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Posted on Sunday, August 29, 2010 |
Image Courtesy of Scientific American

"My Hopefully Healthy Heart"

At exactly 11:52 pm today, I have accepted the fact that I am hypertensive. I took my first dose of Amlodipine (Provasc) as prescribed by my cardiologist, Dr. Sensano of Makati Medical Center (MMC).

Last Wednesday, I was scheduled for a check-up due to my persistent blood pressure elevation. It is nothing MAJOR MAJOR - just a blood pressure reading that doesn't go lower than 130/90 but does not go higher than 140/100. I like how my physician explained the whole thing. Perhaps his experience at explaining the disease process made him say it better than anybody else.

He compared my body to a building which has a pump that makes the delivery of water to its highest floors possible. Hence, if too much unhealthy pressure is present on the pipes then follows its highest tendency to burst. In a building it can cause discomforts but if it happens to the human body, it can cost him his life.

It has been five days since I bought the medication from the nearest Mercury Drug Store and I feel stubbornly guilty that I just took it earlier. Add up all the heavy meals I've had for the "un-medicated" days. Name it all - pizza, pork barbecue, scrambled eggs and too much rice.

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"Enough of these lazy days!"

Anyway, I think I realized that it wasnt such a very good idea to continue living an unhealthy lifestyle. So for tomorrow, I will try to do something good for my body. I'll stop being such a couch-potato and I'll try to eat healthy.

As they say, big steps starts with baby steps.


orally said...

medyo mataas nga teh. take care.

Ex Jason said...

tayo na't magpaka healthy living.

Vitori Thinks said...

@orally and ex jason: yes... pero the moment I woke up this morning... chicken joy ang nadatnan ko sa table... so mega kain ulit... may birthday pa mamaya! ano ba yan? dami namang temptations... hahaha!

Cio said...


1. eat pizza/pork/sweets once a week only.

2. jog/brisk walk/run (30 minutes) 2-3x a week in the morning.

3. have fruits first, before the meal.

4. pag alam mong may handaan in a week, make sure na maka exercise (makatakbo ka) ka 2-3days before.

5. set a budget para pag lumabas ka with your friends, limited lang ang pera mong gagamitin pagkain.

terry said...

i think the perfect solution is...stop watching telenovelas!!! :)

Vitori Thinks said...

Cio: OH my gosh!!! Thank you so much for the tips... The ones you mentioned are quite achievable... I will try to do those things and will keep you updated... thanks so much... Coming from a buff like you... my pleasure..

@terry: wah!!! i only do it at night... in the morning im in bed --- facebooking and twittering... HAHAHA! =) But yah... That habit has got to stop...I miss you... =)

ekiM said...

Galaw-galaw Vic.. Haha. 'pag nagutom ka drink water, baka uhaw lang 'yan. 'pag di nawala, gutom na nga 'yan. Haha. ;) Take care man.

Vitori Thinks said...

@ekim: mike!!! WAH!!! I know... Let's jog one of these days... Hmmm... You are actually right... A
Maybe all the eating I did was because I was thirsty... Thanks!!! =)

Kym said...

Exercise is the best! :D

P.S. Aww I just saw your comment on my blog. Thank you! You're one of Jade's friend, diba?

Vitori Thinks said...

I agree with you Kym... =) I need to start moving NOW! HAHAHA!!!

Yes... I am one of Jade's friends... =)Thanks for dropping a comment on my blog too... =)

KUMAGCOW said...

Go to the gym, its a gift for yourself... lapit lang naman MMC sa rob or megamall or fort =)

Vitori Thinks said...

@kumagcow: I will... I have plans... I wanna try Bikram Yoga actually... =) But I think I need to work on the eating habits... =) Thanks for the suggestion... =)

ryaneatsworld said...

tori!!! take care.. miss U!!!! btw, im following u na... bago lang ko kabalo mu follow. hehehe

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