Divergent Mania Hits Manila

Posted on Sunday, March 23, 2014 | 0 comments
For the past months I have been raving about Veronica Roth's Divergent Series because I was among the first few who finished reading it with my Kindle Fire. (Do I really have to say that? LOL!)  Some of my friends laughed at me because I seem to have regressed from 29 going 13 for reading something a teenager would be swooning over. But it did not matter because it was entertaining and not all books are. Right? 

Yesterday, we watched its film adaptation from the same studio that brought us Hunger Games and it did not disappoint at all.  Guessing from how my seatmates (readers and non-readers of the book) reacted to each scene, I knew that they enjoyed every minute of it.  And I love knowing that.

Below are the descriptions of the 5 factions to give you an idea about the movie. 

I realized that I might be divergent too because I am a little bit of Amity and Erudite.

And on my way home from work today, I saw some Dauntless at work. 

Some philosophies of the Divergent series are quite inclined to tones of bisexualism but that's quite deep of an insight.  I'd rather stick to the idea that we cannot be encapsulated in just one virtue. We are humans and we are capable of being selfless, honest, fierce, intelligent and kind all at one time.  

Right now, I am still reading Allegiant and I am excited to finish it so I can read Divergent again. Talk about some level of addiction huh? 

I cannot stop thinking that Tobias looks like this when all the while I set a limit on his level of attractiveness in my imagination. Damn me. He's so hot! 

Spätzle Euro Market Cafe

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Its quite rare that we get explore the other side of culinary adventures that Ortigas area offers here in Metro Manila.

It was a coincidence that my friend, Jake asked us to accompany him to Shangri-la Mall because he wants to buy a luggage from The Travel Club.  

We all know that Shang (Short for Shangri-la Mall) can be a very difficult place to look for stores if you are new in the area or if you rarely visit this mall.  I noticed that there were less roving guards around the mall to ask for directions so you will have to figure things out on your own.

I love their interior design.  Felt like I was in Europe or Germany at that. 

I adore their lights. 

I also love this healthy drink.  Its sparkling water with so many citrus stuff in it. 

Weekend Roas Pork Belly was very good and full of cholesterol.  But I will never be guilty of it because it was soooo good. 

I forgot about this forgetable dish.  So please don't order this.  Nothing special about it.  

There goes the whole culinary experience.  Let me know if you get to taste other dishes.  I'm sure there are others worth trying too. 

Next time, I will order spätzle. My cousin got so mad I did not order it.  I told her there's always a next time.  

See yah in our next culinary adventures.  I really like typing that - culinary adventures! Yum! 

Tha Happy Habit

Posted on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 | 2 comments
I've been posting some really nice slogans on Instagram to brighten up the lives of my friends from all over the world.  And today, I thought of the hashtag #happyhabit inspired by the #100happydays campaign.  

Here are some of my good vibe textgrams that encourages optimism and positive attitudes. 

Let's give Pinterest a pat on the back for these photos are from there.

Stay positive and keep the #happyhabit! 

Family Mart Is Love

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After an appointment with my dentist at Smile Studio by Dra. Gael Bissdorf, we decided to have some snacks at Family Mart conveniently located at the Ground Floor of 500 Shaw Zentrum.  

Though I've never tried this when I had my 9-day vacation in Tokyo, I just find this place very relaxing and fresh.  This will give Mini Stop and 7Eleven a run for their money.  

I like how they have comfortable copper colored chairs. 

They have spacious aisles.  Our little baby loves it!

They have friendly staff. 

I really find this place clutter-free and with its better ventilation you won't smell like fried whatevers when you get out of the store.

According to WikiPedia, FamilyMart was launched in the Philippines on April 7, 2013 under the ownership of Ayala Corporation, Rustan's Group and Itochu.  Its first Philippine branch, opened on April 22, 2013, is located at the Glorietta 3 mall in Makati.

These stores have been sprouting around the metro like mushrooms.  So I wouldn't be surprised if you see it close to your homes.  Late night cravings of green tea ice cream will surely be fuss-free.  

Vhong Is Back On Showtime

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I'm sure it has been very difficult for Vhong bouncing back from his one-month hiatus on Showtime.  

So as soon as he came out, he thanked everyone who supported him all throughout this ordeal.  All tears on the show! 

I never had a crush on him but everytime he dances it just feels right.  Of course, I am sure that he has learned his lessons on cheating the hard way.  

Welcome back, Vhong! 

Draft Gastropub - Bonifacio Global City

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Jonj and I picked up our friend Rey at NAIA Terminal 1 who flew Business Class with Cathay Pacific and still complained about how horrible the flight was.  He lost his luggage in Dubai, his stopover from Kabul.  Its interesting to know that he works for the US Military as an IT guy.  

Rey and I were best friends when we were in First Grade.  I was straight and he was know as Simoen back then. I have always joked that he could've been my first boyfriend had he not left for the States as soon as the school year ended.  

Catching up with someone who you haven't met for ages can be quite challenging.  I had no idea what he wants  and what he doesn't so it was great that our friend Elyn has been in touch with him.  Jonj was also a very good conversationalist so the dead airs where quite filled in.  There was no dull moment except that some Filipino jokes weren't really meant to be translated to English. Right? 

We were famished the moment we reached Draft.  The waiters were very attentive though and gave us our seats rightaway and took our orders.  The bad thing was it took a little while before the food was served and they didn't tell us how long we'll have to wait.  

Jonj ordered Roast Salmon (Php 450) and we thought it was such a serious food for a hipster like her.  

I know I wouldn't get washboard abs like Jonj because I always eat very oily dishes.  I got Fish and Frites (Php 355) after exercising for an hour at Ayala Triangle Gardens and of course I'm such a plastic if I'd say I did not feel guilty after.  I even had two glasses of 250ml Hoegaarden.   

It was my first time to hang out with Jonj and Rey here in Manila and I was very happy we got along so well especially with the whole English language thing between us.

To sum it up, our conversations were a good mix of shallow and deep topics like how politicians in the government seem to get away with anything, the use of a crop top and high-waist skirt, and most importantly the life of a hipster.  

Another good night for an intact sanity.