Niña's Birthday Dinner at Gilligans! =)

Posted on Sunday, September 19, 2010 |
Alvin, Mickey, Niña T., and Vitori

Straight from duty, we went to Gilligans Glorietta4 to celebrate Niña E.'s birthday. Niña T. and I actually agreed not to bring extra clothes because the birthday girl had the same plans. I was very surprised when Nina E. told everyone that she'll change clothes. On the other hand, I just don't know why Alvin and Mickey dint bring extra clothes too. Maybe they were too lazy.

Vitori, Niña E. (THE BIRTHDAY GIRL!), Nelsie, and Terry

On the other side of the table were my first MMC friends Niña E., Nelsie, and Terry. We met during the initial interview and fortunately, we had chemistry so we decided to befriend each other. HAHAHA!!! =) We were the noisiest that time even though we were too anxious for the interview results.


The last person who arrived was Terj. He was late because he was trying to figure out what clothes to wear for this "momentous occasion." He wanted his outfit to be LOOKBOOK -worthy! =) But in the picture above, he showed some bitterness by biting on the ampalaya! KIDDING!

Nina E. "Ze Birzday Gurl"

The birthday celebration wouldn't be complete without the birthday cake! So we got her the rarest birthday cake in the market today... something from Red Ribbon.

But I'd say that last Friday night was the shortest and fastest get-together we ever had. The Happy Shiny People don't go home at 9 in the evening- we go home at 4 or 5am! But we were too responsible, some of us have work the following day so we had to wrap it up early.

Anyway, we still had fun but it was just too short. See you guys on the next birthday gathering... =) I hope that those who were not able to come will be present on the future get-togethers...

Thank you Niña for the birthday treat! =) We had fun... Only that the white uniform hindered me from doing anything that's too foolish... =) We have learned our lesson... We should all bring extra clothes... ALL THE TIME! =))

Happy Birthday Nins and welcome back to the workforce!!! ♥♥♥


terj said...

HAHAHA! i hate my pic!

thanks nina!!!!

by the way, i was late because i just woke up and had to take a shower and not because i was trying to figure what to wear (because i already planned what to wear a week before the "momentous event" HAHAHAHA!


Nimmy said...

kakagutom naman! hihi

party! party!

Couture Carrie said...

So fun!


Vitori Thinks said...

@terj: OHKEY!!! =))Excuses excuses... HAHAHA!!!

@nimmy: hahaha! i get to bring home the food... kainan na... =)

@cc: it was fun... SUPER!!! =)

Morning Cloak said...

I can tell you all have a lot of fun together!

Vitori Thinks said...

@MC: yes indeed... it was super fun! =)

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