Wendy's at NAIA Terminal 3

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I was just so happy to find Wendy's at the airport (Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3) because the cue at Jollibee can be very exhausting.  I also hate falling in line for something I've already tasted or tried.  

There was a cue at Wendy's but I was second in it.  

I ordered Fish Fillet Combo Meal as I was not really very hungry but just thought of filling in my tummy with some food.  

This was gone in minutes as I was also excited to board my plane for Dumaguete. 

Safe flight to me! 

Fely J's Greenbelt + The Bayleaf Hotel Intramuros

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It was a bummer to be working on a Black Saturday but Dra. De Leoz - Panigbatan treated us to some sandwiches from Starbucks.  

The good thing about having to go on-duty on a holiday weekend is that there are less patients to care for.  My duty ended early and so I decided to meet up with my friend Joni Mae at Fely J's Greenbelt for lunch. 

Met Joni Mae's family and her Greek fiancé, Nikos.  So happy that they loved the food.  Its my first time here and I suggested that we eat at this restaurant.  Imagine the horror if the food was not great.  But thank God, everything went well.  

Everybody was happy with the sisig and the kamias shake.  

After lunch, we walked around Intramuros for a little bit of culture in this walled city in Manila. 

Below is the interior of the Manila Cathedral.  

Suddenly it all flashed back when this city was a major thoroughfare in the past.  

I got a very nice photo of the silhouette of the tower of the Manila Cathedral.  

My Greek and English friends were thirsty, they wanted to buy a beer while walking but to their dismay they were only offered water. 

San Agustin Church looks majestic from the outside. 

The wood carving on the door was meticulously done.  I could think how spiritual the people were during those times because they have dedicated their lives to such beauty. 

The interior of San Agustin Church was more spectacular with its intricate designs.  

Some more old buildings inside Intramuros.  

I managed to strike a pose on the walls of Intramuros.  You just have to be tolerant because the smell of pee is quite common.  

The Bayleaf Hotel has a very good view of the Intramuros golf course. 

We had to chill at The Bayleaf Hotel's 9 Spoons Restaurant because it was scorching hot outside.

The airconditioning system of the restaurant was so good I did not want to go out to the real world.  

These are our happy faces sipping some margarita, beer, and tequila.  

I am of no match to these afternoon alcoholics. But yes, I did try to catch up but still of no match.

While waiting for the famous Manila Bay Sunset at The Sky Deck View Bar of The Bayleaf Hotel.  

David was starting to feel the alcohol to kick-in and did this drunken pose. 

The wait was worth it. 

I highly recommend this place for some rest and relaxation especially if you have foreign guests because they get to experience the beauty and silhouettes of a city rich in culture and love.

Empanada Nation Makati

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We tried out this new eating place near Makati Medical Center.  Its actually just beside our favorite lunch place, My Tea House.  

Empanada Nation has been the talk of the workplace.  Everybody wants to know if the food was good and today is the perfect time to taste and critique the pride of Northern Luzon.  

To start with, I really like the design of the place and the lighting.  The place looks big considering that it only has a few square meters to establish an ambiance for eating.  


The seats were not very comfortable but thats the least of my concerns. 

Food was not the way I expected it to be.  

Look at the serving of Vigan longganisa. (Php 150)  

Bagnet Meal for Php 150.

I got the "sulit" meal which was supposed to mean "value for money" but I was not convinced.  

I'm really sorry but I am not going back for the food and I don't want to recommend it for lunch.  

Should I give it a chance? Maybe I will order an empanada instead? 

Let's see. Time will tell.  

New Lulu Restaurant in Makati

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Honey and I were famished as she just came out from a meeting and I just had my medical exam.

A day before, she has been raving about this newly opened restaurant near her workplace and being the supportive friend that I am, I said "Yes!" 

So we walked two blocks and found Lulu Restaurant.  Its newly opened and the design and feel of the whole place is wonderful.  The high ceiling was refreshing and the chairs were comfortable and chic.  

For our appetizer, we ordered Gambas (Php 350) and we couldn't stop praising it.  We love the sauce because it was not so spicy and the prawns were cooked perfectly.  We even ordered some more bread at an extra cost though. I told Honey that I will surely come back for this one.  

That's Honey trying to take a good photo of the food.  

They serve some real good Vermecelli or  noodle rice.

Honey ordered the Ultimate Pork Chop (Php 698) and I had a difficult time figuring out how her small frame can consume such a big slice of steak.  Of course, she did not finish it.   The steak-lover that she is, was overwhelmed.  She liked it but thought that the slice was too big you wouldn't even dare pounce at it.  

On the other side of the table is this Saffron and Turmeric Infused Organic Chicken (Php 550).  Honestly, I am not sure if I like but I did finish it because it was an expensive dish.  It tasted weird but it works well too.  I enjoyed its soft texture as you get the feeling that the chicken melts in your mouth but of course it doesn't.

Overall, we thought the food was good but it just was too expensive.  But of course taking into consideration that it was such a nice place to catch up and be fancy at least once in your life or in my case at least once a week or maybe twice.  I always like the good stuff anyway. 

We had to convince ourselves though that the price was right. Hahaha! And it was reasonable to splurge because it was payday. 

Hope you get to try it and let me know what you think about this place. 

For details, you cay contact: 

LULU Restaurant
G/F V. Corp. Tower 
L.P. Leviste Street, 
Salcedo Village 1200 
Makati City, Philippines

Do It Yourself (DIY) Golden Shoes

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When I went to Japan last August 2013, I had a whole lot of wardrobe waiting for me at the hotel the moment I arrived.  My Sweetie Pie ordered it months before the said trip and was just directly delivered to Prudential Residental Towers, our place of residence.  

But its not about the trip because this time, its about the shoes.  Sweetie Pie got this from Amazon and the brand name is Another Number by Lucius.  I've never really heard about the brand but I love the design and the color.  Its not so difficult to find trousers and shirts that will match its color. 

I wore it when we went to the sulfuric mountains near Mt. Fuji. 

Also wore it when went to Meiji Jingu Temple. 

Another #ootd or Outfit Of The day at the Imperial Palace grounds.

And of course, before coming back to the Philippines aboard Delta Airlines. 

After some time, I stopped using it because it was looking dirty and ugly.  I was really sad because it was my favorite and I've had some really nice memories with these pair of shoes.  

So I thought of redesigning it and bring it to a whole new level from drab to fab without breaking the bank. 

The materials you need for this project are the following: old shoes, gold dust (Php 165), and glue (Php 55).

This is how it looks like before the fairy sprinkled gold dust all over the place. 

Started spreading glue on the top part of the shoes to have a feel on how it will look like after the project. 

And voila! A new pair of golden dancing shoes. 

I'm wearing this at a friends wedding this weekend and I will make sure that I will get to post it soon on the blog. 

Go get some old shoes and turn it into a feast of gold fabuluscious! 

Subic Summer: Mini Weekend Getaway Day 2

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Its the start of our second day in Subic and we had no time to waste.  I grabbed my phone rightaway to take a photo of the morning sun. 

Its amazing how you can have the beach (Not swimmable though!), the mountains, and the city all in one place.  

Every vacation should start with a good breakfast and the hotel has the best one in town.  The girls were up early so we feasted on happy bacon strips and a lot of awesome breakfast food.  

Last night, I've been very excited to try the pool at the roofdeck of Terrace Hotel. And I am very giddy over the thought of having my whole hot and sexy body submerged in cold chlorinated (If they did put some!) water.  

The view was nice from the roofdeck with the palm trees giving an element of thrill since you can't see much of the shore. 

Had to strike my fierce pose for Instagram.  

Enjoyed my mango shake by the pool area.  I didn't like the color of th green cherry.  I'm used to having it in red. 

Then we went to the closest place to rent jetskis.  It was so warm we had to buy popsicle sticks.  

That's me and Baby Boy enjoying our jetski ride.  He did a great job on not going too fast.  Sweet! 

Tried this steak place before heading home to Manila. 

Before we devoured every food there is. 

It was soooo good considering that I am not a steak fan. 

Dropped by Baby Boy's place and of course his family prepared some more food we can't resist.  

Here's what we had for dinner. 

And the weekend ended just like that.  

Terrace Hotel is located at Waterfront Road CBD Area, Boardwalk, Subic Bay Freeport Zone.  You may contact them on this number (047) 250 2730 . 

Hope you get to try it too.  

Happy summer vacation!