Empanada Nation Makati

Posted on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 |
We tried out this new eating place near Makati Medical Center.  Its actually just beside our favorite lunch place, My Tea House.  

Empanada Nation has been the talk of the workplace.  Everybody wants to know if the food was good and today is the perfect time to taste and critique the pride of Northern Luzon.  

To start with, I really like the design of the place and the lighting.  The place looks big considering that it only has a few square meters to establish an ambiance for eating.  


The seats were not very comfortable but thats the least of my concerns. 

Food was not the way I expected it to be.  

Look at the serving of Vigan longganisa. (Php 150)  

Bagnet Meal for Php 150.

I got the "sulit" meal which was supposed to mean "value for money" but I was not convinced.  

I'm really sorry but I am not going back for the food and I don't want to recommend it for lunch.  

Should I give it a chance? Maybe I will order an empanada instead? 

Let's see. Time will tell.  


totally bie said...

Try Farinas Ilocos Empanada at the Collective Building (Along Malugay St.) Makati city for authentic Ilocos food :)

Vitori Vita said...

Thanks for the recommendation Totally Bie! =)

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