Good Friday Until Easter Sunday - Manila Hotel

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Last week, my girls and I checked-in at the Manila Hotel. We opted to just stay in Manila because we dint wanna stress ourselves out. All we need is a new venue to relax without braving the traffic at all express ways.

Honestly, we were all dreaming of Sofitel but the moment we found out that the rates were a little bit out of the budget we wanted to look for another hotel that can be at par with Sofitel.

Voila! We found Manila Hotel.

The moment we stepped-out of the car, we felt like a part of Philippine history. Their was an air of hospitality and the chandeliers were humongous, you cant afford to miss it.

Aside from the payment we made through the credit card, the hotel asked ₱5,000 for the incidental damages. But you don't need to worry because they will be giving it back the moment you check out from the hotel as long as you did not destroy any stuff inside the hotel room. Our room costs ₱4,500 per night but because we stayed there for two days, we were able to get it for ₱8,000. The price was too right. Very practical.

The hotel stay includes a buffet breakfast at Cafe Ilang-Ilang. If you are breakfast person then you'll really enjoy it because they have the best pastries and cold cuts on the table to satisfy your gastronomic cravings. The technique then is not too eat dinner and just eat a lot in the morning to cut-off on dinner costs.

We checked-out from the hotel on Easter Sunday and went home with no fuss. It was a pretty convenient trip compared to last year and yet we were still able to do the things we wanted to do and the things that we needed to do too.

Over all? The experience at the Manila Hotel was splendid and the photos tell it all.

The Script Live in Manila: An Unexpected Concert Ticket from Ivana

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The Script Concert was jam-packed... As seen on pictures... Wished that I was familiar with their other songs aside from Break Even...

Ivana and the crowd - overflowed with energy!!!!

Our surprise tickets.... =)

I was not prepared at all with my uber-printed and dalmation-inspired top....

I was about to end my Saturday after showing up at Niña's Big Tent Bazaar when I got a call from Ivana.

On the phone...
Ivana: Where are you?
VV: I'm here at the bazaar in QC. Why?
Ivana: Please come with me. I'll be watching The Script Concert at the Araneta Coliseum.
VV: Is that for free?
Ivana: Of course!
VV: OK Coming....
Ivana: Do you know the band?
VV: No... But I might have heard some of their songs.
Ivana: OK... See yah at 8:30pm. I'll meet you at the green gate.
VV: (call dropped... made beso to Niña and her sister... and left)

Photo Courtesy of Khel Banzon

It was not so difficult to convince me.... 1? Its free... 2? The vocalist, Danny O'Donoghue, was too difficult to miss... =))

Nicolette's Birthday Bash at Berks Resto Grille

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Nicolette, Tina, Vitori Vita, Trisha, Jerica, and Babes eating the night away...
Pigging out much!

Last Friday, we celebrated Nicolette's birthday at the newly opened Berks Resto Grille along Macapagal Avenue in Pasay City. I did not come prepared because all the while, I thought I was going to stay home and enjoy my new Blackberry. But then, peer pressure is so hard to resist. So I met up with my friends who were trying on some clothes in Zara at Glorietta 4. Looking at them, I knew my work uniform will standout in a sea of colorful clothing for the summer. Hence, I decided to do some shopping for myself.

The food at Berks Resto Grille was so amazing - crabs, tempura, fried chicken, etc. The servings were very generous that I had to do my "eat-pause-talk-eat technique" just so I'd be able to maximize the storage capacity of my tummy. For the food I'd give it 4 stars out of 5 because it tastes really really good.

Finding a decent comfort room on the Seaside Market at Macapagal Avenue is quite a challenge but at the Berks Resto Grille, I am able to live with it. All because I am a boy and I dont have to use the toilet seat. But a good toilet seat sanitizer like Holy Seat will be of great help if you may need to use the restroom.

The colorful walls of the place made it a bit funkier and youthful. The lively colors will perk that pent up energy for the whole week plus they have a live band with a female lead singer who was all over the place in a good way. But she was not able to keep up with the energy that I exposed as I sang Bad Romance and Time of My Life.

Without batting an eyelash, I obliged to perform at the stage which made everyone's night SUPER FUN!!!

The service was good including the understandable waiting time considering that they had to cook the food the moment you order on their menu. Which means that all the food served to the diners are fresh from the kitchen.

I wont be able to say something about the price because it was a free dinner courtesy of the cousin of the owner of the place who happened to be our friend. But certainly, I know that the price is reasonable.
ViVi and Trisha belting our much loved "emotera" songs....

The best way to end the night was sing at Grenada KTV. I actually wanted Music Bank but I cant say it out to Pablo because he owns the place and he's going to take charge of everything anyway. Thou shalt not be CHOOSY! =)

We Are Citizens Of The Republiq!!!!

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Cant let the paparazzi go home without my photo...

Last night, my friends and I went to Republiq to unwind. After all, the week is over. And, as they say, work hard so can party harder.

My girls Karen and Gj showing off their long legs...

Alfred Gendrano, a former dorm mate dropped by to share some love...

My boys Jared, Yummy, and Brian came prepared with their collared shirts...

Our good friend Guji Lorenzana dint break my heart because his busy schedule dint stop him from joining us...

Since Nicole Andersson was not able to grace my birthday party at The Distillery, I obliged her to come last night....

So happy that our celebrity friends answered the call to unite as citizens of the Republiq!

Ai Ai Ai Ai.... Gio Salvador is SOOO HOT!

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Ai-Ai with Gio
Photo Courtesy of Showbiz Nest

It was time to go home after a very long day when I saw some of my friends ogling over a glossy magazine... Ayun na nga! Showbiz magazine ito... But I did not bother to look at it... Mas importante na maaga akong makauwi... Mas importante na maka-upo sa MRT... Ang hirap mag byahe pag rush hour! Ako na ang working class...

But I was bothered by the sight... They were so proud to show me pictures of Ai Ai De Las Alas so chummy with this Italian-Colombian guy... Ang hot lang ng guy... Syempre... May mga comments ang people from work....

These are the comments of my friends from work..

Mam V: Hay nako! 9 out 10 girls ang magsasabi na lolokohin lang sya ng lalakeng yan....

Sir D: Ayyyy... Wala naman ABS yung guy eh! (Si Sir D na ang may abs kasi gym sya ng gym...!!!)

And my take on the issue?

Vitori: Kung magpapaloko ako eh dun nalang din sa yummy... Kaya I think Ai-Ai made the right choice... (Supportive ko lang!)

Hmmmp.... It made me realize that the world is unfair... =) That's with a lot of bitterness and angst... Just kidding!

Victims of Illegal Recruitment

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We were once victims of illegal recruitment... But these illegal recruiters allowed us to swim at their Ayala Alabang murky pool and they fed us... HAHAHA!!!

I was so surprised... I did not know we had these photos... And OH!!! I remember now... We took these for the bulletin board for Asian... HAPPY!

I miss Jam, Mary, Iva, and Pog... We looked like convicts here! HAHAHA! I'm sure mas maraming atraso si Pog... =)