Sotillo - Landsiedel Nuptials

Posted on Saturday, January 28, 2012 |

Love is when reality is better than your dreams and I can see... Joan and Stefano are very much awake... =) Thus, very much in love!

The very much in-love couple, Joan and Stefan..

I met Joanna through Gj. They're classmates in Goethe-Institut Makati.

When I first met Joan, she was kinda shy. Super tahimik nya. Sya ang perfect example ng a woman with few words. Super shy girl but she laughs at my jokes which is a good sign.

Joan and Stefan have been together for some time... As far as I can remember, they've been together for 8 years but they were away from each other most of the time. However, it did not stop the love from growing... So I'd say distance is not a hindrance... =)

Last January 8, they tied the knot through a civil wedding that I was not able to attend because of work. But I made it a point to drop by at their buffet dinner at Dads Kamayan in Glorietta.

I enjoyed the food so much even though I was very late. I think that they have more food choices compared to YakiMix.

I finally met Stefan in person and he was like the bigger version of their kid David Kristoff.

Had a good laugh over food and wine.

Best wishes to Joanna and Stefano! Keep loving.... Cheers!


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