Mudra.... Mudra.... Mudra....

Posted on Sunday, July 10, 2011 |

I always make it a point to stay at home on Sundays. But I guess, there are times that it gets inevitable. Just like last week. My mom was here in Manila for the weekend and of course I had to be her chaperon. And when I am so tired, I just rant and make faces and why we have to buy things for other people.

But I realized that she's right. We have to share and give back to people who have been kind to us. Even the rude ones deserve some love. That's why I admire my mother so much.

On the other hand, I think that we are both scared to know the truth or inquire about it.

My mom trying to ease her way in asking what I really want out of life and who I wanna be with. And me not knowing how to make it easy for them to accept who I really am.

As they say, I think we should just stop thinking and just live with that we see. What we both see is what we get.

Her visit to Manila was fast but I seriously think that it was meaningful. I had fun going around with her at the malls as she shops. I saw how patient she was. I saw how humble she is. And I just love her. When we talk, I raise my voice sometimes and she also does the same thing. But we still laugh at each other at the end of the day.

I also learned that she doesnt drink cold water anymore. She gets sick when she's exposed to the AC for a long time. She's quite tolerant now with the way I dress up, which is really a good thing.

But I guess, that is how it goes. The people you love are difficult to understand but you still love them anyway.

When I tell her to just stick on the list that she brought so we dont lose focus and buy the things that we dont need. She would comment that I lack spontaneity. When I am with her, it makes me mature and childish or whatever.

I heart my Mudra... I love my Pudra too and my brother. But our bond is different. We have a connection. A tight one. A very tight one...


I am ekiM said...

I'm a mama's boy myself. Haha. Just droppin' by Vic. ;)

Vitori Thinks said...

Thanks for dropping by Mike... =) I like the admission that you are a Mama's boy...

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