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Posted on Sunday, September 12, 2010 |

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Being a Globe Prepaid Subscriber, I think I am the only person among my friends who seem to have a penchant in registering to its different call and text promos.

"Vice Ganda for the latest Globe ATXT20 TV Commercial"
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Right now, I am addicted to All Text 20 (ATXT20) which allows you to send 200 text messages to all local networks. Its good because my BFF, Franceska and my Platonic Lover, Trisha, are both SUN Cellular subscribers. However, I don't like the idea that its just good for one day. Two days could've have been much better. This text/SMS promo is endorsed by Vice Ganda with the cameo appearance of my new crushie Mikael Daez. However, with this promo. I usually don't get to use all the 200 messages because when I'm in front of my laptop, I tend to neglect my phone.

"The service that needs a lot patience because it ain't easy to register and make a call."
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Another text offer that I constantly attempt to subscribe on is the Super Unlimited Call and Text Promo (SUPER25). It allows you to call and text without limit to your Globe and TM subscribing friends in one day for the low low price of Php 25. However, justl like the ATXT20 Promo, I think I am not able to use the service much because my phone battery drains faster with all the calling and tweeting that I do.

"Franceska --- My BFF!"

"Trisha--- My Platonic Lover!"

"The service that needs a comeback!"
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On the other hand, if there is one Globe Text Promo that I want them to bring back then that would be the Immortal Text (IMMORTALTXT). Because with this service, my Php 40 load would last for more than a week or so. I think this service is the most practical if you're not much of a "texting" person.

I still love Globe but I just wish they'd bring back the IMMORTALTXT... That's the cheapskate-slash-pragmatist in me airing my SMS thoughts.


my-so-called-Quest said...

yeah! let's sight a petition for immortaltxt!:D

my-so-called-Quest said...

sight? hala! lol SIGN! hehehe

Vitori Thinks said...

@my-so-called-Quest: TAMAAAAA!!! =) Lets sign a petition for Immortaltxt... Count me in! =)

ekiM said...

Hey Vic, why not sign up for a Call & Text All-you-want plan for 599? :) Pero 'yon nga, you'll be charged for every text you send to other networks. Well, sulit lang 'to when your family and friends - most if not all, are on Globe. I used to subscribe to UNLITXT, pero my phone barely beeps these days, so 500 load in a month is usually enough w/o unli subscriptions. Haha. :)

Mac Callister said...

nakakamiss din un ganyan nun nasa pinas ako lagi din ako nakaregister sa mga unlimited texting promos na yan!

Vitori Thinks said...

@ekim: HAHAHA! =) The reason why I don't sign up for the whole month of unlimited call and text is because I dont get to use it much... I just register when I feel the need to... And its really very economical because I only spend less than 300 pesos per month... Eh my mom pa naman is using SMART... so wala talaga... I need the ATXT20 talaga... HAHAHA! It barely beeps from SMS... Di na daw kasi uso ang texting... Tweeting na uso ngayon... =))

@Mac Callister: hahaha!!! isa ka pala sa mga ka-kumpetensya ko sa mga pagreregister dati... =))

Kym said...

I loveeeee SUPERUNLI! Lalo na yung 150. But I must agree, it's hard to register. :(( Miss ko na naman tuloy Philippines.

Vitori Thinks said...

@kym: hahaha!!! =)) I agree... Kaso ang hirap lang mag-register talaga... When I register for the SUPERUNLI, I dont expect that Id get in... I register and rely on luck if Id be able to get in... HAHAHA!!! Don't worry! Im sure these fabulous islands of the Philippines miss you more.. =)

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