Legally Gold! - Atty. Kika's Thanksgiving Party at Opus

Posted on Saturday, April 14, 2012 |

About roughly two weeks or less since the results of the 2011 BAR exams came out, we sashayed to Opus at Resorts World Manila to celebrate Karen's thanksgiving party for passing the said exam.

I did not have plans of going out but for Karen, who we fondly call Kika, I just had to exist.

Everybody was in the mood to party... Some flew in from Hong Kong and of course Dumaguete to make this date very memorable for Kika.

I've even heard from a "reliable source" that someone spent a little less than 20k for such a couch party.

The bottles above were there for the sole reason that alcohol is equivalent to fun not until the moment you get out of the club feeling all wasted.  We wrote our well-wishes on that Grey Goose bottle for Kika's safekeeping and to keep her reminded of that one fun-funny night.

We had one waiter assigned to us for the whole night and we thank him for being so patient with all our requests for photos and a marker (pentel pen).

The pentel pen story was ridiculous! We asked our waiter to get us a marker so we can write something on the Grey Goose bottle for the low low price of Php 500.  A marker for Php 500!  I cannot believe it.

I think that's how special Kika is to Budat. 

The night cannot just wrap up without some boy on the sidelines.  He was this sweet boy from Ilo-ilo who was more than happy to strike a pose with your very own VIVI!

I rocked this clutch which was so Alexander McQueen.  
I am loving this look! 
So tipsy geisha ...

Before heading home, we ate the night away at Cafe Republiq and marked the end of our diets while the celebrant - Atty. Kika walked barefoot at Resorts World holding a plastic that saved her life!



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