Dumaguete Loves You Back

Posted on Saturday, September 10, 2011 |

Tita Bing, Frances' mom, blurted out in the morning that she knew what time we went home. But of course, what she said has no bearing. We were still so smitten from last night.

For brunch, Tita Bing cooked "humba" for us and so we hurriedly went to the dining area and left the room in its best cluttered state. This is SOOOOOO Katy Perry's Last Friday Night!

In my best friends room.... Sorry Ai! I'm responsible for the clutter...

Before I went home to Siaton, I had to make sure that I get to visit my goddaughter while I am in Dumaguete. Alyah is such an adorable little girl. She likes playing "catch-a-ball" with me and she wants me to stay. She even closed the door when I told her that we have to leave. Sweet little girl. I had to sing a Lady Gaga song to get her attention with matching dance steps. Making a fool out of myself in front of her was worth it. We are now BFFs and we'll be partying together when she's older! With mommy's permission nonetheless. =)

Adorable Alyah....

After visiting Alyah and Appy, we went to Robinson's Dumaguete and ate at Moon Cafe. It was my first time there so I was quite amazed at the interior and the food was great too. It felt like I was in Mexico. I chose the grilled chicken salad instead of the oily chili con carne because I'm trying to practice self-control. I think its working well on me too. We shared our own mishaps at work and it was so much fun. It was nice seeing everyone except Ishy who was on-duty that time.

Shyr, Darlene, Frances, and ViVi (cinched!) at Moon Cafe...

Frances and ViVi in the fiercest photo there is...

My whole stay in Dumaguete was made possible by Frances who arranged my itinerary. She drove me around town, fed me and made me stay at her place. I felt loved because Trisha and Appy also offered their cribs but of course Frances was insistent/persistent and it has always been the thing so I can't ask for more. HAHAHA!

I felt the love Dumaguete... And so I'm going to give back all the love!!!! =)


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