The Triumvirate Conquers Cebu

Posted on Saturday, October 6, 2012 |

After a wild night with 21-year old  hot college boys at Rue Bourbon, I woke up with a booked flight for Cebu the next day.  The choice was not mine to make though.  It was a decision that my friends April and Trisha made for me.  But when I saw the amount of the airfare, I felt that I had to do it even for a day.

When I was all happy because of my unplanned trip, I did not realize that it was also the day for the Pasig River Fun Run and they are going to hold it along Commonwealth Avenue which was a total hassle for the residents living near the area.  But I did not fuss about it because I was in control of the whole situation.  I left the night before and went to the House of Bissdorf along Quezon Avenue to spare my self from the traffic that the fun run might cause.  I had a traumatic experience in the past where the cab that I took on my way home got stuck in the traffic for three hours and I had to walk home because the situation was hopeless. 

Trisha and I met up at the airport and flew to Cebu aboard Cebu Pacific Airlines (Your airline of choice!) And for the first time, I won a merchandise after winning in the fun games.  This time it was "Name That Singer".  It was a Taylor Swift song so Trisha did the coaching for me. And yehey!!! I won a bag which was so useful the whole trip! I just love it!

The Triumvirate ( ViVi, Trisha, and April)

It was a sunny day in Cebu so we decided to go to the beach ---- Costabella it is! =) One of our friends recommended it and so we tried it for ourselves.  Actually, she suggested that we do it backpacking style but I was not in the mood to take easy rides and tricycles so we took the cab to Costabella for a day tour. 

The guards at the Costabella entrance are kind of weird because they don't talk.  Instead they just stare at you as if you had ESP to know what their stare means.  So we figured out with the help of our cab driver that the stare was meant to ask if we reserved a room or if we'll be there for a day tour.  So yah! We were there for a day tour after all I am going to be in Cebu for just one day and that is less than twenty-four hours.

A happy face for a happy place!!!! 

The moment we got inside the resort it felt like summer in September! The beach was calling and the sun was very inviting.  Since the trip was planned a day before, we had to secure our lovely skin with the help of the good old sunblock (Banana Boat SPF 80) worth Php 695.  The exact price you have to pay to avoid skin cancer.  

We also paid for the day tour which costs Php 795 per person which includes a buffet lunch which did not break our hearts because it was also good enough for the price.  I mean come on! We always get what we give.  The price was right.

April was the last to arrive so we wasted no time and dipped ourselves under the clear and cold waters of Mactan.  

"We're sexy and we know it!"

For the rest of the trip, I will let the pictures speak for itself. 

My attempt at floating on chlorinated water... #fail

But this one is achieve na achieve.... I hope this turns you on! LOL!

And the ViVI pose that hides it all! =)

Our version of the small frequent feedings ...

Beach was OWWWWVERRR so we left Costabella  even if we didn't have to and head to the city for dinner with Trisha's friend.

We were not very hungry but guess how much food we were able to consume!!!!! And we loved it!!!!!! =) 

To be continued....


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jealous. i miss the beach.

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Hi Lili!!!! =)

Let's go the beach soon! =)

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