Pink Panda: Southeast Asian Diner

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Fridays are worth looking forward for because its the day of the week where you just chill and think of happy thoughts! (Wow! Long intro!) Look at these cute little pandas lying down on these cutesy pink flowers. That's exactly how I feel on Fridays. 

To achieve that feel-good vibe on a Friday, we went to this restaurant named Pink Panda by the Celebrity Chef Erwan Heussaff along Makati Avenue. 

I was expecting for pink interiors.  (Seriously?) Yes! Pink interiors for Pink Panda. (Why not? Hahaha!).

The place was not drenched in pink but I love it.  I like its modern-industrial-gone-artsy look. My other friend told me that the ceiling looks unfinished! (This is from a friend who does not know Erwan Heussaff!) 

While waiting for our food, I recognized some TV personalities from the other table namely Aaron Atayde and Bom Gonzales.

Their table for God-knows-how-many.

Our table for two. 

I already have a new favorite - General P's Chicken! (Php 290) It is their version of the orange chicken but this time it has some dried chilis sprinkled with fried peanuts.  We thought it was very spicy but it wasn't so it turned out to be our new fave that night. 

This one is B & B's (Php 480) which probably stands for beef and broccoli.  Black Angus Ribeye Cubes cooked medium-rare was amazingly good and the stir-fried broccoli and mushrooms completed the whole satisfying experience.

The icing on top of tonights cake is seeing Erwan in the flesh!

Let's crop the girl and zoom in! 

Let me now serve you, the main course.  Chef du jour, himself! 

Erwan should've assured me that there were no pandas harmed to get this whole experience. (LOL!)

Some salakots and a bike hanging on the wall which we love! 

I am already thinking of coming back even before finishing my plate.  It was sooooo goood and according to our chef friend, the price was reasonable for the food.  Though I might argue that the steamed rice was very expensive at Php 60.  (I had to eat at least one cup!)

Nevertheless? I was a happy pink panda when I got out of the restaurant.  My friend, Honey, felt the same way by the looks of it.  

Pink Panda is the in-house restaurant of Y2 Residence Hotel located at 4687 Santiago St. corner B. Valdez & Singian Sts., Makati City, Philippines.  

For reservations, contact the following:

Phone:+632 224-3000 loc 3057

Alamat Ng Sayote Cartoon

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Chelsea Market and Cafe in Serendra

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While going around Serendra and looking for a place to have dinner, I suddenly noticed Chelsea.  I've been to Larry's abs Saboten already so I thought of trying out something new.

I've been passing by Chelsea for sometime now and I wanted to check if its true what my friend said about this place as pricey and not-so-good.  

To start with, here's how it looks from the outside.  I like how its high ceiling makes the place look bigger than how it actually is.   You'll feel that there's not too much oxygen being shared among the other diners. 

Chelsea Greek Panko Crusted Feta Cheese (Php 350.00) for starters.  I actually thought the crusted feta cheese was breaded fish fillet.  The dressing was so good it did not taste like vegetables. 

I love shrimps so it was no surprise that I ordered Prawn Gambas in Chorizo-Parsley Butter (Php 495).  

Crisp Citrus-Rosemary Roasted Pork Belly (Php 495.00) was a killer! 

Char-Grilled New Zealand Lamb Ribs (Php 695.00) for the win! 

Slow-Cooked Herbed Norwegian Salmon (Php 495.00) to drive the guilt away.  

You think I ate too much? Naaaah! Eating is a pleasure I am not very guilty of until the day I weigh myself. 

For reservations at the Serendra Branch, please call these numbers: 

Mr. Jones at Greenbelt 5

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We've been going around Greenbelt for most of the afternoon, so it came to the point of exhaustion considering that I was not really shopping.  I was just helping a friend decide on whether to buy this Tory Burch tote made of Saffiano leather in pink.  

Here's a photo of my friend having her moment with the said bag. 

While we were trying to distract her from
buying the bag, we went around the mall to look for a place to eat and found  Mr. Jones.  

I was not as hungry but I thought of treating myself to something oily so I flipped through the Mr. Jones' Best Selling Overloads Corner of the menu.  I was so giddy as I picked Chicken Tocino (Php 320) served with two eggs any style, garlic rice, atchara and spicy vinegar.   

Honey ordered Jone's Famous U.S. Ribcap Tapa (Php 320) and shared it with our very distressed friend Kristine.  

We talked about all things under the sun and some remnants of our not-so-distant past.  We shared secrets the way girlfriends should and promised to seal it with a pinky swear. Seriously felt like high school again. 

I was wrong in thinking that our friend, Kristine, forgot the bag because after dinner we went back to the Tory Burch store thrice and had some more episodes of sweaty palms and palpitations.  I was quite amazed at the sight of a real shoppaholic.

She was very thankful to Honey at the end of day for not supporting her impulsiveness  because as Honey puts it, she has Balenciagas and Givenchys that have been used for only a few times only.  An addition to her stock of unused bags in her closet was not necesarry.

The food at Mr. Jones was good but not exceptional considering its price.  So on my next visit, maybe we'll try some other dish.  

Namnam + Burger Bar

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If you have seen my previous posts, I think I made it clear that Namnam is on my favorite-places list in Greenbelt, Makati.  First, the food is good. Second, its not very expensive (Php 300 - 500). Third and I think the main reason for why we keep coming back - the friendliest and the most accomodating staff.  

So whenever friends come over for an overnight stay in Manila, I always bring them here which probably makes me the stockholder of this place. 

L-R: Honey, Elyn, VitoriVita, Kristine

Say "hello" to the Loaded Tex-Mex Ground Beef Nachos (Php 300).  Tip is you have to eat it right away because the nachos can become soft in less than an hour.  I could blame the tomato sauce poured generously on it but of course I know that without it these chips won't be as good.

After a little chitchat, we went to Resorts World Manila to watch Bride for Rent.  That night we couldn't stoop drooling errrr admiring Xian Lim!  Soooo adorable. 

We love you Xian! 

Sentro 1771 in Serendra

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Whenever friends visit me here in Manila, I always find it challenging to choose the right restaurant that matches their overly fastidious taste in food.  

A good way to narrow down the choices is to ask what kind of dish your visitor wants - Filipino, American, Italian, French, or fusion.  

So imagine my happiness when my visitor wanted something Filipino and we were at Serendra.  I immediately suggested Sentro 1771.  

Tables are quite close to each other so you might have to tone down your intimate conversations. 

I ordered Boneless Crispy Trotter which is a deboned crispy pata.  It is now my personal favorite for only Php 620 ( US$ 15).  

To neutralize all the cholesterol in that crispy pata, we ordered Adobong Kangkong (Php 90 = US $2.25) which is water spinach cooked in garlic, soy sauce, and vinegar.  

We ordered some Corned Beef Sinigang, to complete the meal and it was really good considering that I have always preferred fried than something soupy. 

When looking for something Filipino and you're around Serendra, try Sentro 1771! 

For reservations you can call 

Sentro 1771 is located at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.  

Chinese New Year 2014 at Sofitel Manila

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I have always dreamt of a Sofitel experience.  I like the way it sounds for some unknown reason. Can you imagine my excited face when a friend invited me to Sofitel for free? 

On my way there, I already had these poses inside my head.  

That's me modeling this Phillip Lim Pashli Bag.... The color reminds me that summer's almost here.... ☺️

I am not a fan of their room though.  I find it a bit old but yes its livable.  There's a need to repaint the chairs.  

This is the working table and I am digging their lamp! 

At the poolside, I ordered Sofitel's signature cocktail which is the Thousand Island Drink.  I'd still go for a mango shake though.  Still went well with my kindle before I started feeling sluggish and sleepy.  

I almost forgot that it was Chinese New Year and had to be reminded by the Wooden Horse! I think its so Vreeland and a little bit creepy according to a friend.  I think the concept is cute though.  Very high fashion.  

Spare me Spirals because I am calorie-counting these days. 

I can stay here for free but I am still choosing Solaire if I am paying for it because its cleaner.  The way to Sofitel
along Macapagal was creepy because it was too dark and the government has to take notice.

On a lighter note, kudos to our servers who really went out of their way to smile at us and charge my phone.  iPhone's can be quite a bummer when it comes to battery life. Some simple things can't go unnoticed.

Special thanks to my friend Elyn aka Boom Sasoon for the experience.