Renzie or Renz Ongkiko: Hot Late Night Stuff

Posted on Saturday, September 7, 2013 |

As I was changing from one local channel to another, this muscular guy on TV caught my eye.  I had to stop pressing the button and stare at him. I waited for his name to appear on the TV screen so I can do more research about him on Google.

While waiting for his name to flash on the screen, his boyish charm caught my eye and his arms that almost ripped off his sleeves even made me look at him on a closer level.  

Then his name flashed - Renz Ongkiko!  It does not ring a bell though but I did some google-ing to know more about this chinky-eyed cutie.  

Little did I know that he posed for Cosmo Magazine in the past.... 

He once flaunted his sizzling hot body for Folded and Hung runway.

And a favorite subject in sexy pictorials by some of the best photographers in the metro.... 

I don't know what I will do to him if I see him wearing this in a Halloween Party...

I don't understand why he wants us to choose between him or his body.... Hahaha!!!! 


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