Happy Shiny Fridays with The Black and White Gang!!!

Posted on Sunday, August 1, 2010 |
"The Black and White Gang"

It was a Friday and there was no better way to celebrate the start of the weekend than be with some friends who were more than willing to go on a festive mood.

Lea, Terj, and Niña met up at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf near MMC. While they were sipping their dose of much needed coffee, I was inside the hospital taking care of my last radioactive patient for the day. But Lea and Niña never stopped texting and calling me to let me know that their patience has rather reached its all-time low. But the moment I was there, we were all smiles.

"Me, Niña, and Terj"


It took us almost an hour to get to Uncle Moe's Hub because of the heavy traffic from Ayala to Julio Vargas. But the cab experience was superb, because of Niña's "ulit-ulit" I-should've-gone-home-so-we-had-a-car-and-I-dont-have-to-wear-Tin's-clothes nagging and Terj's sarcastic-slash-comedic punchlines matched with the cab driver's freakish driving and Lea's never-ending medical trivia.

"Tin and Miko"

It was unusual that Tin arrived earlier than the rest of the gang. Good thing, Miko (the husband) was with her.

We played two games that night --- the "spit or swallow" game and "pinoy henyo". These games have the power to shake even the strongest friendships and make couples doubt how much they know about the love of their lives.

"Ikay and Ryan"

Ryan and Ikay arrived and made us evaluate if "singits" are really smelly.

Too bad the night has to end at 1 in the morning and it was very unusual because we usually call it a night at 3 o'clock. Nevertheless, we all went home pleased as punch.


lea allanigue said...

mwah!!! funny your blog ha! i love the pictures!!!

My Republic of Fashion said...

Great pictures.:) Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog.:)sarahD

Krystal said...

those pics look like a fun time! and nooo...not a pancake, haha, staying away from pancake pics for awhile :)

Vitori Vita said...

@lea: thank you!!! i love you for leaving a comment on my blog... =) i love the pictures too... it always has a story to tell... =)

@My Republic of Fashion: Thank you! You deserved such comment... I think that we give a great effort to make our blogs as presentable as possible for the visitors... So I think we deserve some recognition... right?

@krystal: having friends around you... has always been fun... especially with this kind of friends... ahahaha! but i love the pancakes... they were more than lovely.!!! honestly... =)

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