Seemingly Purrfect Birthday of the Number 1 Party Goer!

Posted on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 |
One of the happiest day and will remain as a highlight for the year 2011..

I dint know what to do the whole day... I wanted to try on the clothes that I planned to wear for the night... I also sent messages to my friends who I invited for the party... Some confirmed... Some dint... But at least among the 20+ invites that I sent.. 13 came...

I was very touched because some of the people who came had law school midterms, others were from work and were too tired, others have work the next day and they only had less than 2 hours to get a decent sleep... But they still came...

I felt happy and loved the whole week... I couldnt ask for more... God is such a wonderful God... And he has never forsaken me, despite the numerous bad things I've done in the past... And some bad things I might do in the coming year... I just wish that not too many bad things will happen in 2011... And most of all... Bad things should not come from me... I will be all good and happy this 2011...

"My Number 1 Guest of the Night - Miss Ladybug"

"V - The Official Party-Like-Cinderella-Because-of-Duty Guest"

"Ervy and Ikay"

"Ryan - The Love of my life who came even if he had midterms at law school"

"Kyle - Official Bruno Mars of the Night"

"Because I've always been Mara and Clara"

"It was nice to see the Happy Shiny People in one place."

"Who I reallw wanted that night was not Bruno Mars... I wanted his hot friend on my left."

"My Babies were there too... - Katrina and Ivana!"

"The party wont be complete without my college barkada - Babes and Mica. The guy is Erwin and the nicest boyfriend of Mica... =) "

"Among the Happy Shiny People - Terry came very late... Excuses Excuses!"

"We wrapped the night at North Park"

From sober....

To Mighty Fucked Up!

Epic Party for 2011!!!

Family, Love, Health, and Wealth --- XOXO!


Nimmy said...

wow! sounds like you had one hot, super fun night! :D


Vitori Thinks said...

@nimmy: i guess i did... it was indeed fun... =) thanks for dropping a comment... =)

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