My Chinese Horoscope says that...

Posted on Friday, February 4, 2011 |
I am active, intelligent, and alert to new opportunities.

♥ I may be active but not in the most common ways. I am usually active when the activity is new and when I know I'll gain something from it.

You are pleasant, bright and know how to adapt in unexpected circumstances.

♥ Pleasant was the exact description of my patient on me and I love hearing it. When I hear those things, my heart overflows with joy. I know I am bright because even our high school valedictorian thinks that I am witty and in unexpected circumstances I tend to emerge victorious. But I dont want to take all the credits because God was there the whole time.

In your career, you are a smart and careful worker, best suited to jobs with element of competition rather than diplomacy.

♥ I dont really know if I enjoy competition because I hate losing. I have the tendency to work hard on that goal though. I enjoy doing things slowly but surely. I have to be a careful worker given that my job entails saving and caring for people from different walks of life.

On the other hand, Rats are very manipulative and selfish.

♥ I admit. I enjoy receiving than giving. I always want to feel special. I manipulate people through my charm and I think I excelled in it because I have manipulative friends too.

You can be impatient with those less confident than you.

♥ I agree because I dont know why other people are not confident with themselves. I just dont get it.

When you are under pressure, you never discuss your worries with others.

♥ Yes! Because I'd love to share how triumphant I was and how I got out from it. I also want people to think that I can handle my worries. I dont want people to know that I have worries too because it makes me feel like I am a weak person.

Most of what the horoscope tells are true. In fact, I think 90% are true in reference to my personality. I have flaws and I try to work on it. Its just amazing how they came up with something that can be SO me.


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