Consoling Myself

Posted on Friday, December 30, 2011 |

Mr. Right? Nah! He's just a friend.... British... And he's married... =)
By the way, that's Ervic Vijandre at the back... Waiting for "the kiss" to happen... LOL!

It is quite late for me to create a new post but since my eyes are not shutting down anytime, I will make one.

I felt rich this season but it will soon last come January as all the money I have saved get sucked by my credit card. I have not seen the bill yet but more or less I already know how much I might have to spare for myself. This only means that I will have to live a more humble life than how I lived in December. As a nurse in the Philippines, you are not expected to be rich but it doesn't hurt to look like one. But that is just the superficial me and I am leaving it all behind in 2011. Bye superficial me.

So where did all my money go? Cab. Coffee. Gourmet. Etc. I am actually trying to console myself that all my expenses were reasonable especially when I shared a bulk of my blessings to my humble brother.

I just had to be thankful that I always get home safe no matter how late it is. There were even indecent proposals which I politely declined. Good thing my amiable face and charm still works. They don't insist.


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