Sun-Kissed Boracay Skin

Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 |

The moment we got back from Boracay, we checked-in early at Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences.

We loved the very artsy fartsy look of the hotel with such chic furniture and lights that illuminated with a single tap. I had an ART-gasm from all the fine art surrounding me. It cannot be Picasso for nothing, right?

On the last three days of Kara in Manila, we had to make sure that we meet up with her cousin Ate Tonette. Ate Tonette is known to her Facebook friends as Anne Feo.

She might look familiar to you because she has the latest NESCAFE ad which started running last April 8. Her line there was "Kung anong gusto mo, yun ang sundin mo!"

I was very amazed at how down-to-earth, warm and accommodating she was. It was as if I have met her a long time ago.

I couldn't help but pose with her on a photo which Kara took with much "gusto".


On our last night at Picasso, I couldn't help but be sad. First, my best friend Kara will be leaving for New Jersey and second, I will have to get used to not being around her. For about six days, we were inseparable. Goofed around. Made a video for my friend Ryan which took me 20++ takes because she was such a perfectionist.

The photo below was taken at the veranda of the hotel where we did some Jessica Sanchez stalking and stogies!

I miss you love! =) See yah soon...


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