Tubby Meets Fujiko

Posted on Sunday, December 5, 2010 |

Trisha and Appy, used to tell me that I look like Tubby Tompkins. Appy being Little Lulu and Trisha as herself, always chuckle when they see me wearing shorts and my fitted shirts.

Hence, I got curious and looked for a photo of Tubby Tompkins because when I was a child I was more exposed to Mara Clara and Villa Quintana. I was not too fond of cartoons except for those Tom and Jerry classics as well as Casper.

Tom & Jerry because most of my classmates watch it and I feel uncool if I dont get to watch it too. Casper because he is such a friendly ghost.

But in real life, more than anything else I think I am more of Fujiko than Tubby Tompkins.


jemina said...

I just love cartoons, and I LOVE Tunny, he's just so cuteeeee


stevevhan said...

I am not familiar with this cartoon but you're site looks so cut that i find it woth knowing!

Happy Blogging!:)

Kym said...

That Fujiko picture made me miss Lupin! Wait, is Tubby from The Little Lulu Show or something?

Vitori Thinks said...

@jemina: Tubby is such a cutie right? =)

@steve: thanks for the nice words... =)

@kym: Kym... YAH!!! Tubby is from The Little Lulu Show! =) You got it right?

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