Vitori Vita Christmas!!!

Posted on Saturday, December 25, 2010 |

Parties are everywhere! As in literally... And I think that I have been very non-existent in so many parties... I am kinda choosy now... Going only to parties that require my presence and parties that I really want to be in...

The Manager's Council which I'm not supposed to be in was my first christmas party for the season... I was there because my friends were all managers and we danced Alejandro for the party.... The dance was not so good since we dint have much time to practice... But nevertheless, the performance was good for the party...

This party was for the Nuclear Medicine Department... We wore different headdresses for the night since we were asked to... But the rest of the fun happened at Pier One... Because we played games there and people were really cool and everyone cooperated... I think they cooperated because of the money we were giving to the winners... =)

There were other parties which were not documented through pictures but it surely was a lot of fun... In fact... I have another party later... =)


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