Red Mango Fridays with a Fashion Design Student & a Tired Nurse

Posted on Sunday, July 25, 2010 | 2 comments
"Red Mango Greenbelt"

I was surprised to receive a text message from Dursky - a friend from Dumaguete who is here in Manila to study at the School of Fashion and Arts (SoFA). He was in Greenbelt waiting for me. I did not know we had plans of meeting up. Well, he mentioned that in the past but I was just caught off-guard. I was on-duty but I was not really doing anything anymore because there were no more patients. They have all flown because its a Friday.

I panicked because I thought that Dursky was alone at Greenbelt. I never liked being alone. So I thought, I don't want him to be alone there too.


Took the FX from MakatiMed to Greenbelt and went directly to Powerbooks because he was there waiting. Then we went around Greenbelt in my white nursing uniform because I did not come prepared while he was in preppy clothes with a Vuitton at hand. I realized that I did not want Coffee Bean because I was there last week so I decided to bring Dursky at Red Mango. He got some frozen yogurt while I got my Cafe Americano which was so bitter that I had to ask the lady to bring two sachets of sugar and creamer. She was so nice to give me what I wanted. And so Dursky and I started catching-up.

All the while I thought he just arrived from Dumaguete but the truth was, he has been here in Manila for two months. He received a scholarship from SoFa for a year of their diploma degree. I have always believed that he has the potentials in becoming the next big fashion designer in the Philippines. I have seen his sketches in college and I saw his creations and they were good- very innovative and artistic. His talents are boundless and that will take him to greater heights.

Terj, the tired nurse came grumbling about his job and I did not know what to do with him anymore. He is my designated "melodramatic" friend but for the past weeks he has been very sparkling and sunny except for today where he has with him his payslip.

The fashion-design student, the tired nurse, and I had dinner and coffee. After realizing that its already nine thirty in the evening, we hurriedly went home and walked to our designated jump-off points.

It was a happy night and you can find all the synonyms of the word to describe how we were that night.

Photo Credits: Red Mango by Call Center Confidential

A Date with Lhei Ann

Posted on Sunday, July 18, 2010 | 0 comments

As soon as the clocked ticked digitally at 4:00 PM, I hurriedly changed clothes from all white to all Noynoy - that is all yellow and jaundiced. Lhei Ann and I are meeting up for a little bit of catching-up over coffee at Coffee Bean Trinoma because the last time I saw her was January of last year before she left for Doha, Qatar which means that a lot of things have happened while she was away. I don't know how it happened but we got too hooked on work or the lack of it that's why we decided to stop communicating but the friendship never did.

I met her in my IELTS review class at California English, right in front of the Philippine General Hospital. We were both friendly, so we became friends. Laughs.

Anyway, she loves Doha because with the money she's earning she gets to buy the things she wants. Blackberries and iPhones are all over the place - she has an LG phone to be unique. Their malls are quiet compared to Trinoma and it has a hotel-feel. I cannot help but ask about the beaches there and she told me that you can go nude as long as you are in the hotel.

Sadly, our nice conversation was cut-short because we both need to go home. And we forgot to take pictures of the meet-up because we were too engrossed with our White Chocolate Ice Blended Coffee and our in-depth conversations. That means, I need to wait for another year before I see her and have a picture with her.