A Night At Kitchen Greenbelt 3

Posted on Thursday, March 17, 2011 |

Oh my gosh! I know its a crime... I wore the same clothes... I forgot... I was with different people anyway... =)

The best shake I ever had... It was not so expensive... A glass costs 80 bucks... But Im not sure... I cant even remember if this was watermelon or pomelo but the taste stayed in my mouth... It was so good... Trust me! =)

I ordered Pork Barrel to satisfy my voracious carnivore appetite. It was served with fruit salsa, sweet and sour sauce. Surely a nice way to end the week.

I also ate Roll Up Your Sleaves (tuna alfalfa sandwich roll) and it was so good. Good food always amazes me.

I like the place because the interiors are really good. Its effortlessly chic and simple. It felt as if we were just having our group study with the menu that looked like a notebook.

The waiters though are not very friendly. They seem rude. They dont smile. But I was thankful because they found my lighter and they returned it to me.

Food: 5 over 5

Ambiance: 4 over 5

Drinks: 5 over 5

Water: Trust me... It has healing powers... 5 over 5

Restroom: 4 over 5 because it was a bit small... =) plus size people will find it difficult to use the restroom.


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