Chill Time: Starbucks Tomas Morato

Posted on Sunday, February 27, 2011 |

I ordered Coffee Jelly Frap while Gj ordered Caramel Frap and we shared the Banoffee pie. It wouldn't be complete without the Marlboro Black.

The night did not go on as planned. The plan was to check out a comedy bar -Laffline it is. Kasi Nena's friend, Roan, wants to go there. Kaso Gj and I were not willing so we suggested that we'll just wait at a nearby coffee shop and we'll just wait there until they're done. Hindi talaga namin feel mag-comedy bar that night. Na-try narin kasi namin in the past. In short, ayaw talaga namin mag comedy bar. HAHAHA!!!
Gj enjoying her dose of caffeine for the week.

So Gj and I went straight to Starbucks Tomas Morato to have coffee and just wait for Nena and Roan there. While Gj and I were in the middle of our catch-up sessions about work, boys, Linda, boys, tomboys, and boys Brian Tajonera called. He was asking how to get to Distillery Jupiter. So I gave him directions but I think he got lost in the process knowing na magulo naman talaga ako amgbigay ng directions. He decided to fetch me and bring me to Distillery. I told him na hindi ako pwede. But he insisted kasi our friend Yummy is so stressed daw. So I told them to drop by Starbucks so we can decide from there. But then, they called again. They had a flat tire. So they told me that they're coming nalang. So Gj and I went home nalang din since Nena didnt rely din naman.

Waiting for our table...

The moment Gj and I were settled on the couch - Brian and Yummy called asking where we were. Eh hindi na kami fighter ni Gj to go out unless kain lang kami sa Mister Kebab. So Yummy dint push it.

And then I passed out. Sabi nga nila. It its not meant to be then it wont happen. I think that was what happened last night.


Nishiboy said...

nacurious naman ako jan sa friend mong yummy ang name. wala bang visual aid jan? i-feature mo naman. =P

Vitori Thinks said...

HAHAHA!!! Sige... Sa next post ko... Pwede syang i-feature... =))

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