Tin's Send-Off Party and Happy Shiny People's Anniversary Celebration!!!

Posted on Wednesday, August 18, 2010 |

"We consider this place as our HOME!"

Last Friday was Tin's Send-Off Party and at the same time the Happy Shiny People's 1st Anniversary at The Distillery in Makati City. We all agreed to celebrate it there because since the time we brought that place pumping and got ourselves all wasted while being carried by the bar's bouncers, they have always given us the VIP treatment.

"Absolut-ly Fabulous Tin"

Tin got everyone in the mood for some fun fun fun when she started pouring Absolut Citron Vodka on our glasses. Then the cameras started clicking as the music and the alcohol started seeping on our system.

"The very rare Nelsie graced the event with handsome boyfriend in pink stripes Pong."
"Cheska and Trisha, my college friends, came to party with us."

"Niña, who hurriedly drove to The Distillery straight from duty, showed her flower power"

"Terry, who just recovered from Chicken Pox without a single scar, gladly drank tequila with Vitori."

"Peter Jade, my Fashion Profiles model, gamely posed for the camera."

"The Surprise Send-Off Gift was a Scarf from Accessorize"

Based on the picture below, I think Tin enjoyed the night or you'll be the judge... =))

Tin, we'll be looking forward for more pictures like this in Canada and if in case you relive it there... We'll be waiting for you here! =) We love you so much...


Terj Samson said...

"...got ourselves all wasted while being carried by the bar's bouncers"

kilala ko to! haha!

it was a fun fun niggght!

miss you all already, specially tin!!!!

PEter jade :)

Vitori Thinks said...

Such fun people... Love y'all... =)

ryaneatsworld said...

Wow Vicky. Looks so fuuuun. Bring me there soon. ehhehe :D

Vitori Thinks said...

@ryaneatsworld: surely... I'd be more than happy to bring you there.. =)

my-so-called-Quest said...

alaaaaakkkk! hehehe
pero allergic ata ako sa vodka.
glad you enjoyed that night :D

Vitori Thinks said...

@my-so-called-Quest: hahaha!!! wah... that's sad... dear... there is a process they call desensitizing... pa-konti konti lang and then when you seem to tolerate the pakonti-konti then that's the time you increase your drinking dose... HAHAHA!!! Sorry... Bad Influence ako... =)

terry said...

vic! i do have marks... :( hahaha! thanks for the special mention :D

Vitori Thinks said...

@terry: konti lang naman eh... parang wala lang... =)

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