The Busiest Saturday - Angel and Gibis Wedding

Posted on Sunday, February 26, 2012 |

Not stealing the scene from the bride...

Started my day with a dose of employment given that its a Saturday.... Hahaha! =) But as soon as the digital clock at work posted "12:00" on its face... I kinda panicked.... I wanted to pack my things and leave already. But I still had one patient for injection so I kinda stayed for another 30 minutes so I won't feel guilty that I left work early.

I kinda felt busy after that because I had to pick-up the pair of trousers that I am going to use for the wedding of our friends Fatima and Gibis. Meet-up with the gang at Smile Studio which is at Shaw Zentrum which is near Wack-Wack.

Anyway, so after that chaotic afternoon of preparing for the wedding.. We arrived at Balai Taal in Tagaytay City to witness the lovebirds tie the knot through a garden wedding.

I'll shut up now because I want the pictures to just speak for themselves.

Gibis ♥ Angel

Gj took advantage of the view.... Balai Taal has one of the best views of the Taal Volcano...

The bridesmaids - Gael and JJ with the Woman of the Night... =)

And a little flirting with the groomsman, who happened to be the brother of the groom, does not hurt... =)

Don't you just love weddings?


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