Seven Dangers to Human Virtue

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♥ Wealth without work

Good thing? I have work and I'm not really wealthy... So hindi ako masyadong guilty sa part na to... I worked hard on what I have... Diba? Bongga! Masyado akong guilty.... HAHAHA!

Pleasure without conscience
Dito ako tinamaan... Although yah... I do have a conscience... Sometimes I just like being bad and I am perfectly good at it. LOL!

Knowledge without character

Di ako affected! Self-rigteous talaga noh?

Business without ethics

Just yesterday, someone from work invited me for USANA... I have seen some of pictures of friends using this product and I was really interested. But then, I am just reluctant with the amount of money that I am supposed to shell out. Good thing they kinda gave me another option of just doing retail but I need to learn the business. I think networking is not bad but yah... Nobody ever became so rich with networking... I might have to tell the person who recruited me that I am not interested. I easily get giddy with new things and I dont wanna be "paasa". I can give retailing a try anyway sans the networking.

Science without humanity

In fairness, mabait ako sa mga patients ko. Even when my patients are irritable, always try my best to make friends with them... Rapport kung rapport! =)

Religion without sacrifice

No comment ako dito... I am not in the best position to evaluate myself because feeling ko kulang talaga ako sa part na to. I dont even get to go to church regularly on a Sunday. Minsan kasi tinatamad ako and its not an excuse I know... Kaya gusto ko talaga mag-pass sa aspect na to.. =) But I believe in God... Intact naman ang religious beliefs ko kahit na may mga nami-meet akong atheists.

Politics without principle

Hmp! Kaloka ang current situation ng country natin. Consider me apathetic but I'll just let the Senator Judges give their decision on Chief Justice Corona. I don't know who to believe. Ayoko maging judgmental... Bad din daw yun!


Actually, I just saw the list on one of my friends Facebook account. It made me look into myself and helped me decide whether I should go out partying tonight or not. Well? I am not going out tonight that's a promise. Hope I won't break it.

Anyway, I hope you get to evaluate yourselves too... Its worth the reflection... Trust me! =)

Sotillo - Landsiedel Nuptials

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Love is when reality is better than your dreams and I can see... Joan and Stefano are very much awake... =) Thus, very much in love!

The very much in-love couple, Joan and Stefan..

I met Joanna through Gj. They're classmates in Goethe-Institut Makati.

When I first met Joan, she was kinda shy. Super tahimik nya. Sya ang perfect example ng a woman with few words. Super shy girl but she laughs at my jokes which is a good sign.

Joan and Stefan have been together for some time... As far as I can remember, they've been together for 8 years but they were away from each other most of the time. However, it did not stop the love from growing... So I'd say distance is not a hindrance... =)

Last January 8, they tied the knot through a civil wedding that I was not able to attend because of work. But I made it a point to drop by at their buffet dinner at Dads Kamayan in Glorietta.

I enjoyed the food so much even though I was very late. I think that they have more food choices compared to YakiMix.

I finally met Stefan in person and he was like the bigger version of their kid David Kristoff.

Had a good laugh over food and wine.

Best wishes to Joanna and Stefano! Keep loving.... Cheers!

Twenty Twelve Part 2

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The ViVi pose at Smile Studio by Dra. Gael Bissdorf... =)

On the second day of my antibiotic therapy, I felt better. My tonsils were less painful and swallowing was not much of a burden anymore but I was still having fever. The next thing I knew? I was in the restroom trying to poo my heart out. Damn! I was having a difficult time defecating. Sorry guys.. You can skip reading this part because this is grose. But I had to move heaven and earth to do what I usually do with ease. But thank God... I managed to let it out.... I was the happiest person alive after getting out of that situation... So since I felt better already... I went to my cousins place as staying at home for some time made me a little more sick than better.... So I thought that seeing other people would be the best idea to refresh my mind. I need to see a different wall... =)

On the third day, I realized that I forgot my Zithromax at home and going home to get it would be impractical and it may also take much of my time. So instead, I bought a generic medication from Generika... I actually thought they have what I wanted.. I want the real Zithromax. However, I was too lazy to go to Mercury Drug to buy it... So instead I settled with the generic Azithromycin.... If I buy the Zithromax.... It costs Php 180 while its generic counterpart costs Php 100 per tablet. Which lead to my conclusion that we can start taking a branded medication and then finish the antibiotic therapy with its generic counterpart.

Next stop on my third day of sick leave was a visit to my dentist, Dra. Gael Jelica Bissdorf. The moment I woke up, I was already complaining to Linda that my head kinda hurts. I think that was referred pain from my tooth but I couldn't care less anymore. It was bothering me. So instead of going home that day, I went to my dentist to have my teeth cleaned and repaired whatever it is she wants to do with it. Dang! She had a difficult time with the anesthesia because it wasnt working on me. It made me recall my last intake of alcohol and I knew that it was about 4 days ago. I am so sure it has been flushed from my system already. Once I was done with my appointment, I think the 6 ampules of Lidocaine that she injected just took effect which was useless because the clinic has to close at 9pm. I moved on with the rest of the night by heading to Republiq as my friends and I wanted to "salubong" my birthday there.

It was Trisha's idea that we "salubong" my birthday. Salubong is celebrating the birthday like its the new year... I was there in my shiny red shoes. I wore a purple cardigan and a lime green shirt... I felt fab that night amidst the anesthesia on my face which we fondly call Botox! Dinner at Cafe Republiq, while they feasted on their food I drank water. When we got inside Republiq, we perked the night up with Jagger Bombs. The whole time I thought it was Jagger Bull... =) Jagger Bombs are 1 part Jaggermeister and 1 part red bull... I am used to mixing it in the glass first then gulp... But they wanted me to drink it as is in one gulp.... I was pressured! So I drank 3 glasses! =) Purrrfect!!!

That night I met a super cute medicine student in the name of Kevin Giller. He claims that he doesnt go to parties a lot but I was surprised because he happens to know a lot of people at Republiq on our way out. I searched for him on Facebook and yes I added him and at this very moment he has not confirmed my friend request. HAHAHA! =) We ended the night with some soup at Shakey's and head to Trisha's apartment for a night's rest.

My birthday leave was granted to make sure that I get the 4 days of rest. I spent my morning sleeping until I realized that I had to renew my professional license. Linda and I met up at PRC because she also needed to get some documents for GJ, the other Bissdorf sister. It was a very tiring process for both of us as I was also complaining that my shoes is hurting some parts of my feet and we had to go to different windows. But we managed to wrap the afternoon up with some Japanese food from Tokyo Tokyo and bought some freshly-minted rubber slippers near the area for a more comfortable commuting going home.

As soon as we got home, I couldn't help but feel super tired and I got emotional. I kinda told myself that I did not feel my birthday. I almost thought that the day went bunks. But I realized that it doesnt really matter. What bothered me most was the fact that I was not able to go to church.

Since I have not blown a candle yet since the day started. I asked Gj to buy some cake at Starbucks. She arrived just before the day ended. Wish granted! I got my cake and I was able to blow and think of a wish! Purrfect!

It was a so-so birthday but I was more than happy to know that there are people who love me. And that's the most important thing for now.

Twenty Twelve Part 1

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Hello 2012!!!

Happy New Year guys! =) How's your 2012 so far? Is it driving you mad already?

I don't know what happened to starting my 2012 right. It could be the fact that I did not really end my year right by drinking plenty of water after eating too much chocolates. So the way I see it? I have contributed to its not-so-healthy start. But as they say, some events are just too difficult to control and some are just inevitable.

On the first day of the year, I got my most dreaded tonsillitis and I started to feel cold in the evening and it was so damn difficult to swallow food. The last time I had this was early last year and it wasn't a very pleasant experience because the medications were very expensive. That time, I did not have the privilege of getting free medications from the hospital pharmacy because I was not yet a regular employee.

So although I had a difficult time sleeping the whole night, I still went to MakatiMed to have myself checked and yah! I was right... My tonsils were inflamed. I noticed that my tonsillar lymph nodes were very palpable. Well, the good news is I am not getting a tonsillectomy soon because I haven't had such sickness in the past few months. Its the least of my wishes for 2012.

I forgot the name of the doctor who checked me up but I knew she knew what she was doing. She prescribed some Paracetamol for the fever, Zithromax for the infection and the exudates, and Bacticide gargle to free my mouth from all the bacteria that might cause more infection. She also gave me 3 days of sick leave which means that I am not going to work on the first day of the year.

To be continued....

Mikael Daez Can Write

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Mikael Daez in a very awkward pose... LOL! But still cute...

Days ago, I read an article written by Mikael Daez. He was thanking everyone who helped him get through showbusiness in 2011 and I was surprised. He can actually write. He might not be the best but I thought that it was just amazing that he is more than a pretty face.

I also found out that he has a blog. So you might want to check it out too. To view his blog, click here. I just made my first comment on his blog earlier... Talking about being a big fan... =) HAHAHA!