Instant Friends for XMEN First Class

Posted on Sunday, June 5, 2011 |
Six days of work in a week killed the cat. LOL!!! I like Saturday duties because it usually ends early but it did not happen yesterda. Plus? There was a an imminent event that can spell danger - GI Bleeding Scan. I dont know what happened. I went out at three in the afternoon which made my life a little less stressful.

With Honey and Ryan my instant friends all because of BlackBerry Messenger and Twitter....

Honestly, I had a situation yesterday. I wanted to watch XMEN First Class but among my 2,000++ friends on Facebook, not a single person was free. So I had to search through Twitter and found Honey. On my Blackberry contact list, I found Ryan. And then voila... I had friends in an instant. LOL!

So after the movies, we accompanied Ryan as he's going to a friends' house party and he was asked to bring the booze. I didn't know that Mercury Drug sells liquor. Cool! But he decided to buy it somewhere near The Fort because his friends want something apple-ish! HAHAHA!

Honey and I decided to eat at Chef d' Angelo. We wanted to pay respect for your tummies. While choosing what food to eat, I had quite a flashback of all the food I ate for the week and I realized that it has been vegetable-free. So I ordered Chicken Caesar Salad and I think I just made the right choice.

Chicken Caesar Salad from Chef d' Angelo at Glorietta 5

Honey ordered their Classic Burger and I learned that she doesn't like vegetables too. In fact, she separated the veggies from the burger patty but I was surprised because she's still so thin.

So my weekend was completely exciting and unpredictable. I love surprises. It keeps me motivated to wake up each day and face the world chin-up!

Sorry for the photos... I just took it from VV (That's the name of my Blackberry)! =)


Nishiboy said...

vivi! follow moko sa twitter. i'll follow you back. jap_nishi

Vitori Thinks said...

@nishi: sure sure... =) ngayon ko lang to na-check... =)

elpidio said...

saarap patikim naman.

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