The Things I Do For Work

Posted on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 | 6 comments

2am and I am still doing my best to iron my work clothes...

There are times when I lack sleep because I went out the night before my duty day but I always make sure that I'll function extra-ordinarily well on my duty day. I dont want to sacrifice the level of care that I could offer to my patients.

Vitori Vita in his work clothes!

Kanin Club @ Ayala Triangle Gardens

Posted on Saturday, March 26, 2011 | 6 comments

Jen, Techya, Drew, Kara, and Vitori Vita
While waiting for our Crispy Dinuguan. we tried to pose for the camera. I am quite good in documenting everything unless I am not lazy. We looked good even if we were empty-bellied.

VIP and non-VIP patients can be quite toxic at times... Sometimes they ask you to read the news aloud, sometimes they spit on you, sometimes they just dont want you around no matter how hard you try to sing a German song for them... Not that I am complaining... This is all for the sake of catharsis...

But no matter how toxic they are, you know what they are going through... All that anxiety of not knowing how the experience will be after a certain procedure has to be considered... So to relieve them from that anxiety you engage in petty talk... Sometimes it gets nonsense... But who cares? As long as you know that they are beginning to accept you as their nurse is already a big thing....

In the course of that petty talk, I asked a VIP patient on what restaurant will she recommend. I told her that my visitor is a friend from the US and is just going to have a 2-week vacation here in the Philippines. She suggested Kanin Club at Ayala Triangle Gardens.

So the moment I met up with my friend at her Fairways Tower condo, I brought them to Kanin Club. I had to make sure that we order what has been recommended. What was recommended on the Philippine Daily Inquirer article was the Crispy Dinuguan... It was so good... I am not a big fan of dinuguan but now I am a convert. I just need to make sure that I dont eat much of it because too much of it is really bad. Too much of everything is very bad in general. Right?

We ate our lunch away at Kanin Club and laughed our hearts out as we tried to catch up on each others lives. We missed each other so much and the best way to catch up was to have great food on the table.

Kanin Club serves extraordinary Filipino dishes that are not too expensive given that the serving was quite sizeable. On a Sunday, I think it is always better to go there early or make a reservation because a lot of people eat there. We were just so lucky that when we arrived a family was about to leave.

Although, it took us some time to order it was worth it. The wait was bearable though because the drinks were so tasty. We all went out at Kanin Club with happy tummies and thought of not eating dinner after that Brobdingnagian meal.

We looked calm on the photo but at the back of our minds, we just wanna eat...
"Kuya please take the photo faster coz we are dead hungry!"

New Coach Shoes!!!!

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Remember Kara? She gave me these new Coach shoes... Its so cool! But I still dint find the perfect bag and belt to go with it. But I already have a top and a pair of shorts to complete the ensemble. Will surely post a photo of myself as soon as I get to wear it.

I am so loving Coach and Kara... =) Any suggestions on what I'd give a friend who has everything that she wants? =)

A Night At Kitchen Greenbelt 3

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Oh my gosh! I know its a crime... I wore the same clothes... I forgot... I was with different people anyway... =)

The best shake I ever had... It was not so expensive... A glass costs 80 bucks... But Im not sure... I cant even remember if this was watermelon or pomelo but the taste stayed in my mouth... It was so good... Trust me! =)

I ordered Pork Barrel to satisfy my voracious carnivore appetite. It was served with fruit salsa, sweet and sour sauce. Surely a nice way to end the week.

I also ate Roll Up Your Sleaves (tuna alfalfa sandwich roll) and it was so good. Good food always amazes me.

I like the place because the interiors are really good. Its effortlessly chic and simple. It felt as if we were just having our group study with the menu that looked like a notebook.

The waiters though are not very friendly. They seem rude. They dont smile. But I was thankful because they found my lighter and they returned it to me.

Food: 5 over 5

Ambiance: 4 over 5

Drinks: 5 over 5

Water: Trust me... It has healing powers... 5 over 5

Restroom: 4 over 5 because it was a bit small... =) plus size people will find it difficult to use the restroom.

Blast From The Past

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A studio pic before we went to my dorm ball... I was a head-turner because she was my partner... But that dint hurt... =)) HAHAHA!

Oh my gosh! Who would have thought that I looked that way before? I stopped looking back because I thought I am the better version of myself right now.

Kara, the girl in this photo, was my best friend since first year college. In high school, I had a crush on her but eventually we became super close friends after realizing that I'm not straight. We had our adventures and misadventures and they were all splendid. One of my most treasured memory of us was when I smoked my first cig with her at San Moritz (a secluded resort in our hometown) and we dint want to be seen because we'd feel naked if people will see us. Of course, that does not apply now because we are adults now and we are free to publicly nebulize and not mind if people will see us.

This photo was so timely because she'll be arriving tomorrow. As of this writing, she's still in China and she posted on Facebook that she'll be stranded. So I wouldn't know what time she'll arrive here in Manila. So I am still praying for her safe arrival given all these tsunamis and earthquake scare.

Of course, I wouldnt want to leave you with the photo above.... This is the better version of us... =)

A recent photo of us during Kara's vacation... More photos the moment she declares touchdown here in Manila tomorrow! I am so excited... =)

The King's Speech Review

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Thanks to Sir Duds and some boring moments at work, we ran out of things to talk about so he started talking about his movie marathon over the weekend. He mentioned that he watched The King's Speech which won an Oscar this year. So anyway, I borrowed it even if I kinda felt that I might get bored or worst not understand the story. HAHAHA!

I just finished watching it and I almost cried. I was moved. Worthy of an Oscar! PROMISE!

Tama talaga sila. With perseverance we can all be who we want to be.

Rating: 10/10

Free Writing Activity

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Dinner with my Franceska Fusco at Krazy Garlik Greenebelt... HAHAHA! =)) I missed her so much. She has always been a breath of fresh air. I hope she get what she want the moment her flight declares a touchdown in Dumaguete.

I dont know where to start since a lot of things happened while I was away. The highlights were -GJ getting a very hot date and my night with Franceska.

I dint wanna write about Ivan's visit here in Manila because he is still coming back. I might as well collate everything and just post it once. I am just so tamad these days. Actually, I am not able to prioritize things. I am busy not being myself. Doing the things that are not important and I just hate myself for that.

And by the way, I think that having lots of friends is not good at all. If you come to think of it, I feel the pressure to be with them. I dont know. That's the pleaser in me. I just hate disappointing my friends and in doing so, I think I still disappoint them. I am not able to meet their expectations. I am not able to giveback what they have given me. Tuloy, they might think that I am just using them. I dont want to think about it. I am just thinking too much. I have to think of myself this time. I have to make sure that I am in good shape before I check on other people.

By the way, I was late this morning. 30 minutes late for my duty. I dint like the feeling. I was so guilty. Good thing Sir Ardy was the only senior on-duty for the day. He is quite forgiving when it comes to those things. But I just dont want to abuse the kindness

Mam Potts also showed me my performance evaluation for the work I've done during my probation period and they were happy to announce that I was endorsed for regularization. Of course I was happy! I was very happy that I did not bother to read what other things they were taking in that evaluation form. All I care is my regularization and I dint mind the details.

I also encountered a patient who was so afraid of our machines that she asked me to stay with her as the procedure was on-going. And the catch was I had to read aloud some of the news on the paper. One of the things that I love doing - Reading aloud! HAHAHA!!! I was happy because she appreciated it a lot. I had to ask her too on what restaurant in the metro will she recommend and she suggested Kanin Club. I have not gone there so Kara and I might check it out this coming weekend. Accroding to my patient, the restaurant is in the Ayala Triangle. I dont know where that is but I will definitely find it just like what I did yesterday.

I had to walk from the hospital to Evekal Building because I had to meet up with Franceska. She's here to follow up her papers for Canada. It was a bit toxic looking for the building but with the help of some nice people in Makati and an exceptional common sense, I was able to get to the reach my desitnation with complete limbs. What can you expect? Franceska and I were shouting outside the building. I was just too happy to see her. I have not seen her for the longest time. In that building was Jane Iredale's Skin Care Make-Up Store and we couldnt leave the place without trying it on. It was the best. I love the texture of the make-up. It was not too heavy on the face. Then Frances and I went to Greenbelt where we invaded the place and just walked like crazy. But it was sad because time flew faster that it usually does when I am bored. I had to bid Franceska goobdbye. But we had plans of going to Boracay in December. I hope we'll be able to do it finally.

While I was bonding with Franceska, the lady in yellow, that's GJ was on her way to Sofitel to fetch Joaquin. They're going to check out Republiq. I wanted to go with them but it just was not possible. I have work the next day and going to Republiq was too much to ask for. Republiq can wait while Nuclear Medicine cant and wont at the same time.

Sorry! This post was mainly because I had so many things in mind that I just wanna write everything and squeeze it all in one post. You can consider this as a free writing activity - anything goes! =)