going out but for Karen, who we fondly call Kika, I just had to exist.

Everybody was in the mood to party... Some flew in from Hong Kong and of course Dumaguete to make this date very memorable for Kika.

I've even heard from a "reliable source" that someone spent a little less than 20k for such a couch party.

The bottles above were there for the sole reason that alcohol is equivalent to fun not until the moment you get out of the club feeling all wasted.  We wrote our well-wishes on that Grey Goose bottle for Kika's safekeeping and to keep her reminded of that one fun-funny night.

We had one waiter assigned to us for the whole night and we thank him for being so patient with all our requests for photos and a marker (pentel pen).

The pentel pen story was ridiculous! We asked our waiter to get us a marker so we can write something on the Grey Goose bottle for the low low price of Php 500.  A marker for Php 500!  I cannot believe it.

I think that's how special Kika is to Budat. 

The night cannot just wrap up without some boy on the sidelines.  He was this sweet boy from Ilo-ilo who was more than happy to strike a pose with your very own VIVI!

I rocked this clutch which was so Alexander McQueen.  
I am loving this look! 
So tipsy geisha ...

Before heading home, we ate the night away at Cafe Republiq and marked the end of our diets while the celebrant - Atty. Kika walked barefoot at Resorts World holding a plastic that saved her life!


Sun-Kissed Boracay Skin

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The moment we got back from Boracay, we checked-in early at Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences.

We loved the very artsy fartsy look of the hotel with such chic furniture and lights that illuminated with a single tap. I had an ART-gasm from all the fine art surrounding me. It cannot be Picasso for nothing, right?

On the last three days of Kara in Manila, we had to make sure that we meet up with her cousin Ate Tonette. Ate Tonette is known to her Facebook friends as Anne Feo.

She might look familiar to you because she has the latest NESCAFE ad which started running last April 8. Her line there was "Kung anong gusto mo, yun ang sundin mo!"

I was very amazed at how down-to-earth, warm and accommodating she was. It was as if I have met her a long time ago.

I couldn't help but pose with her on a photo which Kara took with much "gusto".


On our last night at Picasso, I couldn't help but be sad. First, my best friend Kara will be leaving for New Jersey and second, I will have to get used to not being around her. For about six days, we were inseparable. Goofed around. Made a video for my friend Ryan which took me 20++ takes because she was such a perfectionist.

The photo below was taken at the veranda of the hotel where we did some Jessica Sanchez stalking and stogies!

I miss you love! =) See yah soon...

ViVi Goes to Boracay!!!!

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I have been doing a lot of things for the past days paired with the lack of internet connection at home equals one entry for March.

I can justify! I was really busy.

Summer won't be complete without a trip to the beach. I got there early. I was there from March 9 to 11 with two of my most fabulous friends, Kara and Techya! =)

I have a lot to be thankful for because Kara was in-charge for this vacation. All I had to do was drag myself to the airport.

My trip to Boracay wasn't a very easy one because of the heat. Mind you! It was very hot and the flight delays just wasn't so helpful

Manila - Cebu - Caticlan - Boracay - Caticlan - Manila

We stayed at La Carmela de Boracay and the accommodation was reasonable. It may not be five star but we don't need such an accommodation because all we need was the beach!

Lady of leisure.... =)

ViVi is not an alcoholic... He just loves the kick of that Red Horse!

I want this framed on my wall... I am so excited! =)

All photos were edited through ... It feels like once more... =)