Transgender Women: Andreja Pejic, BB Gandanghari, Rianne Barrameda

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I have always been fascinated with transgender women even before they were called that name.  The society I run around usually call them Lady Boys, Crossdressers, or just simply "Gay". 

Recently, someone from the transgender women community came out to tell her story.  I couldn't help but be amazed at how pretty she was.  She has been Jean Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacob's runway muse.  

After a little googling, I found out that she was discovered at McDonald's in Melbourne, Australia but she was originally from Bosnia.  Her name is Andreja Pejic but was born Andrej Pejic.  

Below are some of the photos I grabbed from her Instagram account @andrejapejic. 

She reminds me of Olivia Palermo in this photo. 

Flat-chested sexy. 

This is such a cute photo of her and her mother.

This was in one of her campaigns for Mode Creation Munich. 

I managed to scavenge from a Russian website a photo of Andreja Kissing an unknown guy.  

But in the local scene, the actor who used to be an action star in the Philippine movies also came out as gay and started dressing up like a girl.  She was born Rustom Padilla but declared her male self dead as her new identity BB Gandanghari was born.  

The handsome Rustom Padilla. 

The transformation as BB Gandanghari.  Got the photo from 

I even personally know someone from my hometown and would like to claim that we are cousins as she's really beautiful.  Noone will ever mistake her as a transgender woman unless she starts talking. 

Meet Rianne Barrameda born Crison Pagon.  She won Miss Amazing Philippines in 2007.  

Its very much in our genes.  I feel some gorgeousness in our bloodline. LOL!  Another photo I found on Google Images.  

There are many transgender women I look up to not because I want to be one but because I adore their strength in going through a tedious process of psychotherapy and hormone therapy prior to the surgery. 

I am very happy and proud of these transgender women.  May all the things they go through to be where they are be worth it.  

I'm sure it is. Definitely.

Uncle Moe's at CitiGolf Pasig

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The hunt for the best kebab in the city is still on and none among the Persian or Middle Eastern restaurants have outdone Hossein.  So far. 

I ordered their beef kebab and it was just too oily.  It doesn't look appealing at all but its tasted good.  Worth my Php 119 though.

I am so loving my new Juicy Couture wallet.  

Honey ordered Chicken Kebab. She's not too sure if she likes it too.  

We went gaga over their ice cream.  

Both flavors tasted like medicine.

Order their Rocky Road.  A lot better than Pistachio and Mint Chocolate Chip. 

Here is their menu for further reference.  Hope it would be of help in choosing a place to eat when in Pasig City. 

Ziggurat Cuisine in Makati

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If you have a friend who is in constant pursuit of the most authentic Middle Eartern food, then most likely you'll find yourself eating at almost any Middle Eastern restaurant in the metro.  Where ever that resto is, we'll go there just because I don't mind taking a gastronomic detour too. 

We had a difficult time ordering because they offer a variety of choices and their menu is not very customer-friendly. 

Honey and I have agreed to just share the platter of personal size because I was not very hungry.  I just wanted to give Ziggurat a try.  On their personal platter which is good for two people, you already have some little pieces of beef, chicken, and lamb kebab. 

We loved both the beef and chicken kebab and not raving about the lamb kebab cooked half-rare.  They should have told us earlier how they're going to cook it because it was our first time. 

We also loved the chicken tikka because it was juicy and very easy to the jaw.  No gnawing of unexplained proportions needed. 

Because of the spices used for cooking, you might have to deal with the strong Middle Eastern scent as you get inside the restaurant.

The whole time we thought the chef of the restaurant was a foreigner.  We were quite amazed that it was a Filipino cook who prepared the food.  We'd like to believe that the chef was trained in the Middle East because he has captured the essence of that part of Asia as attested by my Persian friend.  

We'll give Ziggurat a rating of 3.5 over 5. 

'Til our next gastronomic adventures!

Mass at Century City Mall (1100H)

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Last Sunday, I went to church to thank God for the gift He gave me last Thursday.  This gift has been prayed for by my friends and family as it has always been my dream to have better opportunities in life both for my parents and for those surrounding me.  I have prayed for it too but still feels unworthy of such gifts for I know I have not been a good person.  These gifts humble in so many ways and I cannot help but be grateful.

I attended the 11:00 AM mass at the Function Hall of Century Mall Makati as it was the closest chapel from Honey's place.

The last time I was here, Honey and I had a very random dinner with a patient who had a test at Makati Medical Center.  Only then did I find out that he's a broker for Century Properties. 

It was kind of glary inside the chapel but it also awakens you at some point.  Which I think is a good thing.  I hate admitting that I stayed up very late to watch that Argentina vs. Belgium the night before. 

I like how natural light is used to illuminate the place of worship.  I am sure foreigners will be amazed at the idea of a church inside a mall.  Its quite common to have one here in the Philippines especially in Metro Manila.  

After going to church, you can have breakfast at CaliBurger but I suggest that you go to Early Bird Breakast because its a lot better.  CaliBurger has nothing special on it. 

On my way down to Starbucks for Honey's coffee, I took a very beautiful photo of the elevator.  I got lucky on the lighting.  This mall can be very quiet on Sunday mornings and I love it! 

This is what I wore last Sunday.  Been wearing my Nike sneakers because its so comfy but I am not so sure if its stylish enough.  

The real fashionista is Honey who wore her favorite New Balance sneakers.  I wish I could take a closer photo of it in the future.  Photo was taken outside the walls of Berjaya Hotel in Makati.  

Wishing that I'd be able to go to church every Sunday.  I'd like to think of it my little moments of bowing down to God and being grateful for all the things He has given me.  

'Til our next city adventures! #kisses

Best Longaniza in Manila - Order Now!

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I had an amazing lunch earlier today because Ate Jane made me try her longaniza for sale for only Php 180. This was her sampler and she completed the meal with sliced tomatoes dipped in bagoong sauce.  

The meal couldn't be happier without a bottle of Coke.  Ate Jane photobombed as if I did not notice her. 

Such a happy lunch but definitely not a must-eat on a daily basis because it can be very unhealthy.  

If you want to order this kind of longaniza, feel free to drop a comment and I'll get back to you.