Lar + Ann Wedding at The Manila Peninsula Hotel

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It has been four months since the wedding of Lar and Ann and as they say the hangover is not over and I don't think it will ever be. Just take a look at the recent feature by Bride and Breakfast, the popular wedding blog in the Philippines, on their prenup photos shot in Batanes.

Here is their invitation, I got through Facebook because we couldn't find a common time that matches our busy schedules.

Vivi with the newly weds!

Awesome threesome at the wedding!

Super loving the chandelier at our table! So VIP!

With the Maid of Honor...

It took me quite a while to prepare for a wedding that was not even mine.

The grand entrance at the Rigodon Ballroom of the Manila Peninsula.

All we did was dance the night away and everybody went to dreamland floating in smiles. 

Vitori Vita Goes To The Star Magic Ball 2014

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Surprise! Surprise! I was not really.  But it felt like I was actually there because I was busy snooping on Rappler and PEP on the latest news at the ball.  So basically, I was still there. And you can't argue.

Here are my favorites at this years ball. 

Of course Julia Baretto is perpetually pretty and with this gown she brought it to a different level.  All my life, I knew she was a reincarnation of me.  Just that I don't have a chaotic showbiz family.  And back to the dress? I love it! Like shattered pieces of glass glued on a dress that accentuated her form.  I'm sure this is as gorgeous in person. I'm also very sure that Rajo Laurel was as proud as me! Like this gown is my creation.  

And then came Megan Young! Miss World 2013.  This gown was so queenly and a little bit pageanty.  Its like hearing the voices of Project Runway saying the same thing.  I'm not saying this because I am very biased as I like Mikael Daez.  Who am I? LOL! She looks like a queen. Gosh! Its like there's an aura around her saying "Bow Down B*****s!"  Relax! It's just a joke. I'm sure she's a very nice girl in person.  She has gone a long way from just wearing oversized shirts and jogging pants.  Leo Almodal did a good job on the gown.  The details were to die for and she made the gown shine even more.

Xian Lim was of no question looking dapper on his suit.  The bow tie situation in there was very nice.  I am surprised though that Kim doesn't look thin in this photo.  She looked like a supermodel in this photo.  More like Liu Wen! WOW! 

I am not diggin' Jericho's tie but I am loving Kim Jone's gown! Who made your gown lady? Very elegant! Is that a Louis Vuitton clutch bag?

She may not have that much boobs but this gown gave an illusion that she has the twin peaks. This looked like a tin-foil though but she rocked it.

Cristalle and Vicki Belo looked like sisters in this photo.  But younger sister, gets my thumbs up this time.  Not just because she's younger but because she opted for a minimalist yet classy look flaunting her svelte figure.

I am not a big BICOL (Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia) fan but this girl has good taste in clothing. She looked glamorous in this gown.  I am wondering what Nikki Gil wore in this event.

Maricar Reyes should have gotten rid of the gloves.  Everything looks spotless!

I am not so sure if Daniel Padilla should have worn socks but I am loving that feathery part of Kathry's gown not much on the torso area.

This year I am digging Kim Jone's and Coleen Garcia's gowns! Who do you think were the best dressed that night? Were you there too? I'm sure you were! 

Manitoba Filipino Street Festival 2014

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It was a drizzling morning when I woke up on the 23rd of August to arrange the flowers for the float of Tribu Senyor Sto. Niño.  Tita Lalaine, the mother of my friend Phil, knocked on my door to remind me that we are running out of time for today's festivities.  So I hurried up and pulled myself together including my creativity to get the task done as soon as possible.

It was slowly falling into place that we are joining the Manitoba Filipino Street Festival 2014.  I came all the way from Regina, Saskatchewan and rode 6 hours to get to Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Took a selfie with the boat float of the image of the Child Jesus at the background.  And of course, you can't miss the brothers, Phil and Bon at the back with the cameo appearance of my new friend, EJ.

I couldn't be more proud of the flower arrangement I made to adorn the statue of the Child Jesus.  It was not close to being Ikebana but it was well appreciated. LOL! The Mercedes Benz was all covered up with the boat structure. 

There were representatives from Batangueños in Manitoba. 

Another group from Tuy, Batangas. 

A grand float from Davao showcasing their ethnic dances and songs.

People from Baguio joined to the parade too.

The stage for the day of festivitie looked festive.  I cannot find other words to describe it. LOL!

EJ and me in our own version of an Instagram logo with our props made the night before. 

I also met another new friend in the name of Lexir Roduta whos is a physician from the Philippines.  We happen to know a lot of common people and that includes my friend, Dr. Ryan Andal who is currently a Cardiology Fellow at Makati Medical Center. 

The best part of the day was winning the Best Float Award.  Thanks Lexir for the photo! We were all smiles.  We couldn't contain it!

I would like to thank Tita Lalaine and Tito Boy for inviting me in the festivities.  It was nice sharing my hidden talent in flower arrangement.  Thanks to the lovely couple Phil and Andrea for being so supportive in this whole adventure.  Thanks to all the new people I've met in Winnepeg! You guys are awesome!  

We will definitely do our best next year and win two more awards including the Best Booth!


Jogging at Ayala Triangle Garden

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With Honey's coercion I was able to jog at Ayala Triangle Gardens.  I actually thought of just sleeping and rolling in bed for the rest of the day.  It was a perfect holiday for me as I thought of how relaxing it was going to be.  But for some unknown reasons, I was able to pull myself out of bed and jog! The next thing I knew, I was already under the spell and the smell of freshly cut grass.

The best part of the experience is seeing some cute guys jogging.  You might even run into someone famous at the park because of its proximity to glamorous addresses. 

This is the BEFORE photo, no sweat yet!

And this is me looking drab but feeling awesome after the exercise!

I'd love to jog again soon.  Maybe you wanna join me?

Wooden Spoon at Power Plant Mall

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Last Sunday, I met up with my friends Mica and April for dinner at Powerplant Mall.  This was a planned meet-up months ago and was arranged by April's sister Ann, who happened to be in London.

Ann wanted us to meet up with her friend from London who was also bringing our gifts from her.  

From left to right are Mica, Me, April, Andres, Lani, and Kaye.  Ann set this all up.  

I was late so April and Mica has chosen the place already.  My cleavage kind of distracted so many people at the mall as it was a Sunday. 

It took us a while to make an order because we were too engrossed getting to know our new friends.

 You can't go wrong with Fiesta Rice (P145). 

Breaded Fish Fillet with Wansoy Sauce (Php 195)

For me, the best food discovery that night was Crab Pancit (Php 145) and the Adobo Flakes (Php 195)

The best kaldereta for me can only be found in Davao and they call it "bakareta" because its made with beef.  Surprisingly, this came very close to that.  Their kaldereta costs (Php 235). 

Binagoongan (Php 195)

All in all, the food was amazing. I would always want to come back and try their other dishes because although Sandy Daza claimed that its a Filipino fusion restaurant, it doesn't try so hard.  Sandy just made it better without losing the identity of the cuisine.  

When at Powerplant Mall, try Wooden Spoon or if you are near Katipunan Avenue you may visit them at Loyola Heights, Quezon City. 

For reservations at their Loyola Heights branch, call (+632) 426 0044 . Their Power Plant Branch is always full so I suggest that you go there earlier than the rest of the crowd at probably around 11:00 am for lunch. 

On the other hand, here are the pasalubongs I got from Ann. Thanks Lanie for bringing it! 

Soms Noodle House at Rockwell

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I've been in Manila for almost 7 years and I cannot recall eating at this place but I have heard about it from friends who studied at the Ateneo Law School.  I've also heard that Georgina Wilson and boyfriend Borgy Manotoc regularly eats here.  

Last Monday was one of the best days of my life as I've received my visa for Canada.  I couldn't feel more excited for this big move as better opportunities are coming my way.  

So when Honey and Jake, both my friends, thought of celebrating for this news, I suggested that we try Soms.  We actually checked out El Chupacabra too but unfortunately the place was full.  

This is how their menu looks like. 

Jake ordered beef stake, I ordered pork satay, and Honey ordered chicken wrapped in banana leaves.  I honestly forgot the name. I did not like the pork satay because it was too difficult to chew but I liked the chili sauce that goes with it.  My favorite was Jake's beef stake because it has the right amount of sweetness.  The best part of the dinner was their P20 rice and the food was not very expensive.  

Enjoy your meal is thaan aa-hăan hâi à-râwy ná in Thai! (ทาน อาหาร ให้ อร่อย นะ) 

Transgender Women: Andreja Pejic, BB Gandanghari, Rianne Barrameda

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I have always been fascinated with transgender women even before they were called that name.  The society I run around usually call them Lady Boys, Crossdressers, or just simply "Gay". 

Recently, someone from the transgender women community came out to tell her story.  I couldn't help but be amazed at how pretty she was.  She has been Jean Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacob's runway muse.  

After a little googling, I found out that she was discovered at McDonald's in Melbourne, Australia but she was originally from Bosnia.  Her name is Andreja Pejic but was born Andrej Pejic.  

Below are some of the photos I grabbed from her Instagram account @andrejapejic. 

She reminds me of Olivia Palermo in this photo. 

Flat-chested sexy. 

This is such a cute photo of her and her mother.

This was in one of her campaigns for Mode Creation Munich. 

I managed to scavenge from a Russian website a photo of Andreja Kissing an unknown guy.  

But in the local scene, the actor who used to be an action star in the Philippine movies also came out as gay and started dressing up like a girl.  She was born Rustom Padilla but declared her male self dead as her new identity BB Gandanghari was born.  

The handsome Rustom Padilla. 

The transformation as BB Gandanghari.  Got the photo from 

I even personally know someone from my hometown and would like to claim that we are cousins as she's really beautiful.  Noone will ever mistake her as a transgender woman unless she starts talking. 

Meet Rianne Barrameda born Crison Pagon.  She won Miss Amazing Philippines in 2007.  

Its very much in our genes.  I feel some gorgeousness in our bloodline. LOL!  Another photo I found on Google Images.  

There are many transgender women I look up to not because I want to be one but because I adore their strength in going through a tedious process of psychotherapy and hormone therapy prior to the surgery. 

I am very happy and proud of these transgender women.  May all the things they go through to be where they are be worth it.  

I'm sure it is. Definitely.