Kanin Club @ Ayala Triangle Gardens

Posted on Saturday, March 26, 2011 |

Jen, Techya, Drew, Kara, and Vitori Vita
While waiting for our Crispy Dinuguan. we tried to pose for the camera. I am quite good in documenting everything unless I am not lazy. We looked good even if we were empty-bellied.

VIP and non-VIP patients can be quite toxic at times... Sometimes they ask you to read the news aloud, sometimes they spit on you, sometimes they just dont want you around no matter how hard you try to sing a German song for them... Not that I am complaining... This is all for the sake of catharsis...

But no matter how toxic they are, you know what they are going through... All that anxiety of not knowing how the experience will be after a certain procedure has to be considered... So to relieve them from that anxiety you engage in petty talk... Sometimes it gets nonsense... But who cares? As long as you know that they are beginning to accept you as their nurse is already a big thing....

In the course of that petty talk, I asked a VIP patient on what restaurant will she recommend. I told her that my visitor is a friend from the US and is just going to have a 2-week vacation here in the Philippines. She suggested Kanin Club at Ayala Triangle Gardens.

So the moment I met up with my friend at her Fairways Tower condo, I brought them to Kanin Club. I had to make sure that we order what has been recommended. What was recommended on the Philippine Daily Inquirer article was the Crispy Dinuguan... It was so good... I am not a big fan of dinuguan but now I am a convert. I just need to make sure that I dont eat much of it because too much of it is really bad. Too much of everything is very bad in general. Right?

We ate our lunch away at Kanin Club and laughed our hearts out as we tried to catch up on each others lives. We missed each other so much and the best way to catch up was to have great food on the table.

Kanin Club serves extraordinary Filipino dishes that are not too expensive given that the serving was quite sizeable. On a Sunday, I think it is always better to go there early or make a reservation because a lot of people eat there. We were just so lucky that when we arrived a family was about to leave.

Although, it took us some time to order it was worth it. The wait was bearable though because the drinks were so tasty. We all went out at Kanin Club with happy tummies and thought of not eating dinner after that Brobdingnagian meal.

We looked calm on the photo but at the back of our minds, we just wanna eat...
"Kuya please take the photo faster coz we are dead hungry!"


Nimmy said...


totoo ba ang nakikita ko??? ang lalaki ng spoon and fork nila. hihi

Vitori Thinks said...

@nimmy: hahaha!!! oo nga.. medyo may kalakihan ang spoon and fork... napansin mo pa tlaga yun ha... =))

Anonymous said...

Oh, you make me want to know and visit you! :)
Have a great week!


Vitori Thinks said...

@tywo: thank you so much... my pleasure... you too... have a great week ahead... =)

JoTan said...

their crispy dinuguan is super yummy!!! :)

Vitori Thinks said...

@jotan: It is... Super yum! =)

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