The Suite Life of the Happy Shiny People

Posted on Sunday, May 27, 2012 |

The suite was really cozy and it was our way to get rid of the unflattering temperature outside.

The plan of staying in one of the hotels here in Manila was a not-so-serious plan at first for a planned get together. Call it spur of the moment but usually it is those spur of the moment  plans that almost always works all the time.

Among us, I will have to give Mickey the credits for taking the time to reserve our suite at A. Venue Suites Makati.  He mentioned that we were able to get a discount for the suite because we reserved for it a month ago. 

Leaving Manila isn't the best option for the group given our out-of-this-world schedules.  It would be very disappointing to have people say YES to the original plan then cancel a day before the said getaway.  So we decided to have a "staycation".  Its like taking a vacation without leaving town. 

Aside from the comforts of not having to sit on a van or take a plane to get to a destination, the catch of staying in a hotel is the comfort of not having to break the bank and expose yourself to the hassle of terminal fees and brawls that you might encounter just like what happened to Mon Tulfo and Claudine Barretto.  

To jump-start the night... We opened a Bacardi because there is a party! 

I tried to do some bartending but it was a futile attempt because I tend to get so OC with the liquor levels that I distribute to the group which consumes a lot of my time.... 

The Happy Shiny People toasts for a lifetime of friendship... WAH!

Through Skype... Tin, who is based in Canada, was able to join the suite party!

The most genuine pillow fight! LOL!

Bacardi-induced planking... 

We were able to do some synchronized swimming with a hangover at the somehow-infinity pool in the roof-deck of the hotel the next day.... 

Jessa and I tried to outdo each other for the swimming competition... I won!

Cool iPhone app.... Before we left for lunch!

Wrapped up the staycation with a lunch at Papa John's Greenbelt 3.... Which is the best pizza I've tasted in my whole life... You think so? Or I was just hungry that time? 

I'd say the place may matter a little but its usually the memories that you create in that place that matters a lot. 


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