Happy Birthday Cheska!!! =)

Posted on Wednesday, September 29, 2010 |

Cheska in such wild colors gladly posed with her "reservation name" at The Distillery.

We girls loved our Bacardi shots! =)

Cheska, Trisha, Nikki, Vitori, and JM

JM just arrived from London and before going to The Distillery she donned some artsy fartsy clothes while we were sipping coffee at Starbucks Greenbelt. However, Trisha had to conceptualize her outfit because she'd look different in a sea of stilettos that could kill. Hence, she wore this green dress which mopped the entrance floors of the place after passing out due to too much drinking. Right now, she's back in UK doing what she does best - BANKING! =)

Nikki, Vitori, and Tanya

I used my see-thru Ray Bans. The whole night all the girls were taking pictures of themselves wearing it. It loved the attention the Ray Bans were getting but wearing it made me feel dizzy. ♥♥♥


Ex Jason said...

Di pa ako nakakatikim ng Bacaradi na yan.

Vitori Thinks said...

@EJ: Masarap... At mas masarap talaga pag libre... =)) HAHAHA!

ekiM said...

Who's that girl with an LV? She's hot. Hehe.

Vitori Thinks said...

@mike: I just figured out that the girl with an LV was your X!=) HAHAHAH! =)

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