Tina Tagle Changed My Life

Posted on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 |
Tina Tagle (Photo taken from Chuvaness' blog without permission.. Thanks anyway! =)

Doctora Ria and I couldnt help but laugh as we read Tina Tagle's posts. At the Doctor's workstation, wala na kaming ginawa kundi tumawa. All of Tina's posts were hilarious. Doctora was not able to sleep daw last night because she was under the sheets laughing silently. I cannot imagine her doing it kasi Doctora is not the kind of person who keeps her laughter to herself. Pag tumawa sya. Buong corridors ng nuclear medicine ang makakarinig. Kaya she's super funny.

I stumbled on another post of Tina Tagle again and I am still laughing. OA na talaga. Kaya she's my new IDOL next to Chuvaness. And to think that she's sosyal and all, she does not mind being candid to her bloggers. I hope she opens her blog to the world again. Wish ko lang. So I dont have to click on "Cache" just to see her post. Effort lang! But trust me, its worth it.

I finally found a de-stresser. For the past days, I have been thinking of the 5 cases of blood transfusion that I need to complete. Sir Saint is going to help me day tomorrow. I hope there is a will. Nag-extend namand ako ng sarili kong willingness. I told Sir Saint na after my Service Expressions seminar tomorrow I'm willing to extend pa just so I'll get to finish the 5 cases. Hay! Sana talaga! Wish ko lang... Wish nyo nalang din ako.

I wrote in Tagalog by the way because of Tina Tagle. I think it is always better to write in a language that you're comfortable using. Straight English lang ang post ko when I'll try to do some "social climbing." LOL!


Anonymous said...

hi... saan ko makikita ung "Cache"? I also want to see her post.

Vitori Thinks said...

I will make a blog post dedicated to finding Tina Tagle... =) Para at least may mga screen prints... Im not very good at giving directions... =)

Anonymous said...

thank you!

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