Have Fun in Canada Tin! =)

Posted on Wednesday, August 11, 2010 |
"Vitori with Tin in one of their shiniest shimmering nights!"

It came too soon. In our past drinking nights, (excluding the parties - because we hardly talk when we're dancing) Tin and I have always discussed that we need to get out of the country as soon as possible. Mine was not given as of the moment (as I have some dreams that I need to accomplish here) but good thing her prayers were heard. She'll be leaving for Canada soon as her Facebook status states that she's currently counting the days.

This Friday will be our despidida party for her. We will surely miss our Shining Shimmering Christine Diego. Even on our simple Saturday nights at Balay ni Juan, she makes it sure that her outfits were SIMPLE. As always, what may seem simple for Tin has always been Shining Shimmering Splendid to us.

Wishin' all the best that this new cold country can give you... Au revoir et Appr├ęcier le Canada, Tin!


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