Vitori Vita Goes To The Star Magic Ball 2014

Posted on Monday, September 8, 2014 |
Surprise! Surprise! I was not really.  But it felt like I was actually there because I was busy snooping on Rappler and PEP on the latest news at the ball.  So basically, I was still there. And you can't argue.

Here are my favorites at this years ball. 

Of course Julia Baretto is perpetually pretty and with this gown she brought it to a different level.  All my life, I knew she was a reincarnation of me.  Just that I don't have a chaotic showbiz family.  And back to the dress? I love it! Like shattered pieces of glass glued on a dress that accentuated her form.  I'm sure this is as gorgeous in person. I'm also very sure that Rajo Laurel was as proud as me! Like this gown is my creation.  

And then came Megan Young! Miss World 2013.  This gown was so queenly and a little bit pageanty.  Its like hearing the voices of Project Runway saying the same thing.  I'm not saying this because I am very biased as I like Mikael Daez.  Who am I? LOL! She looks like a queen. Gosh! Its like there's an aura around her saying "Bow Down B*****s!"  Relax! It's just a joke. I'm sure she's a very nice girl in person.  She has gone a long way from just wearing oversized shirts and jogging pants.  Leo Almodal did a good job on the gown.  The details were to die for and she made the gown shine even more.

Xian Lim was of no question looking dapper on his suit.  The bow tie situation in there was very nice.  I am surprised though that Kim doesn't look thin in this photo.  She looked like a supermodel in this photo.  More like Liu Wen! WOW! 

I am not diggin' Jericho's tie but I am loving Kim Jone's gown! Who made your gown lady? Very elegant! Is that a Louis Vuitton clutch bag?

She may not have that much boobs but this gown gave an illusion that she has the twin peaks. This looked like a tin-foil though but she rocked it.

Cristalle and Vicki Belo looked like sisters in this photo.  But younger sister, gets my thumbs up this time.  Not just because she's younger but because she opted for a minimalist yet classy look flaunting her svelte figure.

I am not a big BICOL (Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia) fan but this girl has good taste in clothing. She looked glamorous in this gown.  I am wondering what Nikki Gil wore in this event.

Maricar Reyes should have gotten rid of the gloves.  Everything looks spotless!

I am not so sure if Daniel Padilla should have worn socks but I am loving that feathery part of Kathry's gown not much on the torso area.

This year I am digging Kim Jone's and Coleen Garcia's gowns! Who do you think were the best dressed that night? Were you there too? I'm sure you were! 


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