A Not So Merry Christmas After All

Posted on Saturday, December 24, 2011 |
"Fairy Godmother meets Card Captor Sakura"

This Christmas isn't something new. I will be spending my Christmas away from home. I miss being surrounded with the people I grew up with. Not that I am not happy here but I just miss having familiar around me. I have my family with me anyway.

So today, I savored my lovely bed. I slept and cuddled with my favorite pillows after taking an important call from my Tito in Canada. He has been doing his part to get me there and I think I just need to show some interest.

In my own moments of loneliness... (Loneliness talaga?) I thought of Pepe. I just thought that maybe if I was just ready for something serious then I might have spent the holidays with him and his family. But after more than a month of dating, I realized that I'm not into him. And so I told him that maybe we should stop seeing each other for now. I wanted my "me" time. One of the things I have not done for some time because I was too busy practicing for my Christmas presentations.

On the other hand, I helped my Aunt slice the hotdogs for the spaghetti and remove the egg shells of some boiled quail eggs for the chop suey to keep me busy. It helped for sometime but I got bored. BBM and Twitter came to the rescue and now I am blogging.

Have a very merry Christmas guys! May your hearts be filled with love this season and not just your tummies!


pinkprincessoink said...

vicky, cute kaU mong 2 sa baby. =)

Vitori Vita said...

HAHAHA! Thank you Jel... =) For the nice description... And for dropping a comment... =)

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