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I purchased a Destiny's Child cassette tape in Lee Plaza (a humble mall in Dumaguete...) and I felt so cool after that.... HAHAHAHA!

I have always been a fan of Beyonce even when she was still with Destiny's Child. Or it is safe to say that I came to love her because of the girl group.

I remember memorizing every song that they release on MTV.

I once had a cassette tape of the girl group, bought magazines and went to their official website on a regular basis. And instead of studying for my classes on weekends, I always look forward to seeing their videos so I can gyrate and dance with it.

They were the next group that I liked after the breakup of the Spice Girls.

At some point in my life, I also wanted a DC doll.... HAHAHA!

The kind of music that I liked was shaped by both girl groups -Spice Girls and RnB. Sadly, its hard to sing their songs in karaoke. HAHAHA!!! 2 become 1 is too sexy for my uncles and I cant just sing the song when I am in front of them. I also cant sing Say My Name because even though I have mastered the whole song, it leaves me gasping for air., which could be attributed to my smoking.

If you are looking for a point, then sorry I dont have a point. I just like Beyonce and Spice Girls

I just made this post because I've read an article on Yahoo that says "Beyonce's father denies stealing from her" and I was alarmed because I kinda saw how his father guided her all throughout her music career. Tina, B's mother, made all her dresses while Matthew, B's father, made all decisions on her career.

The recent decision of Beyonce not to get her father was quite surprising. You see, when you are so rich and famous, your relationships with other people just get intrigues. I hope they'll get through with this.

More power to Beyonce! You have all my love coz we run the world!

They look so stylishly floral in this photo... And we'll end here so you'll get over that I wanted their dolls too... HAHAHA!


Nimmy said...

It's the price to pay. XOXO GossipGirl


Jamie said...

haha you're one fanatic arentcha?

Vitori Thinks said...

@nimmy: hahaha! =)) oo nga... ganun siguro talaga.... =) kaya ayoko na sumikat Nims... =)

@jaime: lol! i think i am.... how funny.... =)

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